Astrology layout featuring Gong Hee Fot Choy playing cards 1/2 & 2/2

The Astrology Layout or as it is sometimes called the Zodiac spread. I do this layout often and I use it with just about any deck of cards I own. Today I am featuring Margarete Wood’s Gong Hee Fot Choy playing cards by U.S. Games Inc. 1982. This deck is specifically used with Margarete’s fortune-telling system which I have. My book is dated 1938 which includes the Houses fold out cardboard sheet using 32/52 cards. I was lucky to find it on auction many, many years ago when vintage fortune-telling items were not so outrageously priced like they are now.

Featuring Gong Hee Fot Choy Playing Cards. U.S. Games Systems. Inc. 1982

Featuring Gong Hee Fot Choy Playing Cards. U.S. Games Systems. Inc. 1982

The above image is the entire Astrology layout on a really cool vintage scarf I bought years ago. Sometimes I forget what I even have in my collections.  Since there has been a renewed interest in Regina Russell’s cartomancy system (Card Readers Handbook) I do want to mention she did include a brief example of the  Zodiac spread in her book using 2 cards in each Astrology house.

The image below is the bottom half of the Astrology layout which I will briefly detail in today’s post. It helps if you know a few key phrases for the Houses and also a few keywords for the playing cards. For those who are not familiar I’ll include a brief blurb prior to analysis. I am only using one card in each House but it is best to use 2-3 cards. The center card is the theme of energy for the next 6-8 months. The 10can also represent an issue at hand or on the mind of the Seeker of the cards. 
Astrology bottom half layout gong hee fot choy cards

One thing to remember when you do this layout is to consider the opposite Houses when you do the analysis. Many of you may not be versed in Astrology and I will go into a bit more detail when the second half of the layout is done. My brief overview is by no means totally complete because there is so much information the cards will provide falling into the Houses. Check the suits. Is there a predominance of a certain suit? Is the challenging suit more at the beginning followed by more positive suits? This means as the weeks or months go by things will get better.

Yes, you can determine timing. Each House represents a cycle consisting of what we call the Astrology sign. For example Libra would rule September 23 – October 22.  If a Court card fell in House 7 then the person could be a Libra sign.

The Center Card is significant is the overall Reading because you will refer to it often. I always place a card in the center. The 10speaks of a large sum of money, financial security and success in material situation. It is a very positive card.  When you study House 2 keep this card in mind especially if the card in the 2nd House is not so positive. Also, the 10combined with the 10 ♣ can suggest an airplane trip so you would study House 9 which represents travel. Lots to keep in mind and this all goes on in your head when you are reading the cards.

House 1: Aries is on the far left. I usually read this House to represent the state of mind of the consultant or the energy surrounding them at the time of shuffle. It can represent a current situation.

Ace ♠- this card is about decisions.  It can also represent a new situation. In some cases and only when combined with specific cards does it mean a death. You need at least 2 or 3 additional spade cards to predict this. In other cases a health situation could be revealed. Since we are only studying one card I think I will pull a clarification card to give me more information on this decision. As the Ace ♠ fell first it is considered lying under the fan of card (s) and in this case the card I pulled is the 8(see image below). The 8 ♦ is about keeping to a budget. Also, could represent making plans which involves money.  The 10 in the center blends in quite nicely.  The Ace ♠ combined with the 8 combined is telling you a decision will be made regarding a large sum of money 10♦. So far we have only studied 3 cards and as we get more into the other Houses more information will be revealed. 

House 1: Ace of Spades + 8 of Diamonds

House 1: Ace of Spades + 8 of Diamonds

House 2: Taurus is next. This House represents your overall finances. Many people want to know how things will be financially during the duration of the Reading. Here we have the King ♥. This Heart card is positive energy in the House. We know a member of the family will be involved or help out. Don’t forget when you are doing this layout you may have decided to lay 2-3 rounds meaning you will have 2-3 cards in each House. The center card is single without other cards.  When you do the first round place the center card as card 13. If you do more rounds just keep going around the Zodiac wheel by passing the middle. I have found 1 card in the center is plenty. Of course, you can put another one or two cards in the center if you wish but remember you need to come up with a summary before you even consider the center fan of cards when you refer back to the center.  Ok, this King can also represent your significant other if you are a female getting the Reading. That means he will be involving you in a financial decision (House 1). Maybe he will tell you to stop spending so much money and to budget for a future purchase (center card).

House 3: Gemini is all about communication, short travels, your brothers and sisters and even the neighbourhood. The 4♠is a challenging card as it represents illness and possibly health related issues. Maybe your brother or sister isn’t feeling well. Communication could be a slow process. Delays in short trips. This card warns to slow down in your activities or involvements with the neighbourhood. 

House 4: Cancer is the home/family environment. It rules one of the parents usually the mother but it depends which parent is the more dominant one. Sometimes the mother is the “boss” in the family. She would be found in House 10 and the father in House 4. The 8♠is a health card. It represents appointments with medical people. We already have studied the 4♠suggesting an illness. Now, we have another card which points to someone doing something about it by getting medical attention. There is definitely a visit or appointment approaching. In this case it could occur during Cancer’s rule June 22 – July 22. Given the time of year it is now, November, I don’t think that distant time frame fits in but … could. The remainder of the layout is mostly red cards so things won’t get worse and it will be addressed sooner rather than later. We won’t know for sure until next year or until it happens.

