Answer to your question: Lenormand Fox, Mouse & Snake

Introducing the ForTheSeekers Lenormand Cards by Jennifer Kast.

First of all, I want to thank Jennifer the creator of the ForTheSeekers Lenormand deck – The Game of Hope, for granting me permission to show you 3 cards from this newly created deck. You can see more cards at Kickstarter where you can choose various pledge levels. Jennifer has injected a magical quality to the Lenormand cards.  

ForTheSeekers Lenormand

ForTheSeekers Lenormand

Question: The ever popular question on the minds of many people, “Is he/she cheating on me?”

Lenormand Revolution cards

Lenormand Revolution cards

Today’s Reading features the Lenormand Revolution deck by Roz Foster and Carrie Paris.

All three cards have a more negative associations. There is one court card Queen of Clubs Snake which often represents an older woman in some systems. I see her anywhere from a femme fatale to accomplished businesswoman. Your view may differ and that’s expected because you learned from various resources.

Fox is looking away from the mice. Fox is not interested in the Mouse card. Snake is looking away as well even though it could be its next meal. The 3 mice look like they are in desperate need of some food. What will they eat? We all know that Fox and Snake eat mice but there doesn’t seem to be much interest by the way they are facing.

Some Lenormand Cartomancers see the Mouse card as eliminating or downsizing the energy of the card preceding it. Fox points to something that is wrong. Fox is used as the work card. Fox is a warning to watch your step. Cunning, etc. In the image the fox looks like he is running away or in pursuit of its prey.

The Snake is doing its own dance and not interested in the past or present set of circumstances. It looks to the right of the layout so I think it will be around for a little while longer which may not be what you had hoped to hear.

Is he/she cheating? Sure looks like there is another person involved – the Queen of Clubs. Why is he/she cheating? Too many games in the past (fox) which eroded (mouse) the relationship.

Don’t forget to support talented artist Jennifer Kast at Kickstarter. Click image below and you will be taken to the Kickstarter website for detailed information and video on this wonderful Lenormand deck and the entire project. Funding goal deadline by March 9/14. 

ForTheSeekers Lenormand Lady

ForTheSeekers Lenormand Lady

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