5 card layout featuring Tarot Illuminati

5 card layout for any deck of cards

5 card layout for any deck of cards

The provocative question for the Tarot Illuminati cards is as follows: “What is the general forecast for global peace?  The blended interpretation is associated to the meaning of the positions, my understanding of the Tarot cards and in relation to the question. 

The quotes beside the name of the card are from the accompanying book Tarot Illuminati by Kim Huggens, Erik C. Dunne. © Lo Scarebeo 2013. The Tarot Illuminati deck in the images is featured to illustrate the 5 card layout.



BASIS – 8 of Cups:  “Vision Quest in the Wasteland”

8 cups Tarot Illuminati

8 Cups Tarot Illuminati

BASIS: The 8 of Cups shows a red caped individual walking away from 8 upright cups. The opening between two mountains beckons the person. The Spiritual journey awaits. Something is missing which has not been fulfilled by the cups.

Global peace cannot be achieved by the success markers of society. The movement towards Spiritual peace within ourselves has already started. Many of us recognize that the missing pieces of the puzzle are somewhere out there still to be discovered. Individual peace will lead us to global peace. 

WHAT “WE” KNOW – 7 of Pentacles: “Waiting Game”

7 pentacles Illuminati Tarot

7 Pentacles Tarot Illuminati

WHAT WE KNOW: The 7 of Pentacles reflects how we are watching for some sort of sign of Spiritual fulfillment. The seeds are planted in mass consciousness. Enough of us know that from these seeds growth is possible.

We are connected through seeds of thought and action. What we don’t know is how many of us will fully ripen. Many will be anxious to mature. The lesson has been patience and observation. The less ripened individuals cannot lead us to global peace. 

WHAT “WE” ARE NOT SEEING: The Fool: “Infinite Possibility of Chaos”

fool Illuminati Tarot

Fool Tarot Illuminati

WHAT WE ARE NOT SEEING: The Major Arcana Fool card is filled with risk. At the same time promotes faith in the unknown.  We are not seeing that we are already in the midst of a child like wonder about global peace. When we recognize that we have already taken the first step on this journey through a leap of faith it’s just a matter of time to see where we land.

Many individuals may not be aware that even though they are on their own Spiritual quest that they are not alone. I think a large group of souls will land in the same place. There will be protection.

ADVICE TO FOLLOW – The Emperor: “Aries seated in His Power”

Emperor Tarot Illuminati

Emperor Tarot Illuminati

ADVICE TO FOLLOW: The Major Arcana Emperor card is the experienced warrior. He knows the responsibility involved in power.  In the image he sits quite comfortably on his throne facing to the right – facing the future. The soul group belonging to the Emperor is strong. It’s the same lesson all over again. Fighting on behalf of conflict or fighting for peace. It is important to think before taking any action triggered by the need to exert power over an individual, group or cause.

The Emperor is telling us to focus on self-control by empowering ourselves. Individual structure is necessary. It is important to heed the teachings of the Emperor card by knowing it will take courage to avert possible conflicts which are created by those in leadership positions.

RESULT – The Empress: “Venus Incarnate in Sensual Earth”

Empress Tarot Illuminati

Empress Tarot Illuminati

RESULT: The Major Arcana Empress adds a very creative influence to the outcome. She nurtures. Global peace requires constant care giving much like a mother minding her children.

One of the influences of the Empress is to multiply and expand through love. She is ruled by Venus the planet of love unlike the Emperor which is ruled by the Mars the planet of war. We have already been advised not to tap into the Emperor’s misuse of power.

The Empress has given birth to a new generation of loving souls. These souls are walking among us now and their intent is to create a more peaceful world. No matter what your biological age may be at this time some of you belong to a group of souls that are under the rulership of the Empress.

The outcome when all is said and done is that Global peace will be monitored by our loving Empress. We may have to contend with some aspect of the Fool’s folly as this card falls in the what we are not seeing position. The Empress will teach us the true meaning of unconditional love which will promote and expand Global peace. 

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