House 5: Leo rules children, hobbies, creativity, love affairs and gambling. The 2 ♣ may be black but it is a good black card. It suggests gift giving. It brings benefits and since it is considered being under the fan of cards (it’s the first and only card in this example) the person getting the Reading is helping someone out. 

House 6: Virgo rules everyday work and it also rules our health (short-term illness).  The Ace is a message. It can be a letter or some type of news. Also, it does represent a needle. A diamond ring.  When a card has such diverse meanings take a few minutes to choose the correct meaning. It should blend in with the other cards. If you had cards talking about love, relationships etc. then a diamond ring could fit in. Once again the Ace♦ is considered under the fan of card(s). This means the person getting the Reading is passing on some news.  Is this about a job? Is it about the health condition which already appeared in House 3 and 4?  When this card means a needle is it connected to the illness, medical appointment etc. Most likely it is.

When combinations fall separately they are important but when they fall side by side the event will happen sooner. Here’s a few separate combinations:

10(center) + 8♠ (house 4) suggests a rash of some sort

2♣ (house 5) + 8♠(house 4) can represent a nurse or someone who works in a medical office  

8(house 1) + 8 ♠(house 4) could indicate an eye appointment

A(house 6) + 8♠(house 4) a doctor giving a needle

Looks like there will be something going on with a family member requiring some medical assistance. The center card 10♦ does rule a certain part of the body but I am not getting into any type of medical prognosis. I do not recommend offering health related Readings even if there are specific meanings in the handbook or for that matter medical rulership derived by the Astrology Houses/Signs. 

November 21/13: The image below is the remainder of the Astrology layout which will be featured next in a brief summary. I do want to move on to the next Cartomancy system.

Astrology top half layout gong hee fot choy cards

Astrology Houses 7, 8 9 10. 11. 12

House 7: Libra rules the significant other, relationships, partnerships and legal issues. The 4 is a very positive card to have in this spot. If there is a special other person the card shows a possible marriage if you are single. If you are involved in a legal issue then there will be a fair outcome. Often the opportunity for a reconciliation will occur in the near future. The layout so far does not indicate any separation or relationship problems since the 2♣ passes through House 5 ruling love.

House 8: Scorpio is all about other people’s money, joint assets, topics related to death (reincarnation), intimacy. The 6 could bring some financial luck to another person and in return the person getting the Reading may benefit from it. This card rules the son, son-in-law, brother or a male friend. Since this card is often read as the gambler’s card all topics of the House 8 will involve some risk. Will it pay off? Yes, I think so because the 10is the Center card.

House 9:  Sagittarius represents education, long distance travel and one’s belief system (religion). The King could be born under this sign November 22 – December 21.  Travel may occur during this time frame as well. Travel could carry a high price tag (10 Center card). Perhaps this is why a financial budget is necessary 8House 1. There is an opportunity for educational pursuits which will put the King in a better financial position. This King can also be a teacher or instructor.

House 10: Capricorn is the career portion of the Astrology layout. Career is different from the everyday goings on at work (House 6). Here you find the other parent. Your reputation. Your goals/ambitions.  The Public. The 3 is revealing a part-time job or some temporary work connected to career. There could be more hours needed to accomplish a particular goal. Since the 3 is considered falling under a fan of card (s) this mean the person getting the Reading is actively looking for work which will put them out in the public sphere. This type of job is not behind the scenes as that would be a House 12 matter. You should keep in mind that there have been cards to represent the medical field as well and this can give you a clue as to the type of work which is being canvassed. 

House 11: Aquarius rules community, one’s wishes, volunteer work, humanitarian situations.  Another red card Q. This Queen is usually quite active in the community.  House 11 is all about wishes and if the person getting the Reading is a female then she sees herself as successful as the diamonds Queen – in financial control. She would be interested in how she can help humanitarian causes. She could be working with the public to help needy people in her community. 

House 12: Pisces is all about the unknown and hidden. Deep issues from the past. Long term illness. Did you notice that all the top part of the Astrology layout contained red cards? Looks like things will develop nicely without too many hassles.  The 6 does represent computers among so many other meanings. From this we can go so far as to say it could be an on-line business. When you work on a computer you are behind the scenes because you are not out dealing with the public. The public you deal with is on the Internet … and that is not real life experience as if you dealt with them day-to-day by sitting in an office or providing a service in retail, etc. Since House 12 is about the past and one of the meanings of the 6is some sort of nervousness I think the person getting the Reading is holding a lot of thing in and not sharing deeper feelings on situations. There could be a working out of Karma. House 12 mirrors House 6.  Maybe the person is not feeling all that great but keeping that hidden from their partner.  Also, don’t forget there could be some health issues with a sibling or/or family member (4♠ House 3 and 8♠ House 4).

I hope you find some useful information to help you in your studies of the Astrology Layout. To read about Mystical Lenormand and other decks in the Astrology Layout –>  click LINK

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