Meanings of some Lenormand images in the Coffee Grounds (cup image added Feb16/14)

Reading coffee grounds takes a lot of practice. The more you do it the better you get at recognizing symbols associated with Tasseomancy. The same is true for tea leaf reading. Don’t try too hard to make an image it really should stand out rather soon. Go with your first impression.

Do you have to be psychic to read grounds/leaves? It helps. We are all psychic, however, not everyone will label themselves as psychic. Most just identify with psychic as being a hunch. If you get enough information on anything you develop profiling (predictions from patterns) skills. 

There are traditions with coffee grounds reading as with cartomancy. Traditions belong to different countries of origin. There are English, Greek, Chinese, Turkish, Slavic and many more …. Pick a style and stick to it.

Many of the Lenormand card images can be found in the coffee grounds. I had a strong intuitive feeling on this even before I wrote a brief post on this —> Feb 2007. I’ve been reading cups since I was a teenager and not always coffee, lol, sometimes buttermilk, chocolate milk, etc. Whatever substances leave symbols inside a cup I used to read them.  A symbol is a symbol. I see symbols everywhere – in the clouds, on the snow, in the trees, etc. Years ago, I had a conversation with a Card system Creator. He asked me on how to choose “meanings” for the cards. I told him a person can read a bag of popcorn if specific meanings are assigned to the different shaped kernels.

Through Mary K Greer’s research she discovered the Coffee Cards images in 2013. Here is a link to her very informative post —>New Lenormand Discovery. I recommend that you read it.

Below are only a few examples but every symbol in the Lenormand deck can be found in the coffee grounds/leaves.  Try reading a cup.

CROSS– if found near the top of the cup some challenges will soon be ending. When in the middle somewhere some hardships are coming up. Generally, a cup Reading isn’t longer than a week. If found near the handle, the consultant should be prepared to hear some unpleasant news.

LILY– if found in the middle on the inside of the cup it shows a person with high morals. If there is an initial beside it then you have a clue on who it is. The clouds symbol plays just as an important role as it does in a card Reading (particularly the near & far technique). With the clouds + lily near each other there will be some trouble with relatives especially with an older male.

MOUNTAIN- this image is usually read as an “enemy” especially if there are many other grounds/leaves around it. If a mountain appears more on its own it represents someone quite prominent – perhaps a professional. The next closest symbol will tell you more on who it is. Positive images = positive influence. Negative images= trouble because of that person.

RING– traditionally symbolizes a wedding. Often there is a number or letter of the alphabet nearby which will reveal when and the letter of their first or sometimes last name.  Surrounded by clouds the person has dubious intentions. If the ring appears in the bottom of the cup it is not a lucky sign at all. Some Tasseomancers place great emphasis on what symbols lie on the bottom of the cup and others don’t. Generally, it foretells a separation or divorce.

SNAKE– our friend the snake, lol.  It’s easy to see little snakes in the coffee grounds sometimes they can be located in the spaces versus the grounds. My own particular style is there is a white snake (spaces) which I don’t read it as a negative sign. If it is a black (grounds) snake I read it fairly close to the Lenormand meaning. If I see a cane I may see this female as an older lady.   :).  If surrounded by an actual eye I’d caution the person about the Evil Eye.

The closer the snake is to the handle (representing consultant) the faster the negative person is revealed. If the snake is in the bottom of the cup I would stop the Reading. Then I would wash out the cup with sea salt /water. Oh, but why? I would do this mainly to deflect the negative energy by clearing its energy. It was in the cup so it means it is in the electromagnetic field of the consultant. That’s my personal belief. The coffee grounds images have no power and neither do cards since they are just pretty pieces of card stock.  Power of Suggestion.  Why upset yourself or your client.

image added Feb 16/14. HEART:  the position of the heart symbol is close near the left side of the handle and it is more in the middle of the side of cup.  Isn’t it beautifully formed! This person is really in love. There are no specks on the inside of the heart suggested a pure love. Also beside the heart there is a faint long road all the way to the rim. This suggest long distance travel. I’ll have to study the cup some more to determine the obvious symbols in the bottom of the cup. 

HEART in cup

HEART in cup

Alternate method: I went to a little old English lady who read my tea leaves many years ago. After we were done she told me to make a wish and put my thumb print into the bottom of the cup. Then she proceeded to read the remaining leaves in relation to my wish. I like this method with coffee grounds. You need a fairly wide cup to do this.

Wish: One thing I do want to mention just before you pick up the cup of grounds to read you will probably have a bit of excess water in the cup which will drip onto the saucer. Pay attention to the last drop if you can. The slower it drops the slower your wish will materialize.  

Dropping the Cup: not a good sign. The spirits are telling you not to read the cup that day.

Evil Eye

Evil Eye


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