Reversals in Lenormand Cartomancy. The Scythe

[The topic of Lenormand reversals is not the traditional approach to reading the 36 cards of this deck. Understanding the Lenormand in the upright position is vital to your learning. If you are comfortable in your own “cartomancy skills” and are the type of person who likes to explore other possibilities you may find today’s post interesting.]  Thank you Helen for sharing the information on the 1793 Duremouri Piquet Deck. please click link —-> LENORMAND DICTIONARY.

Many times when I do a Reading a reversed card appears. When I clear a deck I place all the cards in an upright position. The odd time I will put the cards in order 1 – 36.  Of course, there are those times when I just blow the intention into the deck.

What do you do if a reversed Lenormand does appear in one of your layouts? I don’t think you should ignore it and reposition it to the upright position. What if you drop a card or two on the floor? This happens often. There is a very good chance it will be reversed. Do you read it upright?

It’s a good idea to take some time and study the cards in reversed positions. Do a three card layout and place one or two Lenormand cards reversed. Your practice session doesn’t have to be extravagant or time consuming. Just ask yourself a few questions about the card (s) in the reversed position. There is one example below with tips in reading reversals. I will detail other reversed cards in future posts. Don’t overcomplicate this exercise. Keep it very simple.

EXAMPLE:  The Scythe

Judith Bärtschi Lenormand

Judith Bärtschi     The Scythe

The Scythe abrupt halt, unexpected, severing, slicing, cleaning up, weeding, etc.  This card cannot do anything on its own. It needs another card or two to experience its energy.

Scythe Reversed

Scythe Reversed

Scythe Reversed: There are certainly enough negative meanings in the upright position. One must remember that within those meanings the outcome is usually in our highest good even though we do not see it like that at the time.

As with the upright card, the Scythe reversed does nothing by itself. It needs other cards to be on the receiving end of its energy.

I think some of the potent energy of the Scythe card is lost when it is reversed. Its influence with the neighbouring cards (to the left, to the right) is not as strong. The scythe is still a dangerous weapon.

Mystical Lenormand reversed

Mystical Lenormand reversed

The abrupt action of the Scythe is still experienced when the card is reversed. There is a slight difference.

Piatnik Scythe reversed

Piatnik Scythe reversed

The powerful action of the scythe takes a little longer. The Jack of Diamonds is also reversed if the deck you are using has the playing card inset.  His energy has spilled. He is no longer as quick in his financial decisions. You should still be cautious. He is the conduit of the scythe energy in some situations.

In some situations where there is a clean up process it will be more organized. Not all will be swept away some things or aspects of a situation can be salvaged.

Heart + Scythe reversed 

Piatnik Heart card

Piatnik Heart card

Piatnik Scythe reversed

Piatnik Scythe reversed

The emotional situation/love represented by the Heart card is not experienced with the same severing pain. However, looks like the Jack  will be walking right into the point of the scythe. This could be a good thing. If there was any delusion involving a love relationship the Scythe card will remove that (weeding out of negative emotions).

The Jack is reversed and looking to the right. He is certainly not in an advantageous position to cause any real harm. His power is lessened and he cannot fully access the power of the scythe. In this duo, LOVE will win out.

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