What’s on your mind LAYOUT. Ask the Gipsy cards.

Have you ever wondered what is really on your mind about a person or situation? The cards can help us through this process. The question doesn’t even have to be about a person or situation. Maybe, consciously you think you know what you’re thinking. But do you really? Often we are just not that sure.

I have used cards to get through some very challenging times in my life. I found that the cards revealed many helpful messages. When my dad was gravely ill I drew one Lenormand or Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten card on a daily basis. At that time, I had my head in the sand to maintain hope for dad. On top of that I had to put the grief I felt from mom’s sudden death on hold so I would not crumble. Sometimes I used the Pages of Shustah. Other times I used the Sacred Tarot.  At the end of the day I would record what really happened and compare it to the card I selected. The cards reflected the day’s events and when they didn’t they guided me by offering advice for my own mental struggles during that journey with my parents.

The main purpose of this layout is to ask the cards what’s on your own mind.

What are you thinking about? 

What questions are you asking yourself?

Our mental health is important when we view situations or observe some people.  It’s not that easy to have clarity of mind all the time. We all want to believe we know exactly what we think. Often we forget that our thoughts are coloured by our personal experiences. There is much we think about that we do not share.

Below are two examples (one for each gender) on how to read the Gipsy cards when you have a question about your own thoughts.

  • Select your Significator and remove it from the deck. Put it on the table.
  • Now, you shuffle the deck thoroughly. Don’t breeze through this step. Keep shuffling until you feel the time is right to stop.
  • Cut the deck once. Assemble to one pile
  • Deal off the cards until you come to the Thought card. Remove it as well as the card following it and place these two cards to the right of the Significator card.
  • If the Thought card happens to be the very last card in the pile (this does happen) shuffle the deck again. Cut it once. Assemble to one pile. Take the top card and place beside the Thought card.
gipsy cards lover thoughts enemy

Example #1 – LOVER * THOUGHT * ENEMY

Example #1: Lover, Thought, Enemy

The Enemy card is probably one of the most feared cards in the entire deck. Some of the meanings for this card include negative thinking, potentially harmful situation, nasty person, surgical procedure, be very careful, stay away from dangerous people/locations and hostility.

Is the male thinking about doing something that could hurt another? Is he in a negative state of mind? Is he thinking about getting a weapon? Is he hostile to those around him? Is he thinking about his next victim? Is he thinking about a person who is out to get him?

What’s on the Lover’s mind? He is questioning a not so nice plan. He is questioning why he is filled with hatred. He is questioning a dangerous situation he is involved in. He is questioning his sins of the past. 

We are not in his head so we can only speculate on the probabilities. Only he will know when he meditates on the Enemy card’s meanings. 



Example #2: Sweetheart, Thought, Ecclesiastic

The Ecclesiastic card is about  morals and values as well as the other meanings such as  involvement in an organized belief system, faith, church representative, rites of passage, religious celebrations, philosophy or Spirituality.

Is the female thinking about her belief system? Why does she think the way she thinks at the current time? Are these her thoughts or someone else’s. Is she questioning her own faith? Is her faith system something she grew up with?  Many questions come up with the Ecclesiastic card. They are deep questions.

What’s on the Sweetheart’s mind?  She is questioning if she will do the right thing. She is questioning the guilt she is experiencing. She is questioning plans for an upcoming church celebration. She is questioning the religious dogma which just isn’t working for her anymore. We can only speculate on the probabilities. Only she will know when she meditates on the Ecclesiastic card’s meanings. 

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