Heart Layout featuring Lenormand Oracle Cards

I created the Heart Layout with assigned names of the positions. It is mostly used when asking relationship questions. This layout is suitable for any deck of cards even if the deck you are using does not have  male or female significator cards. In that case, you would shuffle the deck, cut it and layout it out starting at left column (left part of the “H”), place card, go to right column (right side of “H”) place card, continue placing a card in the significator spot (left column) and significator spot (right column) making sure you have a spot in the middle wide enough for the OUTCOME card which is the last card you place. Continue with the next card placing it at bottom of left column continue with right column. Finally, the last card goes in the middle (middle of “H”).

As always, posts detailing cards and/or in layouts are an exercise in how to read the cards. I share my process with you openly. How I read cards might differ from how you interpret cards and maybe you’ll learn something new. 🙂

HEART LAYOUT featuring Judith Bärtschi Lenormand Karten © Königsfurt-Urania, 2007.

Heart Layout

Heart Layout

HEART LAYOUT featuring the Lenormand Oracle Cards (Oracolo Lenormand) ©Lo Scarabeo, Torino, 2003.

Heart Layout

Heart Layout

What is the future of the female’s relationship (Lady, right column) with the male (Gentleman, left column) she is currently involved with?

ON HIS MIND: STORK.   The man is thinking a lot about some recent changes in their relationship. Maybe he is experiencing changes in his feelings for her. Something probably happened to induce these different feelings. Is he thinking about the Queen of Hearts?

ON HER MIND: SUN. She seems to be pretty optimistic right about the relationship. Maybe she is just the type of person who has a sunny disposition.

WHAT HE FACES: RING. The man in question will be looking at his commitment with the female. It looks like he will figure out that the changes which are on his mind will strengthen the bond they have.

WHAT SHE FACES: COFFIN. She, on the other card sees some sort of ending coming up.

These two people on a different page as far as the future of the relationship. She appears to be taking things a bit more serious.  Let’s see what the outcome will be. Will they break up?

Possible meanings of the Coffin:

-the announcement of an ending
-something is finished
-time to say good-bye
-can be an unhealthy attitude
-can’t continue the way it was
-no use beating a dead horse
-put it to rest
-let it go

OUTCOME: DOG. What a wonderful card to have in this spot. There is definitely a strong friendship (buddy) foundation between this couple. There is loyalty to this relationship which will continue.

This couple will remain partners in the future (no predetermined time frame selected). Most likely it’s 6-8 months. The bond will continue (confirmed by the Ring card). I think there will be changes ahead for the female. She will need to address what’s not working any more in the relationship. Obviously, she will work through it because the Dog card is in the outcome spot.

dog sam puppy

OUTCOME between male & female

DOG- friendship, help, steadiness, dependability, reliable, trust, need, love, loyalty, faithfulness, playful. 

4 thoughts on “Heart Layout featuring Lenormand Oracle Cards

  1. What a gift this is to me! I’ve just returned to blogging, and was going down my links page and came here. I just picked up my first Lenormand deck – The Gilded Reverie Lenormand deck, specifically – and it’s totally unfamiliar to me. I confess that i purchased it on a whim, strictly for the beautiful artwork, and out of curiosity. I’ve used them a couple of times, just as I would one of my other decks, and find them fascinating and want to learn how to read them properly. Thank you for this lesson!

    • Hi Grace: Welcome back to the world of blogging and thank you for your kind words. The Gilded Reverie Lenormand is gorgeous. My suggestion would be to learn a few keywords for each card. The images in the Lenormand usually reflect the spirit of the card. There are traditional associations for each which may vary a little depending on whose system you are using. The important thing is to decide which meanings resonate with you on a spiritual level (intuitively) and of course, which of those meanings prove to be accurate. Groups of cards tell a story unlike the Tarot which is a story within each card. (in my humble opinion) Please join my Facebook Lenormand Cards Community group where we explore card meanings/layouts and play some fun games as well. There are a number of similar groups on Facebook which are worth looking into as well.
      When I starting writing about the Lenormand cards 8/9 years ago they were not that popular in North America. In the last few years their popularity has increased tremendously. Back then there were no English speaking books on the cards. Now you can find half a dozen or so. There are quite a few self-published decks available by very talented and creative artists. I hope you enjoy your journey with the Lenormand cards and if I can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to ask. seaqueen@hotmail.ca Madame Seaqueen.

  2. Thank you so much. I sent a request to join the FB group under my real name (please check my email address attached to this comment). I’m looking forward to learning!

    I remember hearing about the Lenormand several years ago…I believe over at the Daily Sushtah? Anyway, they are fascinating.

    • Thank you Grace. I hope you enjoy the posts in the group and please if you have questions about the cards/layouts please ask. Many group members are beginners and there are some high profile professional readers/artists. It is also good to hear what other insights people have on the Lenormand cards.

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