Do you re-visit past Readings & rate them? part 1/2

Most of my cartomancy research found in my journals (dating back to the early ’70’s) tested various cards systems. Although, I kept an open mind I required consistent proof of accuracy before I would even venture making predictions or teaching others via lessons. My original full-sized and mini Rider decks have now been retired after seeing thousands of Readings over the decades. Amazingly, the two decks are still in tact. I was very careful to clear the deck and wrap it between Readings. Sure, every once in a while I pick it up if I am in need of some profound advice. 

The Reading I am going to write about was done in April 2007. I enjoy handwriting my Readings even though I love my MacBook dearly. I also handwrite major points of a Reading in private sessions, although, I think that’s automatic writing because things show up which I don’t remember writing.

In the first image you will see my process. Even though I know all the information by memory I still write it out. The second image (next post) is the back side of the page where I conclude the Reading. I noticed that I did a timing technique as well. In the past, I was told I saw a lot further into the future than the time frames I suggested. With some people I saw 3 – 5 years ahead. Back then I would not read a person for at least a year after the Reading.

I haven’t seen the Reading in the image since I wrote it out. I found in mixed in with Gipsy cards journals. It’s obvious I didn’t do a follow-up because there aren’t any notes on the paper with actual “real life” feedback. I must have forgotten I even did it (slap on wrist).

April 21, 2007 handwritten Reading side 1 of page

April 21, 2007 handwritten Reading side 1 of page



The “me” today can verify what came true and what didn’t. I feel this type of critiquing is very important. You, as a Cartomancer should rate your own Reading on a scale between 0 -10 with 0 indicating you were totally off base and 10 suggesting you were 100% correct (highly unlikely unless you hammer out the rough spots to make it fit). 

1. MOON– atmosphere or question. (18 = 9) I have no idea why I reduced the 18 to a 9 but maybe it had something to do with the hidden energy of the card like the Hermit which I can totally relate to.

  • things are not what they seem
  • overwhelming emotion
  • past conditioning
  • entertainment industry
  • creative writing. Creative talent can be put to use in writing
  • travel over water
  • expect the uncanny
  • dreams and hunches are important but might be false information
  • a mother can become prominent

Ok, this Reading was done in 2007. In 2005/06  I had already uploaded hundreds of files in preparation of a series of tutorial cartomancy handbooks. Yes, I did continue writing. Yes, I did travel over water in 2009. Yes, my mother did become prominent late 2009. Yes, things were not as they appeared – I thought everything was fine.

I’d rate this a 8/10

2. KNIGHT OF SWORDS – crossing card. Challenge or Opportunity

  • sudden changes
  • assertiveness
  • force of intellect
  • quick and firm action
  • taking the creativity of the Moon and running with it
  • now is the time for your head to rule not your heart
  • being active and on the go

Yes, sudden changes occurred in my dad’s health. Yes, I was assertive because that’s how I keep my sanity during a crisis. Plus, I needed to make quick and firm decisions both in my personal life and at my high-profile job. Yes, I tapped into the Moon’s creativity, Yes, I was active I landed a great contract which also fits into the sudden energy of the Knight of Swords.  If you look at this card you can see that I was running against the wind.

I’d rate this 8/10 

3. 5 of WANDS – Beneath You. Past influences affecting your question.

  • exciting challenge
  • mock battle
  • too much play
  • setting up priorities
  • too passive
  • rivalry
  • having lots of energy to burn
  • physical activity

Actually, this spot is the foundation of the Celtic cross. Here you should find out why you are doing the Reading in the first place. Card 1 is the energy around you or your question at the time of the Reading. Yes, I can relate to most of those phrases. I like the one about the mock battle since we all have an ego which continuously fights you.

I’d rate this 7/10

4. 9 of WANDS – behind you. Process of leaving.

  • being prepared
  • standing your ground
  • strength in reserve
  • being too defensive

Yes, on most counts. The warrior in me is always prepared to fight. Since this influence is passing I must have calmed down and tried the path of least resistance.  🙂  Although, I doubt it because there are two Knights in the Reading.

I’d rate this 7/10

5. 7 of PENTACLES – crowns you. Potential card.

Note: Combined with card #2. This spot is the probable outcome  if you use the “energy” of the crossing card. It’s an option if you do not favour the card which falls in the final outcome. [Often this spot is read as the distant future]

  • if the assertiveness of the Knight of Swords (crossing card #2) is adopted the full potential of the 7 of Pentacles can be realized
  • waiting for results
  • slow and steady growth
  • perseverance
  • a plateau
  • a choice between risk and security
  • re-assess and re-evaluate
  • finances will take a turn for the better

Yes, I did adopt the Knight’s energy and secured a contract for a high-profile job which did produce a financial improvement. Yes, I did persevere with my many creative projects.

I’d rate this 9/10

6. KNIGHT OF CUPS – before you. I have seen this spot to be about 3 months or 6-8 months unless you tell the Tarot you wish it to be more or less months. Even if you are quite clear you want a certain time frame the Tarot may not grant your wish. 🙂 In that case, you can use the Aces (if you have any in the layout) to determine the seasons/weeks/days which is what my calculations are all about on the back of the sheet (post 2/2).

  • a new relationship
  • artistic talent
  • an offer or proposal
  • Note: Knight of Swords faces the 5 of Wands- too much energy put into ideas. Knight of Cups faces future and card #8 – holiday with friends, an offer you can’t refuse, tempting offer soon

The Knight of Swords faces to the left ….back into the layout away from the staff of cards on the right side & looks directly at the 5 of Wands. (image A)

Rider Tarot 1971

Image A. Rider Tarot 1971

Rider Tarot 1971

image B. Rider Tarot 1971

The Knight of Cups faces to the right looking at the staff of cards. When the crossing card is placed upright the Knights face away from each other. I see this more of an internal battle. (image B)

Yes, the offer of work did come and this contract lead me to the next one which was quite a bit longer. Yes, I did enter many new relationships but I think the Knight of Cups is talking about romantic relationships, lol, which did happen mid 2009 and yes, I did travel late 2009.

I’d rate this 9/10

Do you re-visit past Readings & Rate them? part 2/2 continued next post

-The Rider Tarot Deck © Made in Switzerland expressly for Samuel Weiser, Inc. New York, NY 10003
-Images featured to demonstrate the handwritten Celtic Cross reading. LWB ©US Games Systems Inc

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