2014 The Chariot Year

2014 = 7

The Chariot Year

Mason Tarot Chariot

Masonic Tarot Chariot by Jean Beauchard

The Masonic Tarot is a spectacular deck of 78 cards. They measure 3″ wide by 6″ long. The cards were published by Grimaud © in 1987, France. The instruction book is in German, French and English. The colours are very strong which adds to the intensity of the scenes.

For more in-depth background information on The Masonic Tarot (A History) please click the following LINK.

My post focuses on the energy of The Chariot card, some image symbolism and some of the associated meanings. The link above will provide you with additional data which connects some Tarot history dots.

Although, a good part of my earlier Tarot training is rooted in Qabalah teachings (Dr. Paul Foster Case) I did read the few books available in the late 1960’s and whatever books I could find in the early 1970’s. By that time I was already reading Tarot (and European fortune-telling cards) professionally and recognized my own Inner Voice.

The image in the Masonic Tarot Chariot card is quite different from what we are accustomed to seeing.

Aquatic Tarot. The Chariot.

Aquatic Tarot. The Chariot.

If there is one word which describes the Chariot card it is control. It is self-control. This should be a really positive energy if it is not too rigid where it affects others negatively.  If you look at the first image you can see the young male standing on a small cube with 2 red wheels (visible). This square cube is similar to the cube that the Emperor sits on with the exception of the two red wheels. 

Paul Foster Case

Paul Foster Case

It takes a lot of CONTROL to stand on a cube with wheels.  The two creatures in front of the cube may or may not be tied to the cube. It’s not plain to see but their energy is contained showing control. The male is wearing the victory wreath. He holds a sword in his right hand. This sword (according to my research) is called the Tiler’s Sword. Notice the wavy blade. More on this sword at this LINK.

The Charioteer is guided by the stars above him. He will receive guidance for the next plan of action. The edge of the cliff in the card suggests trusting his Intuition. Will he fall off the cliff? Most likely not. The card is about impeccable control.

The spinning squares near the top of the card are brightly lit suggesting illumination. The very top of the card is very dark suggesting an area which is not enlightened. The young Charioteer is facing to the future … planning his next goal.

The energy depicted in the Chariot card points to getting things done not by controlling others but by controlling oneself and one’s resources. By obeying Universal Laws (stars) and maintaining self-control (cube) one can act accordingly to avoid making costly miscalculations (cliff, darkness at the top of card – lack of enlightenment).


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