5 card ADVICE layout featuring the Biedermeier Aufschlagkarten

The 5 card ADVICE layout features the 32 Biedermeier Aufschlagkarten, © 1986 Piatnik, Wien. Printed in Austria. To view an earlier version namely Magyar Jatekkartyagyar ©1900 ——> click TRIONFI.EU (on the same page you can view the 1986 modern version in its entirety in case you do not own a deck currently.

QUESTION: Male J asks, “is there a relocation in 2014?

Biedermeier Aufschlagkarten, 1986, Piatnk.

Biedermeier Aufschlagkarten, 1986, Piatnk.

Basis of Question: (1st card far left) HOUSE. Issues surrounding the home and family are significant.  The House can mean one’s own inner temple. You have protection and limitation within this card. We know the person wants to know about relocation. There is no other background information about male J.

What you Know: MALADY. This card can be read a few different ways.

a) is the question about relocation because of someone’s illness? ie: unable to keep up with maintenance/bills

b) is there something “sick” with the current house? ie: needs too much repair

c) is there a person living at home which needs to be moved to another house. ie: nursing home

A little more exploration certainly doesn’t hurt when assessing meanings. Wondering why a person is even asking such a question isn’t a bad thing. Is male J sick and tired of living where he is? Does he need some help with the house?

Any type of illness ( a very common mind-set when not wanting to deal with responsibilities (House) felt at this time is probably not real (+falseness). 

What you are NOT seeing: FALSENESS. The image in the card reflects the meaning of this card with many symbols.   The snake has associations with betrayal, treachery and unfaithfulness to name a few. The bird in the cat’s mouth suggests overpowering the weak. The blanket hanging out the window could suggest someone is airing out “dirty laundry” which can cause embarrassment.  The snake and cat show no fear for each other. In fact, they are challenging each other judging by their stance in the image. The cat has some foilage/leaves on its back depicting that it was hiding in the bush or tree before it pounced on the bird. The ladder in the background suggests the bad luck superstition.



Male J is not being honest with himself. He is not seeing how he is ambushing his situation due to his inability to keep order in the house and quite possibility with other members of the household.

Advice to Follow: MERRIMENT. This card is advising male J to keep things light. The entire situation is probably not as serious to warrant a relocation. Within this card is a joyous energy which should be utilized. He should use art, music and entertaining as a diversion to his current “sick” state of mind.



The Result: CONSTANCY.

The energy of the Constancy card is positive and negative it all depends which way you look at it. Sometimes when things do not get worse this is a good thing. In relation to male J’s question I do not see a change of residence in 2014 nor do I think it’s a good idea based on the cards. The “all seeing eye” is watching over him.

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