Tarot Celtic cross featuring Tziganes Lenormand

Last night I received a request for an Email reading from a lady who is a regular. She shared some background as to why she wanted the Reading. Her husband has been acting differently for the past few months. She is suspicious that he is seeing someone as in having an affair. I asked her what did her cards reveal. She’s a Tarot practitioner. The lady was getting mixed messages from her own cards.

At various times I find little satisfaction using some of the existing layouts for the Lenormand cards. I decided to lay out the Tziganes Lenormand by Bruno Bieri, © 1994 AG MULLER in the Tarot Celtic Cross. The Celtic Cross meanings for each position may differ from what you use but I have given a brief description of the positions to illustrate this Reading. The meanings for the Tziganes Lenormand cards are a compilation of some of the more common associations.

More on —> Lenormand cards and here —> Lenormand cards —> Celtic Cross. Many Cartomancers do not perform this kind of mixture (cards & layout) and it is an option, of course.   You should be an experienced Lenormand Cartomancer and have a good understanding of the Celtic Cross before you attempt this type of Reading.

How to read the Art Deco fortune-telling cards in the —> Celtic Cross layout. 

Question: Is Mr. X having a romantic affair?

Tziganes Lenormand by Bruno Bieri, 1994.

Tziganes Lenormand by Bruno Bieri, 1994.

This Reading requires a little more work in the linking technique – putting it all together (cards in positions to tell a story)

1. Dog- the first card is usually the energy surrounding the question. Often it represent the person’s state of mind. There is a friend. The #2 crossing card is not really negative so this friend shouldn’t be a threat to the marriage or so it seems initially.

2. Fish- the crossing card contains positive or negative influences surrounding the question. Here you can find challenges or blessings. There could be a financial connection. The Fish card can also suggest liquids like alcohol. Maybe the other woman (Dog) is a drinking buddy? Maybe she has a drinking problem and the husband is trying to help her.  Maybe she needs money and is pretending to be a friend in a fox fur coat.

3. Book (beneath the Dog card)- usually this position is the basis of the question.  The Book card suggests some information not totally revealed or known. This makes sense because Mr. X would want to keep this a secret if in fact it was true. It could also mean the connection is not what it appears to be.

4. Child (left of Dog card) – in this spot passing information is revealed. It could still be active but at the tail end of it. The person/situation could be in process of leaving. The Child card suggests a beginning of a connection. It’s probably relatively new and fresh.

5. Moon (top of Dog card) – I like to read this spot as the 6 month guidance card. (distant future) The Moon card can be about a lunar cycle when timing events. This card has connections to intuition and awareness/recognition. I want to read the Moon card in this spot as all will be out in the open within 6 month period. Husband and wife will discuss this situation.

6. Fox (right of Dog card) – I like to read this spot as the 3 month guidance card. (near future) This card can suggest something is not totally right about the question/situation. If you wanted to read the Fox card as being sinister it could means the odd behaviour of the husband will still continue.  The Dog is looking at the Fox. The friend might have ulterior motives in the upcoming weeks.

7. Ship (bottom of staff of 4 cards) – the husband’s current role (attitude) in this entire scenario is probably a yearning to have an affair. Yearning and doing is two different things. I feel strongly that the husband isn’t the one who instigated the whole thing. The Ship is about movement. He can be swayed.

8. Coffin  (above Ship) – commonly this position represents the others spot. I want to read this as the Dog person. She would be the “Other” person. The coffin states this situation will not develop.

9. Bouquet  (above Coffin) – here we find a person’s own positive or negative feelings.  The Bouquet is a pleasant card. I think the husband is just being nice. He is fond of the person represented by the Dog.

10. Mouse (final card) – the most likely outcome or answer to the question is NO. I doubt if her husband is having an affair because the Mouse is all about deterioration. Most likely this friend or drinking buddy (Dog+Fish) will remain as such. There are no cards which point to a romantic affair. Card #7 and/or #9 should have had at least the Lily, Snake, Fox, or Heart.

Let’s look at the question again.

Question: Is Mr. X having a romantic affair? Answer: Mouse (loss, reduction, decrease, theft, slow process, erosion, eating away) Those are all NO meanings to me. Comments and Questions Welcome!

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2 thoughts on “Tarot Celtic cross featuring Tziganes Lenormand

  1. Hello Jozefa I think there was some kind of romance/flirt going on because of the Moon card but he didn’t take it to the next level I love these cards and have been looking for them everywhere. Finally found them on a french site. Thanks for showing Celtic cross with Lenormand. Didn’t think it was possible to do. Annie.

  2. Hello Jozefa I finally received the Tziganes Lenormand which I really like but one card baffles me. Number 11, not a whip or a broom, but a sword or knife. I would love to know what you make of it. Thank you.

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