Lately, I have been getting a stream of emails in relation to a post I made on Lenormand reversals. As I have stated, my intention was to explore the possibilities of reading reversals in special cases such as:

  • when a card shows up reversed when you are in the process of doing a layout
  • when a card drops on the floor and is reversed when you look at it
  • the odd time you didn’t place all the cards upright before shuffling the deck

In order to explore this even further I assigned suggested reversed meanings for all the 36 cards in the event one or two of those cards are actually reversed. I’m not done with this process and will meditate on it a bit more to see what guidance I am given. Maybe, my guides will kick my non conformist butt.  LOL

Question: What is the meaning of traditional Lenormand cartomancy?

Answer: Time honoured “standard” system of teaching divination involving Lenormand playing cards.

Most time-honoured standards are just that – standards. Those standards were written by everyday people. It is the everyday people who have brought this system into the modern world.

I have seen card systems come and go in my 45 active years on this path. I watched the Sacred Tarot get a real beating a few decades back when the 78 cards were blemished with ridiculous images which might have been cute but certainly showed no respect for the teachings of the Tarot. 

When I started writing about the Lenormand (& other Sibilla style decks) in 2005 during the cutting edge of Internet blogging I brought information to you in the English language. There were no English-speaking books in 2005. Now, you have a handful of books you can buy to help you in your studies and courses offered by various teachers.  It only took about 7 years for the Lenormand system to be re-born and gain popularity.

The Lenormand cards are basically gossip or blabbing cards.  🙂 BTW, by assigning the Internet to the Park card that is certainly considered exploring. Is that a time-honoured standard?  How is that any different from exploring reversals? 🙂

I respect the time-honoured “standard” system of teaching divination involving Lenormand playing cards and I will always remain open to new cartomancy discoveries. 

——> If you are a just learning how to read the Lenormand cards please learn your meanings in the upright positions and the various layouts that your instructor offers. If you are learning from a book or from free information found all over the Internet keep in mind that reading reversals is not historically rooted in traditional Lenormand cartomancy.
(to be continued)<——-ADDENDUM JAN 9/14: although, there are some links which can be found here FEATURING THE 1793 DUREMOURI PIQUET DECK (THANK YOU HELEN) ———> LENORMAND DICTIONARY.

2 thoughts on “Abracadabra

  1. Hi Seaqueen!
    Using the Park, or a Park combo for the internet would be a progressed meaning. The Park has always been “the public”, so it’s a progression of that – you’re just talking to the public online, instead of down at the town commons. Same as when the telephone was invented: it fell under the Birds meaning. Not the same thing as reversals at all.

    When studying any subject, it’s always best to learn the standards rather than attempting to make new standards up yourself. The traditional standards were created by ordinary people, yes. But this is true in all subjects, from neuroscience to carpentry to ballet. In order to master something, it’s necessary to master the standards.

    But if someone wants to assign a meaning to a card that accidentally shows up reversed, I don’t see a problem with it, as long as they’re fully conscious that it’s a personal idiosyncrasy and not what’s normally meant by “Lenormand”.

    • Thanks for your comment Stella. We view things differently on this topic. I think I will take the high road on this one, Stella, by respecting your perspective/belief as you should mine. Thanks again for your honest feedback. Madame Seaqueen.

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