Una baraja de cartas españolas – a pack of Spanish playing cards.

I have several decks of Naipes from various countries like Spain and Mexico. I haven’t quite gotten into the habit of doing layouts with these types of cards even though I am quite fond of them.

Asha Calidad Naipes

Asha Calidad Naipes

One very beautiful deck is the Baraja Ibero Americana deck.  My deck has 40 cards with the 8 and 9 missing which is often not used. These cards are gorgeous and made me regress back into time when I looked at them.

Top row: Baraja Ibero Americana. Bottom row: Asha Calidad Naipes

For historical information click the following link —-> The World of Playing Cards.

and for more images of the Baraja Ibero Americana deck click ——>HERE.

You can see all the meanings at Serena’s Guide to Divination. I think these assigned meanings are fairly common to the Naipes. In my research I have seen similar card meanings used in a countless number of websites and blogs. The Naipes can be read in reversed positions. They are combined with other cards in the deck to tell a story.

Examples of a basic combination: you link the card meanings the same way as you would with the Lenormand cards and any other Sibilla style fortune-telling cards.

A Cups 2 Wands 12 (King) Swords 2 Swords

A Cups/ 2 Wands/ 12 (King) Swords/ 2 Swords

  • Ace Cups: common meaning is the home
  • 2 Wands: often refers to a trip or plan
  • 12 King Swords: suggests a male relative. Some Cartomancers assign medical professional
  • 2 Swords: common meaning legal documents, illness, the unexpected

The meaning of these four cards suggest news of a sickness/illness connected to the home probably a relative. Another meaning can be that a doctor needs to make a house call (rarity these days) due to someone’s illness.

Using the same three cards as in the previous example and adding a different court card.

1 2 2 10 naipes jan27:14
We know the meanings of three of these cards. #10 (Jack) of cups can be a sister, mother, female friend or even a lover. There are no Queens in the Naipes. #11 is similar to the Knight in the Tarot.

A trip is planned around some legal papers connected to the home by a female belonging to the family. Another interpretation could be a sick friend is planning to visit your home.

One last example since I already uploaded the image.

3 Wands BASTOS . Ace of Cups COPAS

3 Wands BASTOS . Ace of Cups COPAS

The Ace of Cups is the home/family. The 3 of Wands is a package or some kind of container among some other meanings like workplace/religion. The combination is pretty obvious. A package comes to the house. It can also be working from one’s home. It can be a place of worship. And so on….

Note: The 3 of Bastos is in a reversed position. Some of the meanings suggested are breakdown in discussion or quarrel. If you combined the reversed 3 of Wands there will be a quarrel in the home. There could a breakdown in discussion with things that might actually need repairs like arguing about the costs or poor workmanship.

If you have a spare and inexpensive deck of Naipes write down a few key meanings right on the cards until you get used to some of the meanings. The minor cards 2 – 7 and  8 &9 if you use them, do not have scenes on them to help you out so the only way you will know what they mean is if you memorize the meanings.

Choose two or three meanings which are different from each other and that do not say the same thing. In the example above the 2 of Swords can be a legal document or illness as well as a few other meanings. If you find another card suggesting legal document you should only use that meaning once so that “legal document” is represented in the deck. Reversed meanings are not used often. By writing key words on the cards your subconscious will connect the dots when you use a deck with no written meanings on them. 

It takes a certain amount of commitment to learn a new system. Doing any kind of cartomancy study half way will just leave confusing thoughts on the system. Full understanding takes time to learn.

As with any cartomancy system there will be variations with the interpretations of the individual cards. Each country sees the cards with their own unique views. It’s just like the Lenormand cards there is the German, French, Italian and Hungarian version but not limited to those either.

Seaqueen’s Perception

2 thoughts on “Una baraja de cartas españolas – a pack of Spanish playing cards.

  1. Thanks for this post, very interesting. I’ve seen these cards here and there online but these Asha cards look particularly nice. I’m tempted now to add Naipes to my repertoire. I’m off to Spain in a few months… Looks like I’ll be doing a bit of card shopping while I’m there (surprise, surprise).

    • Thank you for your comment. So lucky you will be going to Spain. Have a safe and prosperous trip. I do hope you find some Naipes they are very interesting to work with. Take care. Madame Seaqueen

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