16 card Lenormand layout from May 2007 part 1/2

I enjoy critiquing Readings from years ago because that is the only way you can rate the accuracy of the predictions. Also, you will see if you interpreted the individual or combined meanings fairly closely to what happened in “real-time”. This is the way you sharpen your skills. Don’t be too hard on yourself but be honest.

The image below is the top part of a handwritten page from May 2007.  The image with the pictures of the cards is the Vintage Lenormand by Andi Graf (Rootweaver). Of course, I didn’t use this lovely deck in 2007 because it was released early 2013. I’m not sure which deck I used in the Reading probably Titania’s Fortune Cards which I received as a birthday gift along with Svetlana’s Russian Gypsy fortune-telling cards even before I was on the Internet.

16 card layout MAY 2007

16 card layout MAY 2007

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver

A little background on your client is always helpful but not necessary. Most clients are more than willing to tell you their whole life story and others are tight-lipped. Since this is my personal Reading I don’t mind sharing some background at the time of this Reading.

Single white female who just secured a contract position at a local educational faculty. Assisting aging parents. writer, blogger, artist, instructor, handcrafter.

I was surprised at my own handwritten notes. I left no stone unturned and wrote down as many possible interpretations as I could. In hindsight, my Reading was at least 3 years into the future. I did not put a time frame on the Reading. I know this because there is nothing in my notes to say so. In fact, these cards could be the last 4 columns of the GT and I just wanted to study from the Lady onwards as I was not interested in my own past since I already knew it. 

Before the Reading summary can be done the interpretation process is studied. This involves individual card meaning and combinations. Part 2/2 will put all this together with real-time feedback.

Ok, let’s look at the Lady card first.  From my handwritten notes:

  • lady+moon- a mother
  • lady+moon- intuitive, mystical, cold, illusion
  • lady+sun- attraction

Next, the Moon card combinations

  • moon- fame, recognition, honours
  • moon+house- attachment to home (obviously the House card was in same row as the Moon card and in the previous column of the GT)
  • moon+sun- deep soul relationship

Child Card combinations

  • child+book- studies
  • child+book- secrets around child, unknown information revealed
  • child+gentleman- father and kid
  • child+letter- new message coming (the Letter card must have preceded the Child card in previous column of GT)

Book Card combinations – already done

Gentleman combinations

  • gentleman+ clover- short term meeting
  • gentleman+tree- life partner
  • gentleman+book- a man one does not know yet
  • gentleman+sun- father of gentleman

Key combinations

  • key- security, stability
  • key+clouds- problems come and go

Clouds combinations

  • clouds+anchor- haven’t met King of Clubs yet. Work connected
  • clouds+anchor- uncertainties around employment
  • clouds+birds- negative excitement

Heart combinations

  • heart+mouse- erosion of feelings. Have patience in achieving goals
  • heart+birds- passing love affair. Fluttering heart.
  • heart+mouse- love returns
  • heart+anchor- love for job
  • heart+sun- warm feelings
  • heart+scythe- grief

Mouse combinations

  • mouse+tree- deterioration of health. Root of body.
  • mouse+tree+scythe- something cut out
  • mouse+clover- luck comes back
  • mouse+sun+gentleman- energy diminishes

Birds combinations

  • birds+anchor- 2 jobs
  • birds+scythe- dangerous concerns
  • birds+scythe+rider- bad news is coming

The last few combinations with how to put it all together as a Reading including what did happened is continued in Part 2/2















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