Asking Gipsy Cards about missing parcel

Question: Female K would like to know if she will receive a parcel which should have been delivered November 29th. The item shows up as scanned and the post man said he left it under the door mat.

“What happened to my package? Will i still get it?”

I thought this 3 card layout to be quite interesting because the Officer card came up reversed. I went back and checked all the cards in the deck and they were all upright. These types of cards as with many Sibilla fortune-telling decks are usually not read reversed.

I took this to mean that the reversed Officer card had the answer to the question.  In the image below you can see the Art Deco fortune-telling Officer card which is a little more friendly than the Gipsy Officer card.

Art Deco fortune telling Officer

Art Deco fortune-telling Officer

The trio of cards: LOSS, HOUSE, OFFICER reversed.

Gipsy Cards - Cigány Kártya

Gipsy Cards – Cigány Kártya

LOSS card shows there is a situation involving a win/ loss predicament. The HOUSE card would refer to the current place of residence.  The OFFICER reversed suggests some activity which is not on the straight and narrow. Usually the OFFICER card is an honest energy if it is in the upright position if there are no suspicious cards nearby.

I am not going to rule out female K will be unsuccessful in locating the parcel but based on these three cards it appears the parcel may be misplaced in the residential area or the person representing the OFFICER card might have put it somewhere which was not according to routine.

The OFFICER card is not functioning from full strength energy which leads me to believe there is more to the missing parcel than meets the eye.

One thought on “Asking Gipsy Cards about missing parcel

  1. hay i from indonesia… I want to know .. how lenormad cards can explain about objects or anything missing? layaoutnya is there? scattered how many are in use? thank you

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