Heart layout featuring Gipsy cards

heartINSTRUCTIONS for the Heart Layout:

1. Remove the Sweetheart and Lover cards from the deck prior to shuffling. Place them on the table so that there is room for one card between them.
2. Shuffle the cards thoroughly thinking about your question about the relationship. Maybe you don’t even know what you are really are thinking/feeling. The cards might reveal additional information you hadn’t expected.

As always, if you really don’t want to know the answer – don’t ask the cards

3. Cut the deck as many times as you feel necessary and proceed laying the cards according to the
image. Place card 1 On His Mind above the Gentleman, card 2 On Her Mind above the Lady, card 3 What He Faces beneath the Gentleman, card 4 What She Faces beneath the Lady and card 5 Outcome between the Gentleman and Lady.



1. ON HIS MIND: Death card – This card always freaks me out a bit mainly due to the image.  What’s on his mind? That is a very good question. Let’s explore further.  Is it possible he sees nothing between himself and female C? This is such a barren looking card. He’s thinking about something that ended that’s for sure. Background behind Question: A female friend C. of mine has been dating a man for a few months. There seems to be a halt to further communication and she is not sure why? She wondered if it was because he is away on a work project.

2. ON HER MIND: Widower card – This card could reflect the loneliness female C is experiencing without the man and primarily because there is the lack of communication. The Widower also suggests times when we hold on to what we had and have difficulty letting it go. There is a sense of loyalty within this card. Is female C. remaining loyal to him in his absence?

3. WHAT HE FACES: Fortune card – What a contrast from the other card. This card is filled with all kinds of good things. Many blessings ahead for this man but is it with female C?  It may very well be work related although there aren’t any cards to confirm this. His future looks bright in context of this layout.

4. WHAT SHE FACES: Misfortune card – Ouch. Some situation will come up which will upset female C. There is a loss indicated within this card. On the other hand she may have to rescue him from the outcome card. Her future is in a state of urgency in context of this layout.

Let’s see what the outcome is going to be.  Many times our outcome/result is completely opposite to what we expect. Often the outcome brings truth to the surface.

5. OUTCOME: Jealousy card – Third party interference. This card represents a red-headed woman (according to word of mouth meanings). Actually, she doesn’t have to have red hair. Who these days knows what colour of hair a woman really has.  🙂  I think the “other woman” is often thought of as mysterious and exotic with the disposition of a red-head in other words hot-blooded (based on blondes have more fun jokes).

If we read the Misfortune card as female C. coming to the rescue she could go after this man whether another woman is around or not. She does strike me as the type of person who won’t give up that easily.

When I look at the trio of cards in the middle LOVER, JEALOUSY, SWEETHEART I see the man in the bushes beside the Lover card.  The embracing couple is beside the Sweetheart card. To me, it looks like female C will eventually find out why the lapse in communication happened perhaps from  a third-party.

2 thoughts on “Heart layout featuring Gipsy cards

  1. I ses that picture has Fortune cardI ses that picture has Fortune card above the lady and Widower under his card..is it a typo?

    above the lady and Widower under his card..is it a typo?

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