4 card Elements Layout featuring the Gilded Reverie Lenormand

4 card Elements Layout featuring Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand. I must say that the imagery sends all kinds of sparks which quickly opens the door to Insights.

4 card Elements Layout

4 card Elements Layout


  • shuffle your deck in the usual manner that is most comfortable for you.  It does not matter which deck you use.  I am using the Gilded Reverie Lenormand to illustrate this layout  

  • you can cut the deck in 3 piles and then pick 1 pile. You can fan the cards out on the table and select one at a time placing them in the positions starting with the top card

  • [method #1] before selecting the first card clear you mind (if possible) and try not to ask a direct question

  • [method #2]  ask for guidance regarding a situation or person

  • [method #3] make a wish

This reading is for a middle aged male with no specific question except what’s my future. He did share that he was very unhappy in his current line of work. Are the Lenormand cards reading the male’s mind? 🙂  You will notice the last card is FISH reversed. 

4 card Elements layout Gilded Reverie Lenormand

4 card Elements layout Gilded Reverie Lenormand

CARD #1 –  Current thoughts.  The card that falls in this spot will reveal where the energy of your thoughts are at the time of card selection. It does not matter which method you selected to do this reading.

ANCHOR: Yes, most certainly the male was thinking about his work/job and the financial security it provides

CARD #2 – Your feelings.  The second card will expose the emotions going on.  The feelings can range.

FOX: This is a tricky card. Are the male’s thoughts about his job wrong? Is there someone at his place of employment that is not to be trusted? Some Cartomancer read the Fox as an alternate work card as well. The male’s feelings at this current time are not rooted properly. He is not seeing beyond the chicken coop.

CARD #3 – Plan of action.  The card that has been placed here will provide options or a suggestive energy to apply directly connected to cards #1 & #2.  This is what you should do.  Depending on which card falls here, a way to the solution will be shown.  If you see a card of inaction and you do not change that then do not be surprised if the result in card #4 is negative or not to your liking.  Of course there are times when no action is the best course but you will have to intuitively determine that yourself.

PATH: This card is suggesting that the male look for other work. He needs to explore more opportunities so that he can see what types of employment is available.  A decision needs to be made. Either he stays and stops thinking about his unhappiness or he does something about it. The last card will reveal the probable outcome.

The Queen of Diamonds will bring another opportunity for career change.

CARD #4 – What can happen.  The last card is the result, outcome or probable solution.  Here you will find what happens when you apply action coupled with emotions regarding something on your mind.  The previous cards will be very beneficial to you because within each card is a promise for success regardless if initially it appears negative.  You have a choice in most areas of your life.  This card will show you the by-product of your efforts.

FISH reversed: This card would have been a much better answer if it were in the upright position as it suggests increase in finances.  Obviously, there will be some financial loss directly connected to a decision he will make.  He may take a lower paying job which doesn’t guarantee his happiness at all. Being away from an environment which is depleting him emotionally and getting paid less might be the way to go. There is no dollar value on one’s happiness. 

I’m not totally convinced the King of Diamonds reversed has this male’s best interest at heart. This King could be a future employer promising all kinds of money and then not following through. Another way to read this court card is that it could represent the middle aged man losing his grip on his finances due to the pending financial setbacks.  

Should the male leave his current job?  I would tread carefully with this decision because of the FISH card being reversed. It all depends if he can afford to change jobs. Many people are stuck in jobs and unhappy as well.  If he is able to detach his feelings a little more he could change his attitude and the influence of the Fox card will not be such a strong factor.

12 thoughts on “4 card Elements Layout featuring the Gilded Reverie Lenormand

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen, thanks for another wonderful spread and explanation. I have tried it regarding a person and I have asked what I can do to improve his and our situation?
    I got Lily as the thoughts and I guess this is talking about harmony, comfort, like my feelings are of comfort him as he may be going through some problems at work and/or financial.
    Feelings was Stars. I see he can get out of this and I do want to help anyway
    Plan of Action – ship. Here I got stuck as I can not travel now to where he is and I really think he is so worried that I would only disturb him more being closer. But then, what this ship could mean? Ship is also movement, so this mean I should send him a message as this is the only way I can reach him now? Or send only my positive thoughts?
    The last card was the Clover – I guess if I follow the Ship everything will be allright. But then what is the ship telling me?
    Thanks for any help!

