Brief meanings for the reversed Lenormand cards

As the final post of 2013 I have made a list of the reversed Lenormand card meanings. The key words/phrases are only a starting point for you to explore other meanings. Each card has several meanings upright. Some of the negative cards are worse when reversed and some are eased up a bit. Follow your intuition. You might come up with an entirely different meaning which resonates with your own Cartomancy personality. I have chosen one aspect of the upright card’s meaning and suggested a reversed meaning for it.

[The topic of Lenormand reversals is not the traditional approach to reading this deck. Understanding the Lenormand in the upright position is vital to your learning. If you are comfortable in your own “cartomancy skills” and are the type of person who likes to explore other possibilities you may find today’s post interesting.]


RIDER- detour en route. CLOVER- immediate. SHIP- land trip. HOUSE- neighbourhood. TREE- change in lifestyle. CLOUDS- confusion deepens. SNAKE- evil foe. COFFIN- temporary ending. BOUQUET- bribery SCYTHE- dull pain. WHIP- innocent bantering. BIRDS- lip service.

CHILD- more independent. FOX- absolutely wrong. BEAR- weakened power. STARS- too many wishes. STORK- same as upright. DOG- volatile acquaintance. TOWER- user-friendly building.  PARK- underground community. MOUNTAIN- hidden obstacles. PATH- decisions within decisions. MOUSE- fast erosion. HEART- indifference.

RING- same as upright. BOOK- secret out in the open. LETTER- wrong address. GENTLEMAN- if male: get your head on straight. If female: your special man has his head in the sand.  LADY- similar to the Gentleman reversed. LILY- discord. MOON- fanciful imagination. KEY- self solving problem. SUN- same as upright. ANCHOR- transient work. CROSS- lack of faith.

I have chosen three cards to remain the same. STORK, RING and the SUN. Changes, Cycles and Happiness are experienced throughout our lives.

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WISHING you a Safe, Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2014 

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6 thoughts on “Brief meanings for the reversed Lenormand cards

  1. I’ve not been aware of any tradition of reversals in Lenormand in my historical researches. I know that the recent Lo Scarobeo Lenormand lists them, but this is very confusing to new readers who expect to find reversals after coming in from Tarot use. Could you please explain to everyone that these are of your own devising, because many beginners are asking how traditional they are and do they have to learn them? I only ask because I’m primarily engaged in Lenormand teaching to beginners and they are getting confused. Thanks

    • Hi Caitlin: Thanks for your comment. I have not found any records for reversals either. Looking at the Lenormand cards in reversed positions is just an exercise in exploration. Many upright positions are assigned modern day meanings which are a higher octave of the traditional meanings. I think it is interesting to think about reversals in the event they appear the odd time. I have found the many students/teachers of the Lenormand are pretty black and white in their opinions on reversals. Some are open to new possible meanings which most likely will not be mainstream for years to come. The Enchanted Lenormand book you wrote is a joy to read. 🙂

  2. with all respect and not ofense. I would like to know from what resource on base you found these reversed meanings. It is very important for people to have that clear. Thanks

    • Hello. Thank you for your question. Traditionally, Lenormand is not read in reverse. The meanings I have offered are my own based on experience from readings and intuition. Seaqueen

  3. I have a fish card. Which represents freedom and commerce in my lenormand deck.. I do not see it listed for if that were to be upside down.

    • Hi. Thank you for your comment. If the Fish card fell reversed and you decided to read it reversed it would continue to have financial overtones but to a lesser to degree. Seaqueen.

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