Trigger Layout featuring Cigány Kártya (Gipsy cards)

Today’s Trigger Layout Reading is for a single 45-year-old male who is experiencing loneliness and emotional estrangement from his long time girlfriend.  I chose the WIDOWER card to represent male F and removed it from the deck prior to shuffle placing it in the YOU spot (see image). The reason for selecting this card is because he is living the WIDOWER’s energy at the current time.  The question on his mind is whether or not his relationship will improve.

Featuring the trimmed Cigány Kártya (Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten). The Trigger Row which is labelled has a clear yellow sheet over the cards making the images look less bright, however, this doesn’t take away from its importance in the overall delineation. Instructions for this layout are at this —–> link.

Trigger Layout featuring the Cigány Kártya

Trigger Layout featuring the Cigány Kártya

The Trigger Row: (Past- generally the same time frame as designated for the Soon column) JUDGE, (YOU – pre selected card representing the 45-year-old male) WIDOWER, (Immediate- set of circumstances within one – two weeks from the time of shuffle) UNEXPECTED JOY, (Soon- pre selected time frame of up to three months) LOVE. Note: Even though you pre select time frames you should always allow a give or take of days or weeks. 

TRIGGER ROW of the Trigger Layout

TRIGGER ROW of the Trigger Layout

Trigger Row: In the recent past male F has had some serious (JUDGE) conversation with his girlfriend about the future of their relationship. As a result of these talks a final (JUDGE) decision was decided to go separate ways. The male (YOU spot) is represented by the WIDOWER given his state of mind. He feels miserable because of the arguments with his girlfriend. He is also being a father figure instead of a lover. Over the next few weeks (Immediate column) male F will be experiencing some unexpected happiness. This newly uplifted feeling will come to pass which can bring back  the loving (Soon column- LOVE) feelings within the relationship with his girlfriend.

I have said this before in other posts the final card of the Trigger Row (LOVE) is the outcome or result of the question or prediction (if no specific question asked). All Trigger Cards contain activation energy. It’s there for your taking whether positive or negative. What you do with it is up to you. The Universe provides opportunities and solutions which reflect your subconscious desires. The last card in the Soon column will reflect what you have or have not done with the final Trigger Card.


Dissatisfaction and unhappiness in reflected in the FALSENESS card. Male F has experienced some dishonesty within his relationship which lead to a serious decision (JUDGE). The fact that a conversation took place is a blessing (GIFT) because it prevented a permanent separation. This way both parties gifted (GIFT) each other with the cold, hard facts about their feelings.


What’s on male F’s mind? He is longing (DESIRE) for an improvement in this relationship. He is thinking about this situation a little too much because it is putting him in an unhappy (WIDOWER) state. His loyalty (WIDOWER) if obvious but his feelings are on wishing (DESIRE) things will get better versus doing something about it at the current time. Whenever the MARRIAGE card appears in a layout where there is a commitment between 2 people it suggests there is probably an issue with the relationship. Since this card ends the column male F is concentrating on his relationship with an unhealthy (WIDOWER) attitude. The next column will reveal if there are any changes forthcoming over the next several weeks or if it gets worse.


This Reading is about the future of a relationship. I want to read the OFFICER card to mean that respect and dignity will return to male F. A situation is waiting for him which will surprise (UNEXPECTED JOY) him. He will remove the black cloak of the WIDOWER and regain a good state of mind. With this renewed feeling comes responsibility (BABY). More energy is needed over the next week or two to maintain this happiness. It’s still too early (BABY) to tell if the relationship will improve but it’s a good sign he will no longer feel sadness (WIDOWER).  You already know that the LOVE card will come into manifestation with the next three months because the Trigger Row has been studied already.


The LOVER card represents male F. He returns back into his own skin.  The LOVE returns because of the additional efforts (BABY) in the Immediate column.  Cupid’s arrow is aiming into the future (to the right with no card beside it). All is possible now.  Male F has discovered just how much he loves (LOVE) his girlfriend (SWEETHEART). By approaching their relationship differently (OFFICER, LOVER) with more romance and respect his lady returns to him.

Sometimes we can be all those different people cards at any given time. It’s the roles we play in our lives.

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