Which Major Arcana is your Individual influence in 2014?

On the New Years Day post I wrote about the Chariot as the primary energy for 2014. This is derived at by adding 2+0+1+4= 7. See Jan 1st post.

You can arrive at an Individual ruling Major Arcana as well for the year 2014 by adding your month and day to 2014. This works for a person or anything with a date of inception.  Here is an example:

I created the Lenormand Cards Community on Facebook on August 11, 2011. By birth (date of creation) this group is (8+11) =19 + (2+0+1+1) 4.  (19+4) = 23 = (2+3) = 5  = The Hierophant: How appropriate to have our group under the influence of the Great Teacher.

HIEROPHANT: Illustrations of the Popular 1910 Deck are public domain

HIEROPHANT: Illustrations of the Popular 1910 Deck are public domain

To determine which Major Arcana’s energy the Lenormand Cards Community will be experiencing you would add the month, day and current year (7).  19 (month+day) plus 7 (2014) which equals 26 which is further reduced to #8 The Strength card.

Tarot Illuminati Strength Card

Tarot Illuminati Strength Card by Erik C. Dunne

VIII Strength.  “The Maiden and the Beast” Kim Huggens

This card is all about Inner Strength.  Its energy advises to use kindness and understanding instead of using control over situations. The female in the image is taming the beast by being gentle. This card’s influence over any group states that it is the duty of the Admin(s) of any group to wear “kid gloves” when dealing with all comments and opinions of members. The approach should be soft and firm.

If the Strength card is your Individual Tarot card based on your birth data the year ahead could challenge your inner fortitude.  You may be surprised to discover that you are a lot stronger than you thought. As far as the cartomancy group the Strength card suggests the group will be patient and conquer any possible impulsive topics of discussion. 

ADDENDUM: The (Birthday cycle) yearly Individual Lenormand or Tarot card actually begins on your birthday. For example: if your birth month, day and current year add to the Strength card or one of the Lenormand cards its influence rules you for the entire yearly birthday to birthday cycle.

January 4, 2014 – The Lenormand Cards Community page will be continued as the Lenormand Cards Community Group.  Please join in.

The Individual Tarot Birth card ruling the new group is THE HANGED MAN (1+4+2014). How cool is that! This means we will be exploring different perspectives on how the cards could be read. 

5 thoughts on “Which Major Arcana is your Individual influence in 2014?

  1. Hmm, my birthday is the 26th of June 1957. I think i did it right,though I am hopeless at maths, lol.
    I did this … 26 + 6 + 4 to get 18. (1+8 = 9) The Hermit
    Hope if this is right &, it will help (a bit), as I am an admin of a couple of cartomancy groups on fb

    • Hi Jim: Thanks for your comment. (June) 6 + 26 = 32 plus (1957 1+9+5+7) 22. 32 +22 = 54 = 9. Right on You are under the Hermit as your Tarot birth card. Can you relate to some of the Hermit’s teachings throughout your life so far. June 26 2014 – June 25, 2015 (birthday cycle) you will be under June 26 (32) plus 2014 (7) = 39 = 12 Hanged Man with 3 Empress guiding energy. The Hanged Man is a year of looking at things from a different perspective. You may actually need to to stand on your head, lol, to get things done. You will be very creative and nurturing. Quite possibly a mother or mother figure will be prominent in this birthday cycle. The calculator at the Tarot School website may come up with different calculations, though. I’ve always used straight numerology. In Lenormand you are the Bouquet #9 by birth and on your next birthday cycle it will be the Birds #12. Seaqueen.

  2. Thanks for the clarification & further explanation(s). I do appreciate it. Being one of the admins (I have only mentioned it, as you did also above) as there are so many comments & opinions , & many reported as well (as someone took one the wrong way, couldn’t bypass it, let it go…or it ‘needed to be bought to attention, or whatever. There are people from so many cultures in the groups nowdays with communication technology having come so far that… the point you make about “The Hanged Man” looking at things from a different perspective (for me) …. is just so relevant & necessary. I do realize there will always be some who will not like a decision(s) that ‘sometimes’ needs to be made for the good of all concerned, so, it sure is like standing on your head, laying sideways, looking with someone elses eyes etc, as to what needs to be done… if anything, that will assist keep the groups/forums open so, everyone has the feeling that they ‘are’ free to participate, regardless of what level of learning they have reached at any given time. To me, we are all learners, & there is always more to learn … so again I thankyou for pointing this out in this blog 🙂

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