Mini Celtic Cross featuring the Cigany Kartya (Gipsy Cards)

To view the assigned positions of the mini Celtic cross please refer to the post about the Enchanted Lenormand deck found ——>HERE. Today I am featuring the Hungarian Gipsy cards called, “Cigány Kártya“.

I pulled some heavy-duty energy that’s for sure. I did shuffle the cards thoroughly. My first impression was apprehension in attempting this Reading but as you know sometimes the images look worse than the actual meanings.

UPDATE: Nov 29/13. News of gravely ill member of extended family (male) who lives out of town.

MIni celtic cross featuring cigány kártya

MIni celtic cross featuring cigány kártya

#1 The current state: The first position is usually called ‘What covers You’.  THOUGHT.

THOUGHT card covered by the ENEMY card

THOUGHT card covered by the ENEMY card

Yes, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately but then again I am one of these people who is always delving into the deeper meanings of situations.

Looks like he is reviewing his diary, maybe studying, maybe reading a holy book. It’s hard to say. he is thinking about what is contained in the letter/book. Has he gotten some news in writing that has put him in this mood? Is it an invitation? Did you notice he is outside sitting on a park bench suggesting quite possibly some news of a public nature may have come to him.

#2 Crossing Card: The second card is both opportunities and challenges at this current time. ENEMY.

Lets see if there is any positive energy within the Enemy card. This is a card of caution or warning. There will be a situation which could sneak up on me which I am thinking about already. The energy of this card is usually not liked by most Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten practitioners.

The message of the ENEMY card is to think over any plans, making sure you have everything you need at hand (or in your pocket so to speak). Maybe you will find yourself exploring areas that you are not accustom to and those explorations could be within yourself too.

The dark alleys of your own mind where you fight all those negative emotions such as fear or self-defeating attitude.

#3 Beneath You:  This position is the foundation of the Reading. That means it is rooted in the card which falls here.  WIDOW. 

I want to read this card as a state of mind.  When you feel sick it is not always easy to look on the bright side of things. There are “bugs” floating around at this time of year which seem to knock you off your feet.

The image shows a woman in a cemetery. She is paying homage to a cross and the ground beneath her where her loved one is buried. She does not realize that it is too late to say all the things that she is silently whispering. The regrets will eat away at her and erode her heart. She should have spoken her mind when the person was alive. This card warns of being sorry for some action taken.

#4 Behind You:  This card is a passing influence. It is leaving, however I could still be experiencing it. I hope so in this case.  HOPE.

A person always needs to hold onto hope no matter what happens in their lives. Actually, things are never as bad as they seem. And when times are challenging the angels carry us through the situation.  The next 2 cards are troublesome.

The woman is totally grounded (feet on earth). She is not being unrealistic about her hope.

#5 Above You: I read this position as a future prediction. In the full 10 card Celtic Cross the last card is the outcome (probable future) which is often created by the choices and decisions in the previous cards. Position 7 (not shown) is often instrumental in card 5. When card 10 is  totally different because you are in a negative state of mind you can attract a negative outcome (card 10) and miss the opportunities in card 5.   WIDOWER.

Could this card actually be a situation that requires doing the right thing. It can be an older man but it can also be a state of mind as the Widow card. The difference is this card experiences situations out of loyalty.

He knows what it means to feel loss. He will never come up with an excuse that he can’t go somewhere. This man just goes mainly out of duty. Sure his heart might not be in it but he has an understanding much deeper than the Widow card. There is strength in the Widower card, courage and a silence that men know who have come out of combat.  knows what it means to feel loss. He will never come up with an excuse that he can’t go somewhere he just goes. 

#6 Before You:  DEATH.  

This card speaks of endings. It can foretell an actual passing on because of the Enemy card (The ENEMY card suggests a situation is around you which appears to be not in your best interest but necessary).

The Death card is either welcomed or feared.  Since it falls in the spot of future this means the energy is departing out of your life in the next few months.  The death card suggests the elimination of things which no longer are productive or fruitful like a dead-end job or dead beat relationship or release of a suffering situation.

Things HAVE to END so that new cycles begin. Endings happen all the time. Things do not go on and on. An aspect or part of a situation always ends even though the totality of the situation remains the same.

It is like shutting the door on something once and for all. Many times we slam the door shut ourselves and many times other circumstances slam the door shut in our face. We do not control everything in our lives. Some things are meant to be. It is part of the Universal plan or God’s plan.

Sometimes, I draw a clarification card to gain more information.  Usually, I take the very top card of the shuffled deck which is set aside after laying the Reading.  This time I didn’t. I decided the shuffle the remaining cards in the deck instead of drawing the top card. I focused on the DEATH card asking what does it all mean.  I drew the JOURNEY card (see image below).

Clarification card JOURNEY over DEATH card

Clarification card JOURNEY over DEATH card

The JOURNEY card made me think of the Gong Hee Fot Choy reading I did a few posts back. Very similar prediction. It can be seen at this link —->HERE.

Looking at the card one has a feeling of speed (dust clouds of the wheels) – the driver isn’t really paying attention to the road. The lady in the carriage seems to be alarmed. There is a town in the background, and in this image there is a road leading to the town whereas the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten Journey card does not have one. What’s the hurry? Whenever this card comes up in a reading pay attention to the card next to it. There will be a “hint” as to the reason of this “quick delivery”.

The DEATH card coupled with the JOURNEY card appears to be quite obvious in meaning. It suggests a trip or the need to travel because of a serious situation.

What’s the outcome? The Journey card does indicate actual travel because of something ending or someone leaving (Death card) in the near future months. It may be something really surprising (Enemy) or it may be serious. It could also be a change in state of mind.

The Gipsy cards are always so much more dramatic than the Lenormand cards. There is a mysterious quality to the Zigeuner Wahrsagkarten. Some people have become so scientific in their Cartomancy approach that there will be no mysteries left.  I like the mysterious element of fortune-telling. Don’t you?

Cigány Kártya without borders.

Cigány Kártya without borders.

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