Do you re-visit past Readings & rate them? part 2/2

In continuation of the previous post positions 7 through 10 of the Celtic Cross can be seen in the image (excuse the blurriness I was standing on a chair to capture the entire layout) below.

7. ACE OF WANDS – me, my attitude, state of mind. This is a season card. Spring – wands depict fire energy (in most Tarot systems).

Ace of Wands: March 20/21 – June 20/21 (depending on the year when the sun enters Aries at 0 degrees).

  • new beginning
  • new attitude*
  • good news
  • energy directed to a new venture or goal

Since the Reading was done April 21st the season card is applicable to the following year. The final card in the layout will determine the days or weeks/months following the first day of spring. If a Major Arcana falls in the last position then the influences are immediate.

Thinking back to the spring of 2008 I was in a totally new environment at work. I was the primary liaison and scheduler involving twelve departments. Yes, lots of new things.

When a season card (Ace) falls in the 7th position the new beginnings depend a lot on the person getting the Reading.

I’d rate this 10/10

8. 2 of WANDS– Environment or External Factors. Others.

  • opportunity
  • co-operative venture
  • new business partnership
  • negotiation
  • within a “2”
  • the first stage
  • waiting for a reply
  • travel

The others spot involves people in our lives. Often you find an answer within this position. Since the Knight of Cups is facing this card (see part 1/2).  Yes, on the negotiation (work contract renewal). Yes, on the co-operative ventures. This applies specifically to the scheduling responsibilities I had which involved international visitors. Yes, on the within a “2” – within 2 years I had the opportunity to travel.

I’d rate this 9/10

9. STRENGTH – hopes and fears.

  • excellent card – self-confidence
  • ability to overcome
  • faith in oneself
  • influence materializes as both a fear or hope

This major arcana promises strong energy to handle situations by tapping into the inner power of silent strength.

I’d rate this 10/10

10. 5 of SWORDS – general outcome.

  • empty victory
  • a sneak attack
  • wounded pride
  • domineering attitude
  • underhanded tactics
  • was it worth it?
  • negative energy
  • I did combine the MOON + 9 of Wands to indicate a business which operates at night
  • be careful of hurting your hands or feet (2 fives in layout)
  • I predicted 5 weeks after the first day of spring – end of April

Yes, there was an empty victory which made me ask if it all was worth it. The position I worked in was re-classified in a very underhanded manner. Yes, on the sneak attack. I didn’t see this coming. Yes, I did hurt my arm/hand not seriously though. I think the 5 of Swords covered many areas of my life. A lot of the card meanings pointed to situations involving my mother (Moon) since I helped her when dad took ill.

I’d rate this 9/10

As far as rating the entire Reading I would give it a 8/10. I can relate to almost everything. I do think this Reading spanned over 2-3 years because I did not ask a specific question at the time of shuffle.

April 21, 2007 handwritten Reading side 2 of page

April 21, 2007 handwritten Reading side 2 of page

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