Mini Celtic Cross featuring the Enchanted Lenormand

The Enchanted Lenormand cards truly capture the essence of fortune-telling. I love the size of the cards. This post is not about reviewing this beautiful deck (a future post) it is about the Mini Celtic Cross.  I use non Tarot cards like the Lenormand and so many other decks in the traditional Celtic Cross layout without hesitation. I’m going to do the “cross” of the Celtic Cross layout today. This meaning exactly what it sounds like the center intersecting cards minus the staff on the right side of the Celtic Cross Layout.

Before I begin, I do want to mention that you may have assigned different names to the positions. In my earlier training (early 1970’s) I was heavily influenced by Dr. Paul Case’s (BOTA). These days I do not select a Significator card for myself. I just let the cards fall where they may but I do pre-select one of the Queens to represent me. This changes sometimes depending on what role I am in at the time of shuffle and question.  When I read for others I pull the Queen out and lay them on the table asking the female to select one which resonates with her. This tells me a lot before we even get into the Reading.  The same process is used for male clients.  As you know the Pages and Knights are aspects of the Queens and Kings.  More on that in a future post on the Tarot.

I’ve decided to use one of the two female Significator cards from the Enchanted Lenormand. There are also two Gentleman cards and I removed one of them so that I have 36 cards.  I had no question in mind with the exception of what’s going on with me over the next month.  I’ve got a very bad cold and probably the flu on top of that. I was very surprised at the first two cards which I pulled because they reflect my current physical condition. What alarmed me was the Birds card in position #6 Before Me.

Mini Celtic Cross featuring the Enchanted Lenormand

Mini Celtic Cross featuring the Enchanted Lenormand

#1 The current state: The first position is usually called ‘What covers me’.  Lo and behold the TREE card is covering me. Yes, the cards are confirming I’m dealing with a health issue. What else could the TREE card suggest? Roots?

#2 Crossing me: The second card is both opportunities and challenges at this current time. Shooo mousey. This is not what I want to see here.  The MOUSE card is telling me my well-being is under attack right now. Of course, when you deal with bad colds and the flu your whole system is out of whack. The MOUSE card speaks of deterioration. The symptoms I am coping with are depleting my energy. I’m sore all over and am experiencing a loss of appetite mainly because I can’t really taste anything properly because of this virus.  This card also tells me the next month my energy will be lower than usual.  I know last year I had 2 rounds of the flu within 6 weeks extending into the Christmas season. Both my grand babies were sick and my daughter as well. You know when you get older the body has a tougher time fighting these blasted “bugs”. They seem to come on with a vengeance. Ok, on to the next card. I sure hope Connor and Katja bypass this virus but since they attend day care a couple of times a week I fear they may contract whatever is spreading among the other younger children.

So, how do you STOP the energy of the MOUSE card. You go to the source and remove everything that the mouse wants to eat away. The only way to do this is to everything possible to regain some strength. When we had a real mouse in the garage earlier this year we had to set a trap. It wasn’t a nice thing but a mouse will nibble away at wires and get into tiny little openings which could lead into the house. Mice are also unclean and carry diseases not to mention the faeces (waste matter) they leave behind.

#3 Beneath me:  The BOOK is telling me there could be more to this condition than meets the eye. I do have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow for a scheduled flu shot. What a joke! (I really did have reservations about getting the flu shot this year). I won’t be getting it that’s for sure but I’m keeping the appointment to get checked over.

#4 Behind me: The RING card shows a continuity of some sort. Probably the fact that the circle of well-being was in tact. What I mean by this is when you are ill the circle tends to be wobbly. The RING card is about commitments. Since this card is passing it means I’ve committed to addressing this condition by trying to rest, drink fluids and just basically letting it run its course.

#5 Above me: I read this position as a future prediction. In the full 10 card Celtic Cross the last card is the outcome (probable future) which is often created by the choices and decisions in the previous cards. Position 7 is often instrumental in card 5 and card 10 being totally different because if you are in a negative state of mind you can attract a negative outcome (card 10) and miss the opportunities in card 5.   The HEART is my future prediction. I really don’t know if I should read this card in relation to the TREE and MOUSE.  I hope not. I want to read the HEART as an emotional situation coming up which is connected to other meanings of the RING card. Each position does bring you to the next position. Could mean it’s time to tap into self-love.

#6 Before me:  The BIRDS, oh dear, now this is where it gets tricky. The BIRDS often represent grief but this card also speaks of anxiety and nervousness. It is also used as a communication card.

Ok, so I have a choice.  I can allow the MOUSE to create further damage or I can tap into the energy of the HEART card and take care of myself.  There are so many more predictions within these cards and I’m sure you see something different.

I decided to pull three cards asking this simple question: Will I overcome this virus successfully within 1 week?

I did a three card layout. Card 1 represents the current condition. Card 2 is what I should do. Card 3 is the outcome. You can assign whatever meanings you want to layout positions just make sure you decide on this prior to shuffle.


Enchanted Lenormand MOON. ANCHOR. BIRDS

Looks like the BIRDS card is trying to tell me something which I may be overlooking.

Card 1 represents the current condition: The MOON 

Distortion or not seeing the current condition in true light. Shadows of the moon do not give an accurate picture. Needs more recognition or awareness

Card 2 is what I should do: The ANCHOR

Stay put and rest. Work at getting better in two different ways (combined with Birds). Stay grounded. Get off your butt and do something about it.  Will not go away that fast.

Card 3 is the outcome: The BIRDS

Two of something. Discussions. Apprehension. Grief or sadness. Flying away.

Will I overcome this condition within 1 week.  Highly unlikely maybe 2 (Birds) weeks.

6 thoughts on “Mini Celtic Cross featuring the Enchanted Lenormand

    • Hi: Thanks for your comment. Most Lenormand Cartomancers wouldn’t but what the heck be adventurous. I think it’s a cool way to explore the Lenormand in another way. I like assigned meanings for layout positions. Happy Cartomancy. Seaqueen

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