Which House do you like?

Kipper House

Kipper House

I would certainly like to see the interior of this stately house. Most likely this properly has the potential of bringing in some additional money if you rent out the rooms or smaller flats. Well kept exterior suggests the owners may have gardeners. The butler will probably welcome you with cocktails and finger foods.

Piatnik House

Piatnik House

A nice private home where you could party all night and no one would hear you. Looks very cozy. Groomed exterior reflects organization within the home. Host and/or hostess will welcome you with food and drink.

Gipsy House

Gipsy House

If you like fishing this home is perfect. There will be ample room inside. The landscaping is a little rough but that is part of its charm.  Most likely the interior is well lived in. You may have to bring your own food and drink.

All 3 of these houses have the same meanings in a Reading. The cards next to them will tell you what activity is going on with the family members and even with the actual property. When the House card appears in a Reading you can expect issues with the family. If you are using a larger layout look to the card above the House to determine what’s on the house’s mind. Look to the card beneath to determine what house will be doing shortly. Look to the left to see what house has just experienced. Look to the right to see what situation is on the horizon.

The House card is just like the Significator card. It represent an important part of your life – your family & home.

If there are any typos blame Mercury retrograde  🙂

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