Monthly Cartomancy Calendar (December)

Many Cartomancers are getting into the habit of casting a monthly Cartomancy Calendar. It’s a great way to learn the meanings of the cards as they relate to your personal life. A follow up the next day should be recorded so that you understand why or why not a daily influence (energy) materialized.

I decided to create a monthly Cartomancy Calendar (December Scenes from Canada calendar). I want to study & test three different vintage cartomancy systems.  The first system will be from Marty Jones (It’s in the Cards) and the second system is from Paul Showers (Fortune telling for Fun and Popularity). Marty’s system would be read as the center card in the 15 card layout. Paul’s system works better in combinations. The third system is from Deborah Leigh (Personal Prophecy). The odd time I will add Sophia’s meanings from Fortune Telling with Playing Cards. At times I will paraphrase meaning to keep things brief.

The image below is my Monthly Cartomancy Calendar. Time permitting I would like to do follow ups every couple of days or groups of days which will be added as an update until December is completed.

Monthly Cartomancy Calendar. December 2013.

Monthly Cartomancy Calendar. December 2013.

Sunday, December 1/13: JACK

Marty Jones (MJ) meaning: Energy devoted to practical matters. Quick tempered with stubborn streak.

Paul Showers (PS) meaning: A relative or close friend. Headstrong, stubborn, Selfishness.

Deborah Leigh (DL) meaning: Male young in age or spirit with lighter hair and eyes.

Yesterday, I did deal with a headstrong male who was focused on a financial matter. Being an Aquarius sun sign his attitude is very young in spirit. Nothing terribly outstanding occurred.

Today: Monday, December 2/13:  7

MJ: Gradual development Some dissatisfaction. Work without much personal gratification.

PS: Large loss connected to material things.

DL: Scandal. Gossip and irresponsible talk which is being spread around. “Things you cannot change. Behind your back stuff.”

So far I can’t relate to any meanings. I am heading out to do some shopping shortly. The overall shopping expense was outrageously high. That’s what happens when you buy things in bulk. I did manage to get a couple of Christmas gifts, some household/personal items and some groceries. I would consider this as a “large” loss because the final bill is a loss to my bank account, lol. I’d say Paul Showers meaning came the closest.

Dec 3 8♠

MJ: Calm contentment from doing things which are fulfilling. Safe space of mind.

PS: Warns of troubles connected to a difference of opinion with a friend or relative.

DL: Tears. Fresh scars caused by something said by others or it can just be an emotionally sensitive day.

We shall see……

update: 8♠ Tuesday: So far DL’s meaning has come true and it’s only breakfast time. I went out into the back to put a bag in the trash bin and did not see the black ice on the cement. Lost my footing and fell, hitting my head on the step and twisting my left foot to the point that my toes scraped the cement (hope my baby toe isn’t broken) .. Brought me to tears…no kiddin’. I’m ok, she says in a sobbing state, lol.

Oh yes broken big toe confirmed that would bring tears to anybody.  eeeouuchhh

Sofia’s meaning:  Immediate change.  I thought I’d look up Sofia’s meaning and it does reflect the situation.

Wednesday Dec 4: 8

MJ:  day of equilibrium. Practical attitude rules today. PS: wedding late in life  DL: existing relationship.

Non eventful day just resting after yesterday’s fiasco.

Thursday Dec 5: Jack ♠

MJ:  a young person full of contradictions. PS:  well meaning acquaintance who does not go out of their way  DL: young male with darker hair. Intellectual rather than emotional.

Day of minding the grand babies. Here the J♠reflects the Lenormand Child.

Friday Dec: 7♣

MJ: imaginary progress. Start of many projects.  PS: card of good luck provided no one of opposite gender interferes.  DL: intimate attraction. Sophia: reflection of plans.

Minor projects completed but with little headway. Sofia’s meaning is more in keeping with today’s theme.

Saturday Dec 8: 3

MJ:  disappointment, setback or mistake in judgement. PS: danger of trouble as a result of carelessness  DL: regret and sorrow.

Day of Christmas shopping. More progress made than depicted by the cards. 

Sunday Dec 9: 3♠

MJ: small stumbling block more of an annoyance. PS: faithlessness and unhappiness in love.  DL: short trip, taking care of trivial matters.

Short trip.

In lieu of the season updates will be done in a week or so…

One thought on “Monthly Cartomancy Calendar (December)

  1. Very sorry to hear about your toe. Take it easy. This month I have done a calendar and for each day have a Lenormand, Tarot and regular playing card (my Regina Russell and Ruth Talamo books). So three cards to try it all out. I always consider the insert card on the Lenormand as well. Once again, enjoy all your postings. BB

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