Trigger Layout featuring the Arcane playing cards

Trigger Layout

"YOU" can pre-selected or be any card.

“YOU” can pre-selected or be any card.

Note: In the image above the numbering sequence is starts after the YOU can is placed in the NOW column thus 1 – 11 cards. Of course, if you are not pre selecting the YOU card then the numbering sequence would be 1-12.

I’ve wanted to get the Shadow Masters and Arcane playing cards by Ellusionist for quite some time so I treated myself. I really like them. They differ slightly but are both on a black background.

I’ll be using Russell’s meanings from the Card Readers Handbook which I have mentioned over the last several posts. Usually there is a Significator card pre-selected prior to shuffle and placed in the 2nd column (see image). This is not always necessary because the YOU spot will reveal an energy, situation or person you should be addressing. The time frames have been pre-selected as well. It’s better that way. There is always a give or take a few days or weeks and even months. Exact timing is an intricate technique.

Today’s post is for Gentleman A who has been a little under the weather. He calls it, “mixed state”.

Gentleman A’s Trigger Layout

Trigger Layout image created by Judy Kerr.

Trigger Layout image created by Judy Kerr.

Image created by Judy Kerr. Thank you for permission to use your image.

Arcane playing cards by Ellusionist

I always recommend reading the Trigger Row first to get an idea of the essence of the Reading. The row rules. What that means is that these 4 cards are in charge. Think of the Trigger cards as activated energy which creates the 3rd card result in the column. Also, the Trigger cards are activated because of the energy of the 1st card in the column. When you read the Trigger card the other two cards aren’t really factored in because they are dealt with when you begin to read the columns containing them. The Trigger cards are linked together.

OBSERVATIONS: Suit distribution: 4 diamonds, 5 clubs, 2 hearts and 1 spade. The lack of spades is a good thing. A small amount of hearts just means there won’t be too many emotionally out of control situations. However, feeling numb is not good either. Courts: 2 Kings not sided by side can suggest 2 different males or same male wearing two different hats (roles). One Ace: The Ace of Diamonds is all about new beginnings and some other things which I’ll details in the following paragraph.  2-3’s and 2-6″s together: element of surprise or the unexpected. Check to see which 3 and which 6 is missing. The ones that are missing may hold the key to a solution. 

 Trigger Row: 3♣ + 5 + 2♠ + 10♣

Process of climbing a ladder or advancing + shopping around + drastic action needed + business or travel opportunity.  Notice I have taken only a few meanings and linked them together. When you read the columns you usually keep the meanings and often add a few more to link the other cards.

PAST: Ace + 3♣ + 3 

I do want to mention that if you assign 3 months to the Soon position (which is what Gentleman A did)  the Past column usually represents 3 months ago.

New beginnings + Process of climbing a ladder or advancing + developing situation. These three cards suggest some sort of news in the past over the past few months which gave Gentleman A the opportunity to advance or move forward into further developments because of this news/beginning.

NOW: King ♣ + + 6 

Gentleman A or a business minded male + shopping around + love affair or relationship. The King is shopping around which lead him to a love affair or relationship.

♦At this point you can look for combinations.

6 + 3 suggests a love affair developing. Love affairs are between people and also for that which you are passionate about.

A + 3 invitation to party. The Ace  can be an invitation to many things like from a distance 9♣ (Soon column within 3 months)

5 + King♣ an attraction from a business minded male or Gentleman A is attracted to a relationship (6) with someone who has mutual interests. There is an element of risk as this card is associated with gambling.

Strong indication of a relationship dilemma. Perhaps an offer of one. Perhaps there is a fear of trust (2♠)

IMMEDIATE: 6 + 2♠ + 6♣ (2 weeks pre-selected time frame)

lack of communication + drastic action needed + taking matters into your own hands.  There is an issue of withdrawal which will really bother Gentleman A for the next couple of weeks. The good news is that he will take action to remove any barriers so that the lines of communication are open. He will help others by helping himself.


5 + 6♣ electronics store

6♣ + Kmale with good financial sense wants to talk to Gentleman A

The next few weeks look promising for Gentleman A because he will take the bull by the horn and turn his mixed state into a non mixed state. It’s not good for him to keep things bottled up inside of him. This is nothing serious at all. It’s a brief phase and it will pass.

SOON: 9♣ + 10♣ + K(within 3 months time frame preselected)

fate taking you in the right direction + business or travel opportunity + male with good financial sense.  Fate presents opportunites to travel and seek business opportunities with the help of a man with a financial know-how.


K♣ + 9♣ although separated by one card the indication is the King will be going on a trip

9♣ + K same thing separated by one card the suggestion is this King is at a distance from Gentleman A

10♣ + 6♣ Gentleman A has a good business sense and will use it

10♣ + 3 suggests a beauty parlour or barber shop

There are two trips shown in the Soon column one by road 9♣ and one by /near the water 10♣. One of these could be a meeting with the King of Diamonds. Could be a visitor. All columns end well. The final Trigger card is a club indicating a busy time coming up within the time frame of the reading.

The question: why in a mixed state? I think Gentleman A feels he is undeserving. Opportunities will be given and he will seize them and the mixed state will vanish into the distance like a ship at sea.

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