Asking the Magische Lenormand about a missing case.

A client of mine has lost or misplaced an object of sentimental value. It is a case about the size of a recipe card and she uses it for some semi-precious healing stones.

Her question to me is whether she will find it or not. I asked the MAGISCHES LENORMAND by Sandy Pfütsch and Gabriele Büttner, Buttner Verlog (2010)

Will she locate this case within the next few days.  I am featuring the 5 card layout which is seen often in other posts I have written which I feel gives a tad more information than a three card layout. I don’t think I ever named the 5 card layout so I will call it the 5 card Advice Layout.

5 card ADVICE layout for any deck of cards

5 card ADVICE layout for any deck of cards

5 card ADVICE layout featuring Magische Lenormand

5 card ADVICE layout featuring Magische (Magical) Lenormand

BASIS: Snake. The Basis position often reveals why a question is asked. Many times the card falling in this spot can represent the person asking the question. It can even show you who might be involved in your question.

I want to read the Snake card as the jewelry case which is missing. My reason for this is because the case is betraying the client (Queen of Clubs) since it can’t be found. I am still keeping one of the meanings for the Snake but applying it to a thing versus a situation or person. [case – hidden, snake in the grass]

WHAT YOU KNOW (recent): Tree. This second position should confirm some information the client is already aware of and it would be a current situation as well.

I don’t think the health/well-being meanings which is associated with this card applies here. What does she know about the case? What experience did she have with the case recently? I like to associate “roots” to this card. This tells me she may have “rooted” the case somewhere. In other words she put it somewhere in an established or fixed spot.

WHAT YOU ARE NOT SEEING: Key. The middle card is the important part of this entire Reading. Here, you will find many clues to help you solve your questions. Often this card shows you where your head is in the sand. This position brings awareness to the question.

#33 Magische (Magical) Lenormand

#33 Magische (Magical) Lenormand

Is the Key card telling the client to look in an area where there are keys? Is the case near a door? She is not seeing the obvious. This card is saying there is a simple solution to this question. If she re-traces her steps that might help.

Notice how the bottom of the key is leaning more towards the Tree card and the top of the key towards the Bear Card.  It almost looks like (matter of perspective) the key is pointing to the Tree Card. The client is not seeing where she probably put the case. I don’t think she carelessly cast the object aside. I think she strategically placed it somewhere.

ADVICE TO FOLLOW: Bear. This fourth position of the layout provides an advice card. What powerful advice it is! First of all, you need to determine what meanings of the Bear card you will be using.  I have always seen powerful energy for this card. It’s either “good/positive” empowerment (strength)or “bad/negative” empowerment (bully).

Some of the more common meanings for the Bear card can be older man, money and even jealousy. Why jealousy? Well, the message of that meaning is that you shouldn’t flaunt your success to trigger envy from others.

In Animal medicine systems the animal can lend you its power. The bear in this case is telling the client to think or respond like a bear.  I had the privilege of meeting David Carson (Medicine Cards, Jamie Sams, 1998) when I attended the weekend Prophet’s Convention in Vancouver, 2006. I attended his (& Nicky Scully, The Anubis Oracle cards) experiential workshop. Later, I waited in long lines at the book signing event. David’s line was exceptionally long but I do have an autographed copy of Crossing into Medicine Country: A Journey in Native American Healing. Oh my goodness, I met so many wonderful people like Adam, Rosalyn Bruyere, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Judith Orloff, M.D., Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. and Ken Weintrub. This experience is stored in my old Mac….

Ok, back to the Bear card. Interestingly, the Medicine card Bear rules the West. The gift of Bear is introspection (self-examination). I think the Bear card is advising the client to go hibernate, 🙂 from that we can see a cave and from that we can see a concave shape. (coincidence, maybe?). Did she put the case in a hollow nook of her home? Is it in a bowl?

THE RESULT: Fox. What a sneaky but cute looking fox we have in the image. It hides in the bushes scouting the prospective area of attack. Putting it all together I think I will tell the client that the cards are telling her to re-trace her steps, look in a westerly direction inspect hollow objects which could be sitting on something secure and to look in places where she might hide things as a habit.

The client will find the case. It is not lost it is only CAMOUFLAGED (Fox)

UPDATE: The red case my client misplaced was found in her garage. It was on top of her central vacuum unit which happens to be red in colour. No wonder she didn’t see it. So it wasn’t found in a bowl or anything like that. Red on red is easy to miss. She vaguely remembers having it in her hand because she was planning to use the semi-precious stones. At the time it went missing she took a bag of stuff to put into a donation box which she stored in the garage and placed the case on top of the unit.  It was in the south west corner of the garage.   

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