5 card layout – relationship question – Lenormand cards

Relationship Question

It seems many people are wondering about the future of their relationships. Love matters affect young and old whether in a relationship or not. The 5 card Reading in the image above is for a 55-year-old female X. She has been dating a man for several years and nothing has really changed in their relationship. Female X is content but is wondering if the connection will evolve or possibly lead to marriage. Featuring the French Cartomancy deck by Laura Taun and published by Lo Scarabeo

This layout has assigned descriptions of each of the 5 positions.


In lieu of the question by female X, I wouldn’t use the travel meaning for this card but I would consider the “movement of a situation” meaning.  This is exactly what the female is wondering about…evolvement of the relationship.


All female X knows is the information about the relationship which has been shared. Obviously, they have talked since this card represents news and it falls in the recent spot.

WHAT YOU ARE NOT SEEING: 5 CLOUDS. King of Clubs♣ facing left. In this deck it is difficult to determine which side has the darker clouds. I use the direction the King is facing as the determining factor. This means the left side of the card is the darker clouds and the right side is the lighter clouds. Many Cartomancers do not use directions when reading the Lenormand Clouds card.

There are a couple of ways to read the Clouds card in the 3rd position of this layout. Usually, a “truth” is revealed to the person getting the Reading.  The truth of the matter is the Clouds card. Not too promising. There is much that is still to be revealed which could cast more confusion. Another way to read the Clouds card is as the King of Clubs. He’s the one who is confused. Is it her relationship partner? Could be as he is looking at the Letter card (news, recent) and away from the House card (security, family).

There are 2 Kings side by side, back to back suggesting the male in the relationship with female X is torn. There  is an element of sitting on the fence in regards to the relationship.

ADVICE TO FOLLOW: 4 HOUSE. King of Hearts ♥ faces to the right.

This advice is for female X.  She should focus on what she has with the man. He does have good values and is a good provider. Most likely he gets into a confused state (Clouds) when she brings up the topic of “where are we going, are we getting married?” (Ship).

RESULT: 11 WHIP. Jack of Clubs ♣faces to the left. The 2 Court cards are looking at each other.

I doubt very much marriage is in the foreseeable future between these two people. More discussions are needed. More questions need answers. The conversations will be touchy as the Whip’s energy tends to get out of control if not properly channelled. Since this card is a Jack, the man still has an immature approach towards such a serious step as marriage. He’s not ready to commit … yet.

There is more work needed on this relationship. The relationship is not in a “good place” (Clouds) at this current time for entering matrimony. Female X will be tested some more (Whip). Will she stick around? Probably (House), what she has with this man is something she can count on. What she wants for the future in regards with this relationship needs a little more wind (Whip) to get some movement (Ship).

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