Simple Decision layout

Have you ever been faced with a decision between two people, two jobs or two of anything? Of course you have. Sometimes it can be three options in which case you would just add Decision C in the same way as described below in the instructions. We all experience this from time to time. Every decision we make has a destiny outcome. One way to get to this outcome is by making decisions. Another way to an outcome is by being part of someone else’s decision. All is intricately connected in this great Universe of ours which is a topic for another post. 

In today’s study example an individual (let’s suppose it is a male) is faced with a decision represented by the PATH card. Remove this card from your deck. Place it on the table leaving enough room to lay the other cards.

Shuffle the remaining cards thinking about Decision A – representing female A and Decision B- representing female B. The male has come to the point were he wants to decide between 2 women he has been dating. He likes both of them. The women are very much different in personality.  This scenario is quite common and I think that’s why a lot of people have said they wish they had a composite man or woman. 

Cut the deck. Take the top card and place it in the Decision A position (see image below) and the second card in the Decision B position.  These 2 cards will reveal the aura/vibration around the person.

Continue with the last 2 cards beneath Decision A (FOX) and 2 cards beneath Decision B position (SUN).

Decision/Female A: FOX: plus LETTER+ CHILD will expand on the FOX

Decision/Female B: SUN: plus HEART+ STARS will expand on the SUN

Decision Layout featuring Lenormand Wahrsagekarten (ASS)

Decision Layout featuring Lenormand Wahrsagekarten (ASS)

Before you begin interpreting the layout you should be clear on what meanings you have assigned to the individual Lenormand cards. I feel this is an important step because it will remove some of the grey areas of interpretations. Sure, there are umpteen ways to read a card but you want to narrow down the meanings in accordance to the theme of the question. Also, you need to assign the person by name to either Decision A or Decision B.

Decision A: female Barbara is represented by the FOX card.  Foxy lady maybe? Work related? Is she clever? Is she the wrong woman for him?

Letter + Child – the male doesn’t really know her all that well. He will discover more about her. The relationship needs more time and experience. It is not at a mature state yet. This might excite the man and maybe he doesn’t want a sure thing.

You can read these cards in many different ways and the interpretation is only limited by the knowledge you have on the individual /combined cards. 

Decision B: female Katherine is represented by the SUN card. Sunny disposition? Optimistic? Positive personality? This card is usually a “yes” answer.

Heart + Stars – the male feels a deeper connection to this female. His emotional wishes are tied to something which is bigger than both of them. It’s written in the stars. This relationship has a clearer path. It’s a sure thing.

Of the two ladies Katherine (Decision B) seems to be a better choice for the male.  Barbara (Decision A) might not know what she really wants and doesn’t seem to be as serious as Katherine about the relationship.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Simple Decision layout

  1. Very interesting spread, madame Seaqueen. Thanks for sharing! I would say also that B is a better option. In my view option A is very cautious, inside herself (fox) and they have not so much communication (letter + child).

  2. Hi Madame Seaqueen,
    I have given a try to this spread and the question was about two job positions inside my organization. Option A should be staying where I am and option B would be moving to another department. Short background: option B deals with somewhat more “challenging” countries but works together with another international organization I am willing to have more contact with.
    My cards were (bellow the Road card).
    Option A: (staying) Heart and bellow Fox and Lilly.
    Option B; (moving) Snake followed by House and Ship
    My interpretation: Option A is where I feel good at this moment and I think the cards below only confirm this. There is harmony (lilly) in the work (seeing Fox here as a Work card), but it can also mean a false harmony (what is not true related to the staff but it can be true related to the maintenance of the job);
    Option B: it is challenging (Snake) and I will be travelling more (?) or leaving home (?). I travel for both depts so the leaving house could also mean that I will leave my company because of the stressing and challenging situation (snake)?
    How do you see that with all your experience?
    Thanks in advance for any comments,

    • Hello Stanze: Thank you for trying the Decision Layout and your comment.
      Just briefly….
      Option A: (staying) Heart and bellow Fox and Lilly. It seems the current position is comfortable. Fox could be telling you that your loyalties might be in the “wrong” direction to maintain the harmony (Lily) of your work direction. The truth (Lily) of the future of this position has not been fully revealed to you.
      Option B; (moving) Snake followed by House and Ship. Most read the Snake as a negative influence. It can represent a situation which can have many twists and turns. It could actually be an older woman connected to the “challenging” position. Ship is movement into the future direction.
      Both options have good points but option B: has more flexibility but not without “initial” uncertainty. I would wait on a decision because more will be revealed to you as to the intention (Fox) of you current position. Let me know how it goes. Madame Seaqueen

      • Thank you very much for your comment, Madame Seaqueen! I have till 3rd March to take a decision as this is the deadline to apply. I am still gathering information from colleagues that are/or were in the function.

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