Couple asks Shustah cards about a trip.

A young couple is very excited about going on a trip for a week. They are due for a holiday after the busy schedules in their lives raising a young family of 4 children.  The question for the Pages of Shustah© cards is if all will go well with the trip.  I have created a 3 card layout with 3 defined positions. Nothing too complicated.

Pages of Shustah cards

Pages of Shustah cards

There are no red cards so it looks good. Two yellow cards indicate gain and spiritual awareness. Black cards are not bad in this system.

BASIS: THE TRIP- yellow Little Holy Pigs.

This card has lucky energy which means the little holy pigs provide protection on the trip.


What the couple should know is not to tell all to just anyone while on the trip. Looks like some things will take a little more effort and that’s understandable if you are lying in the sun relaxing. This card has busy energy so the couple may need to cram as much as they can into the short time frame of the trip.

RESULT: OVERALL EXPERIENCE- black Card of Destiny.

The overall experience is as it should be. What will be will be. It’s about timing as well. We all belong to the never-ending cycles of existence. The couple is part of everyone else’s experience who is on the same trip. 

Basically, this last card is not saying it will be a good or bad anything.  

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