Gong Hee Fot Choy 32 Houses Reading

I haven’t written about the 32 Gong Hee Fot Choy Houses reading created by Margarete Ward 1938 for quite some time. I am still amazed at the immaculate condition of her original 75-year-old book with 32 Houses fold out board. The large red envelope which it comes in is a bit tattered.

This Reading of the 32 Houses is based on the playing card suits which fall on the Houses. In the images you can see the Gong Hee Fot Choy playing cards, U.S. Games Inc. 1982. I went ahead and took 3 images already but I have to redo them because I forgot to remove all the 2’s through 6’s.

When you shuffle the deck and place the cards in the 32 Houses it is important to study the 1st House called Compass. The suit that falls here determines the direction you should be facing when you read the layout. Before you lay the cards out make a wish which I did. 

  means you should be facing to the east. At this point you should send out good thoughts and the good vibration will come back to you. This last sentence is applicable to the remainder of the suits as well.  

falls here face to the west, ♣ face to the north and ♠face to the south.  

There are also meanings for card sequences. For example: 4 Jacks in a row suggests a relative returns from a distance. The House these 4 Jacks pass through (fall into) will be directly tied to this relative…and so on. Several cards of the same suit falling together adds more power and can lessen the energy of the not so positive cards.

Each card belongs to a House in the same way as the Lenormand cards. The Gong Hee Fot Choy Houses are not numbered.  After gaining a good understanding of each of the 32 cards you can breeze through the Houses reading. It is advised this layout should only be done once a week.

Gong Hee Fot Choy 32 Houses

Gong Hee Fot Choy 32 Houses

Note: The House named in brackets after the name of the playing card is the card’s natural house. Sometimes it is referred to if you need more information. Please do enjoy my additional comments. Just trying to have some fun. When the predictions come true I will write an update next to my comments.

I do want to mention that I usually  begin with the HOUSE OF INQUIRER (bottom row see last image showing the bottom 2 rows of the Houses Layout). I’m just following Margarete’s instructions by beginning in the top left corner and reading the Houses across. 

Gong Hee Fot Choy Houses 1-16

Gong Hee Fot Choy Houses 1-16

1. HOUSE OF COMPASS (THOUGHTS) – Queen . You only read this house to determine the direction you should be facing.  Easy enough. To the East. The Queen of Hearts rules the House of Friends. This would suggest my thoughts are with or about a friend.

2. HOUSE OF WISHES – Queen ♠ (house of gratitude). My wish will be influenced by gratitude or a grateful person. This Queen is also a schemer. That reminds me of the Lenormand Snake card.  Ok I am to look at the House of Gratitude to see what suit falls there.  Woohoo it’s a  that means there is a good chance for my wish to come true. So what else is new there is a Snake in everyone’s life. 

3. HOUSE OF SUCCESS – Ace  (house of abode). A home condition will influence my future success or some home business brings success. Oh yay I like the sounds of that.

4. HOUSE OF MOON (LOVE)  – 9♠ (house of disappointment). I will be disappointed in a close friend or in love. It also suggests a divorce or broken engagement.  I’ve learned not to have high expectations then the disappointments aren’t so bad. 

5. HOUSE OF SURPRISES – 8♠(house of trouble). A disagreeable surprise that causes trouble. More than likely I will worry about it.  If I get another counter top barbie for Christmas I will not worry about it I will throw it out, lol.

6. HOUSE OF POPULARITY – 9♣(house of luck). I will be lucky in being well thought of and meet people at social functions that will be lucky for me.  I usually wow them with fortune-telling information and they can’t help but like me, lol.

7. HOUSE OF ABODE – Jack ♣ (house of relatives).  Relatives will live with me or I will live with them.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. 

Jan 3/14 update: my son did live with me for a few weeks (vacation)

8. HOUSE OF JOURNEY – 7♣ (house of messages). A message comes probably long distance phone call. The message is about someone taking a trip. I could be asked to travel or because of a message will have to take a trip. Not sure I like the sounds of that but it could be all good. I’ll see what the house of messages has to say when we get to it.  