    • Happy New Year Stanze: Thank you for your comment. The SHIP card in the Plan of Action position suggests movement as you stated. It is also read as commerce and not always in business. Sometimes commerce means wheeling and dealing, negotiating, researching etc = talk talk talk. In relation to your other cards and question about “what you can do to improve his & your situation” I would read the SHIP card to mean you should keep the energy flowing between you and him. Some of this will bring short term results but that is all good – clover. I would not rule out travel as a plan of action because the Clover card does bring positive energy. You don’t have to hang around forever but some sort of contact should be considered. As thoughts: Lily could represent him As feelings: Star points to your wishes about him. As Plan of Action: Ship is suggesting you do take a little trip, with him or to him. As result: the Clover indicates a brief improvement if you follow the Ship’s energy as a travel card. These days travel to be with someone can be done via Internet. Hope that helps. Madame Seaqueen.

  2. Dear Josefa,
    I have been a fan of your blog for a while now. However, I have to say that you starting to use reversals and publishing a reversal meaning list is very confusing as there is no historical basis for it in Lenormand. It is a Tarot thing, not a Lenormand thing. I had made recommendations to beginning students to follow your blog but am no longer doing so.
    Good luck to you,

    • Hi Michele: Thank you for your comment.Thank you for Reading the blog. The reversals topics are “food for thought” in the event a card comes up reversed or falls out of the deck when shuffled. You are correct there is no historical basis for Lenormand reversals. I cover a myriad of topics in Cartomancy (& other topics) and offer tutorials in many different systems. If your reason for not recommending to follow my blog is based solely on the few posts on Lenormand reversals I respect your decision. Madame Seaqueen

  3. Hi Madame Seaqueen! Happy new year too! Thank you very much for your comment. It made sense indeed. And thank you very much for being so helpful on teaching us to learn more and more each day. I do appreciate your comments!

  4. With students needing to learn the meanings and spreads, it is very, very confusing to throw reversals at them, especially when there is not real basis for it. It is YOUR thing, not a Lenormand thing and as a teacher it is hard enough getting the students to understand they need to memorize traditional meanings if they want to learn traditional Lenormand. Throwing reversals at them is not helpful. Perhaps more advanced students can find something in it.

    • Hi Michelle: Thank you for comment. I do not use reversals as there is no historical evidence the Lenormand was intended to be read reversed. It is not really “my thing” it is just an interesting idea to explore the possibilities. I totally understand where you are coming from – I teach as well. It has been brought to my attention from a reliable source that Lo Scarebeo will be including reversed meanings in the future. Memorizing the Lenormand cards and learning layouts is enough for the beginning student (we were all there at one time). Continued success teaching. Madame Seaqueen

  5. Madame Seaqueen, I really don’t understand why you don’t just design a new deck entirely- you are very knowledgable and well respected by many people in the card reading community. If you are writing about reversals just to write about something, it isn’t really a reason to mess with a deck that has been successfully used for years in a certain way- without reversals. New people wanting to learn look up to you for guidance and you are telling them something that is not necessarily true about reading Lenormand. I, for one, would definitely buy a deck you designed. Just leave Lenormand alone, please.

    • Hi Michelle: lol 🙂 I am one of the blogging pioneers who introduced the Lenormand to the English speaking community by offering tutorial posts dating back to 2005. I will continue to write about the Lenormand and about all the other wonderful cartomancy systems & different styles of divination. I did design a fortune telling deck I designed 5 years ago but waited before introducing it since I found that many were still in the Tarot mind set. Lenormand has only gained popularity in the last 4-5 years. It’s an easy system to learn and a fun system to use. Many do not read traditionally, though, since apply modern day meanings like the Internet to certain combinations. I appreciate you opinion and thanks for sharing. Madame Seaqueen

      • Thank you for being so generous and for keeping my posts on your site. You are one of the greatest card readers, ever, in my opinion, and I teach some of your techniques and spreads to my students. I know I am not alone in my estimation of your knowledge and ability. I hope you offer your deck for purchase 🙂

      • Hi Michelle: Thank you for your all comments and feedback. You are being honest with your feelings and I respect that. Your students depend on you for guidance and the decisions you make about the content of your teachings will shape their process. Best of luck & I really mean that. Madame Seaqueen. xox

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