Counting 7’s method & pairing Corners with playing cards

I love miniature decks especially when they are vintage or antique. The playing cards in the image have gold edges and are not much wider than a dice. It’s so much easier to do a full board Reading (or grand tableau). The deck is by Piatnik, Made in Austria. I’m not certain on the year of manufacture but judging from the backs of the cards I’d say the early 1960’s if not earlier. There is another deck in the box. It has red backs.

When reading 32 playing cards or the gipsy cards often I use the counting 7 method and then proceed reading the corners until all the cards are read.

In today’s post I will demonstrate the counting 7’s method and use some old gypsy card meanings which I’ve used for many decades. [I usually remove the card from the layout and set it in an area with enough space for all the ones I pull.] The reason I do this is because I can see the doubles better or read the courts if they come together. The meanings are very basic. All I need to do is put on some ethnic fortune telling clothing & I’m all set, lol.

Aren’t these cards adorable?  One great thing about them is they take up very little space.

Vintage Miniature playing cards. Piatnik, Made in Austria.

Vintage Miniature playing cards. Piatnik, Made in Austria.

Ok, counting 7 from the first card in the top left hand corner. Ace counting 7, R, A♠, 8♣, D, 9♣, 8♠, V, V, 10, R♠. R.  There’s more but I’ll just read these 12 cards. A gypsy never reveals all her secrets.   🙂 Besides that many Cartomancers have passed down meanings from a grandmother, aunt, uncle or some relative.

R-King. D-Queen. V-Jack.

A – The home. R – Bad tempered fair-haired man. A♠ – Trouble. 8♣ – Confusing feelings. D – Gossipy Fair Woman. 9♣ -Unexpected money. 8♠ – Illness. V – Close relative. V – Bachelor. 10 – Good fortune. R♠ – Ambitious dark-haired man. R – Kind man.

There are a few more meanings but I want to keep this interpretation short and besides that, if I were in costume I’d be quite dramatic with an emphasized Eastern European accent.

I see 2 Jacks together suggesting there will be some good changes (two reds) in close relationships. These two cards could be brothers or buddies. There are 2 Kings side by side suggesting involvement with the law. The Red King is last so it will all be good.

There is a bad-tempered man in your home who is causing much trouble for you.  Your feelings are very confused about this situation. A fair-haired woman you know will come into some unexpected money. One of your close relatives probably a brother or friend will take ill but everything will turn out good. There is good fortune in your future even though you will have some legal situation.  

Wasn’t that fun?  If I pair the corners I have 9 plus R♣. You wish will come true about an honest medium haired man.  Next pair, V♣ plus D. A clever young man and gossipy fair-haired woman. This duo can be a mother and son. When two courts come together you read them with the next pair unless it fits the pair prior to that. You are telling a story so this process is much quicker than writing about it. The next pair is R♠ plus 7♣. There is an ambitious man who will return some money he borrowed. This King is probably connected to the mother and son.

With lots of practice this type of Reading is very entertaining and great to do at parties.

2 thoughts on “Counting 7’s method & pairing Corners with playing cards

  1. Hi Seaqueen,

    In my country is very use this system. It`s a “gipsy” system and they are counting the cards all the time.
    Of course, the meaning of the cards differ for every cartomancer.
    I want to tell you how is the counting here.
    Let`s say you want to know about your house: ace of heart.
    Let`s count by 7: ace heart – next count is Q spades – next is ace spades – next K clubs – 10 spades – 9 spades – Q clubs – 9 heart – and we return to ace of heart.
    Can you follow the count? When you get to the end of the line the count is from the side you end row, not to the left of the spread. And you count until you get to the same card when you started.
    This cards are the present or current situation. Sometimes is the immediate future.
    In your spread we have in your home a women who is very very offset, or even widow (queen of spades). This woman can be a person from your family – mother, close friend, aunt, mother in low etc, because is near to the home card. Ok, this woman is very sad about the man, King of club. I think is about the dead, because is ace of spades and 10 + 9 spades after him in the counting, a lot of pain and suffering. This woman is grieffing about this man. But a lady, queen of clubs is gain her wish.
    Now we look to the big layout. Queen of spades, beside her are 2 black cards – that means she leave her pain in the past. And the woman, queen of clubs is in front of her with another man, king of diamnonds. I think this woman is put in touch each other in some way. To invitation (ace of diamond) to the party (8 of heart) in cards after they.
    Or, maybe, with a engagement ring (8 heart + ace diamond) . 🙂

    I really like this system, is very easy and funny in some way.

    Bless, T

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