UPDATE nov 25: could be the news my son will visit for Christmas he lives some 2,100 miles away.

9. HOUSE OF PAPERS – 8  (house of inheritance). Going to court over an inheritance and sign papers with the help of an attorney.  Can’t see this happening unless someone leaves me money & I don’t have any rich relatives. But you never know it could involve someone I know.

10. HOUSE OF VOCATION – 7♦(house of success). A very successful future. Or I will get into something that brings success. I think I know what this is and it’s a surprise for cartomancy lovers early 2014.  If you remember House of Success had the Ace  indicating a home business.

Isn’t this fun?  So simple and easy. Reading the Lenormand Houses is just as easy as this.

11. HOUSE OF MARRIAGE – Jack  (house of popularity). Someone I know who is very popular (popular to me) is getting married soon. I will attend a wedding. Good grief I need to buy an outfit, shoes and all the other accessories just in case this comes true.

Update: March 31/14- news a client/friend got married in Jamaica. Reception to follow when the couple gets back home.

12. HOUSE OF HAPPINESS – King ♠(house of callers).  News of justice in some wrong deed. Someone tells me about someone being arrested or put in jail.  I guess this wouldn’t be the news and maybe it’s a friend (callers) popping in with the latest gossip.

13. HOUSE OF ENJOYMENT – Jack  (house of letters). I receive an invitation to a dance wedding or party where I will really enjoy myself.  After 2 glasses of fine wine I enjoy myself no matter where I am, lol.

  • Jan  3/14 update: New Year’s Eve party
  • update: Mar 31/14- ties in with #11

14. HOUSE OF MESSAGES – 9  (house of my wish). I’ll receive a message concerning my wish. Also, if I wished to hear from someone I get my wish. Remember the Queen ♠ lurking around in the House of Wishes. No, I do not wish to talk to a scheming snake in the grass.

15. HOUSE OF RELATIVES – 10  (house of marriage or union). One of my relatives will be married soon or I will attend the wedding of a close friend. It’s more like I will attend the reunion of my relatives (ho ho ho).

16. HOUSE OF HEALTH – Jack ♠(house of compass- thoughts). I am wondering if a different climate will make me feel better. I could be thinking of a change of residence so that I will feel better.  I could be thinking of a vacation. How cool is that? 

And so ends the top 2 rows of the 4 row layout. Time for a cup of Chai. 

One really interesting thing is when you connect of information between the two Houses involved. I like to call this a “linking technique” but a very short version of it. 

Gong Hee Fot Choy Houses 17-32

Gong Hee Fot Choy Houses 17-32

17. HOUSE OF MONEY – 7♠(house of health). Loss of money through illness. My health has something to do with money condition. No kidding, if you are sick you can’t work and usually don’t get paid. Now if I was a nurse or doctor, the book says I will make money off people’s illnesses or by providing card.

18. HOUSE OF SEASONS – 9(house of surprises). This House covers a period up to 3 months. I will receive a good surprise in 9 days.  I checked the calendar and that would be November 27th if I count today as day 1. If not then November 28th. You bet I’ll pay attention to that. I’m circling both dates on my calendar, ha-ha-ha.

UPDATE: nov 29th- Almost forgot why I had the 28th circled. The only surprise I had was some additional funds for Christmas shopping. So it’s not 9 days but this covers up to 3 months. Could be on Dec 9th??

19. HOUSE OF FRIENDS – 8 (house of moon- love). A friend will do a good deed without me knowing. It’s probably that same friend which disappointed me in #4 house of moon. Must be feeling guilty.

20. HOUSE OF GIFTS – 10♠(house of sun). I will receive a gift which has long been delayed. Jeewhiz wonder if it’s a new stove with a working oven so I can bake, bake, bake.

UPDATE nov 29: ha-ha new stove delivered on nov 26th.  

