6 card Marriage Spread (Regina Russell’s layout)

6 card Marriage Spread featuring Gipsy cards

6 card Question Layout featuring Gipsy cards

The 6 card Marriage spread located in Regina Russell’s Card Readers Handbook is not only for standard playing cards. It can be used for any question and with any deck of cards. I nicknamed this spread the Question Layout. I am featuring the Gipsy cards (Hungarian Cigány Kártya version of the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten) to answer a question involving an “example couple” that has been dating.

Question: The female (Sweetheart) wants to know if she will end up marrying the male (Lover). This type of question is very common. Generally, this layout answers specific questions and has a time frame of two to three months.  Such a big event as marriage takes longer than a few months to manifest, however, the cards will provide clues.

Tip: I read Column 1 first, then proceed to Column 3 since it represents the now or current influences. Then I continue reading Column 3 which reveals the probable outcome – future influences.  You need to remember that the very last card in Column 3 (Sweetheart) is the pivotal card. This means much of the Reading hinges on it. In other words, the card can strongly influence the duo of cards in the middle column.

COLUMN 1:  Desire + Constancy

The recent past which should be read in relation to the question shows the lady in the Desire card looking out the window. She is hoping for marriage. She could also be sending her thoughts out into the Universe. When coupled with the Constancy card her want of marriage is a steady thing on her mind. She is thinking about it all the time.

The Constancy card is all about energy that is unchanging. You can view this card as a consistent energy. When coupled with the Desire Card it shows that the female is thinking about marriage on a regular basis.

COLUMN 3: Lover + Sweetheart

One of the reasons I selected both Significator cards top to bottom in our “example couple” because often you find these cards side by side. A lot depends on the female since she is in the pivot spot of the layout. Does he even want marriage? Is it just her wish?  She seems to think he is the one for her since he is above her.

Notice that the Jealousy card is to her left and she is sheepishly looking away from it. Is she experiencing jealousy and trying not to let on?  Notice the Lover is facing the Visit card. When beside a Significator card I like reading this card as respect.  In the image you can see the young lady visiting the older woman. There is an element of high regard. 

Let’s move on to the middle column to see what influences are shown in relation to the question.

COLUMN 2: Visit + Jealousy

I think that the Visit card could represent a situation which is coming that will affect both the male and female. It could be an actual visitor. Within this card lies an honourable quality. Coupled with the Jealousy card I want to read the combination as an interference with the respect depicted by the Visit card.

The Jealousy card can suggest there is a third-party involved if not at the time of the Reading but in the upcoming months.  Some situation will arise which will test the emotions of both the Lover and Sweetheart.

Will the relationship lead to marriage? I have my doubts as there will be a circumstance that could alter the direction of this relationship which brings out some negative emotions. 

One thought on “6 card Marriage Spread (Regina Russell’s layout)

  1. Another possible interpretation would be this one
    “There is a dark haired woman who seems having an eye on the man.Probably is someone from lady’s enviroment.The Lady may notice the behaviour of her partner or even someone will tell her about this dark haired woman and her man and this will bring some trust issue between them.

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