Gipsy Sweetheart

The Sweetheart is used as the Significator card much like the Lady card is used in the Lenormand deck. When you do a GT (grand tableau using all 36 cards) you would locate the Sweetheart card if you are a female getting the Reading. Actually, you don’t have to be a female because if you are in a same gender relationship you might have designated this card to represent you or your partner.

Gipsy Sweetheart

Gipsy Sweetheart

In many eastern European countries prior to the GT a three cut is done.  The cards from the cut are read thus providing a prediction based on the three cards. There’s a number of layouts which could follow:

  • reading the corners
  • cross layout
  • counting 7’s from Significator
  • reading all 36 cards starting with Significator
  • sometimes the fortune-teller will do 2 -3 layouts.
Gipsy Sweeheart

Gipsy Sweeheart

The image on the far left is an earlier version of the Sweetheart card and the one beside it is from the 1986 Piatnik deck. The image on the far right is from my black and white deck. Notice the card is numbered.  This particular deck was gifted to me by my Slovenian aunt many decades ago. 

SWEETHEART:  She certainly doesn’t look that comfortable sitting on the bench or table. Maybe she has a sore back?  Is she waiting for her lover? It appears she is facing more in the right direction. Some Cartomancers would read all card behind her (left) as her past. When I look at this card behind is in the background of the card more than on the left side. Maybe it’s just because of the way she is sitting. Reading directions works in most cases.  Her dress suggests she is not shy because it is low-cut. She does have a taste for jewelry since she is wearing a long necklace which also symbolizes a more freedom minded female.  I don’t see any rings on her hand.

If you are looking for a yes or no answer to a question and the Sweetheart falls as the outcome it means it’s all up to you (if you are a female). If you are a male it’s all up to your significant other so have fun with that, lol. If you are a man and interested in the Sweetheart you should make your move fast.  She is quite fond of the person represented by the Officer card. Check the layout to see where he is?  🙂

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  1. Perhaps in another post sometime, unless it’s already been done, you could list the numbers from your black & white deck? I’d be very interested in that.

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