21. HOUSE OF LETTERS – Queen (house of seasons). I should not put off answering letters. Someone is awaiting a reply from me.  That reminds me I’d better check Seaqueen’s email, lol.

22. HOUSE OF TROUBLE – King ♣ (house of vocation). I am having trouble finding work and if I was at work the trouble would be there. Not too many people hire people in my line of work, lol.

23. HOUSE OF DISAPPOINTMENT – Ace ♣ (house of gift). I will be disappointed in not receiving a promised gift or it is delivered damaged.  At this point I would hit the roof if anything came damaged. Actually, I did receive some moisture damaged French Tarot cards but that already happened. This is still to come.


  • UPDATE nov 25: received a book I ordered in damaged condition, pages creased & bent, cover bent.
  • Update Mar 31/14- received vintage deck of cards with 1 card missing.

24. HOUSE OF DEATH – 10♣(house of journey). I will take a trip because of a death or go to a funeral.  The House of Journey showed a long distance phone call coming to me which would propel me into taking a trip. There was also a mention of an inheritance #9 house of papers.  I do NOT want this predictions to come true!

UPDATE nov 29th: I did receive news today a family member of extended family is gravely ill. He lives out of town.

We have come to last 8 Houses which be no doubt be linked to some of the previous Houses. 

25. HOUSE OF UNDERTAKING – Queen ♣ (house of inquirer). That would be me. I will embark on a new undertaking and probably know what it is. Well, I do have writing plans.

26. HOUSE OF ACHIEVEMENT – King (house of legal papers). I should succeed where papers are concerned regarding work. Well, that’s good to hear. Writing a hard copy handbook could fit in here. 

27. HOUSE OF INHERITANCE – Ace (house of undertakings). Could be one of two things. I begin a new undertaking through an inheritance left me. Or a new undertaking bring opportunities and money.  I think I prefer the latter because any time you get an inheritance you tend to lose someone you cherish.

28. HOUSE OF CALLERS – 10(house of money). Someone (a caller) tells me about a money investment. I should look into it because I could benefit from it. Could be wealthy friends coming for a visit.  Hmmm lets see, what do you suppose Margarete meant by wealthy when she wrote the book in 1938. 

29. HOUSE OF GRATITUDE – 7 (house of happiness). I will bring happiness into someone’s life and the person will be grateful. Also, to be grateful for small things.  One act of kindness can change someone’s life.

30. HOUSE OF INQUIRER – 8♣ (house of achievement). Good business and better financial conditions. #25 house of undertaking shows I’ll start something new, a new project or idea.  Maybe my project will be well received early 2014.

31. HOUSE OF LUCK – Ace ♠(house of death). Not liking this before I even look up the meanings. This seems to be a recurring prediction. Through a death some good luck comes to me. It improves my financial condition like an inheritance. I could secure a work position vacated by a death.  Like I said not liking this at all.

32. HOUSE OF SUN – King (house of enjoyment). This House offers advice in the same way as #1 House of Compass even though I did link the Queen  to it. The  falling in the final House means I should concentrate on my wish at night before going to bed. It also means I need to have loving thoughts around me and spread loving thoughts.

If a  falls here indicates money vibrations for the week. Best time for money concentration is in the morning. If a ♣ passes through here it means business vibrations are good for the week. Concentration on business best in the early morning and during the day. If a ♠falls here the suggestions is you will worry and fret in the upcoming week. There will be some troubles to deal with.

From this last House I gather that the Reading’s time frame is one week unless specified otherwise by the cards. I can’t image all of the above happening in one week.  Maybe the one week is only applicable to the suit falling in #32 House of Sun.  There is more to the delineation of the Gong Hee Fot Choy reading like the “linking” of the Houses. I only briefly mentioned a few.  Hope you enjoyed the tips offered.  I will definitely keep track of this Reading and mark it for accuracy.

“Never lend Gong Hee Fot Choy as it brings you luck by keeping it in your possession.” Margarete Ward.

🙂   🙂   🙂

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