Trigger Layout featuring regular playing cards

I may have mentioned this from time to time that I created the Trigger layout for those times when a large layout is too long and time consuming. Also, for those times when a short layout just isn’t enough. But a smaller layout is ideal with only 12 cards.

Seaqueen's Trigger Layout with playing cards

Seaqueen’s Trigger Layout with Baroque playing cards

The great thing about the Trigger layout is that it can be used with any deck of cards. The other thing is you can assign time frames to the Immediate and Soon Columns.  The center row contains the Trigger cards which usually summarize the entire Reading. There is a “You” spot if you decide to place your Significator card in the layout. This “You” spot is an important card when there is no Significator card pre-selected. Usually a topic or theme is revealed. Often it reflects your question if you have one. A question is not necessary though.

Recap: 1st column is the Past, 2nd column is the Now or current time, 3rd column is the Immediate influence usually a few weeks and the 4th column is the Soon spot predicting one or two months depending what you decide prior to shuffle.

In the Reading below there was no Significator card selected and there was no question asked, well, at least not on a conscious level. But we all have questions even if we don’t admit it to ourselves. In today’s demonstration  theis in the “You” spot.  For instructions on the Trigger Layout click this ——>LINK.  If you have any questions about this layout please leave a comment or contact me on Facebook.  

Note the center row. It is highlighted in yellow. Actually, it is a piece of clear yellow plastic which shows up quite nicely when studying the Trigger Row – the activated energy.

I’ve used Regina Russell’s meanings from the Card Readers Handbook for decades and found this system to be quite informative and accurate.  Your cartomancy system may differ but I do feel the cards tell you what it is you need to know no matter which system you use.

The Trigger Row should be read first after the suits, pairs, trios, etc are studied but remember to incorporate your findings as you continue with the layout.  Notice the 3 Hearts side by side to the right of the King of Clubs (past column). There are also 3 2’s indicating that some balancing is necessary. With the 2♠ missing there’s a good chance some situations may be more manageable without too much drama. The 2 6’s may present some minor challenges as the 6♠ showed up. I’m not going to go into great detail on the meaning of each card. I want to keep it brief because the main objective of this post is to demonstrate the Trigger Layout.

K ♣ 2  8 10

The 2  in the “You” spot suggests children, pregnancy, dancing, hobbies, emotions, etc. Ok, that’s a lot of meanings, lol. This is where you will have to decide which meaning (s) you think will be appropriate. This reading is for female who is a senior with minor health issues, therefore, pregnancy is unlikely. Going dancing is possible but more than likely not a high priority. Children seems to fit best, her own or even her grandchildren. Hobbies are always a good choice and emotions is another definite choice because we all have feelings, right.

The Trigger row is showing contact with the King♣ in the recent past. This suit belongs to the communication/work field so there probably has been some discussion about the 2♥. The 8is all about mutual love and admiration. The emotions meaning of the 2 ♥ is confirmed.  The 10♥ can represent a marriage partner. There is good energy with this card regarding emotional security. There are other meanings such as an entertainment facility which could create some excitement (emotions) as well.

From this row we can see an ease of energy through the Hearts suit. There is a male involved who is security minded and prepared to discuss situations with the senior lady. There is no evidence of health problems here but as you study the column different cards could reveal some issues because there are 3 spades.

PAST:  Ace♣ King ♣ 6

The past column ends in a which is often a good sign. The Ace♣ indicates legal papers. This is a very important Ace when considering combinations because if the 4♠ or 8♠ is within the layout there could be a hospital connection. There are many other combinations with this Ace as well. There is a whole list in the handbook. I’ve added a bunch in the Notes: section of my own that I have discovered through trial and error.  Coupled with the King this duo could suggest a person who is in school or in the service.

We do have the 2in the Now column so we can use the combination meaning of a restaurant somewhere in the summary.  We could go so far as to say that a conversation took place with the K♣ about some legal papers if there is no school/service involved. Ending with the 6♥ the suggestion would be that the K♣ is more than just a friend as it denotes a love affair. This card can also represent a son or brother which would tie in with the 8 in the Trigger row Immediate column suggesting a relative. 

NOW: 2  2  5

The current column ends in a which suggest there could be some money talk or a financial situation.  We have already talked about the 2and we can combine the 2 to indicate a restaurant. The 5can indicate a court case but it also means sitting at a table having a conversation. Possibly this card ties into the Ace♣ and somehow children 2♥ can be involved. This prediction could involve the female indirectly. Being a senior I’m sure she has family and friends which these predictions could apply and the fact they showed up in her Reading means she is involved or informed.  If you look at the 2 and the 5this duo could suggest going to a restaurant to talk about things and it could also indicate shopping for a gift 2♣ which lies in the Soon column .

IMMEDIATE: 3♠ 8 6♠

The immediate column ends in a spades so there could be some challenges or hurdles coming up.  The 3♠suggests some misunderstanding usually caused by another person. Maybe the confusion is around a relative or good friend 8  . Whatever this is it will end 6♠ within a few weeks.

SOON: 2♣ 10 J♠

The Soon column ends in a spade as well but it is a court card which may or may not cause interference in a plan. The Trigger card 10 is positive lending “optimistic energy” to the Jack’s personality.  Here we see a gift or benefit being given to the female as the 2 lies under the fan of three cards in the Soon column. The benefit could come as a service keeping in mind that the Ace ♣K♣ did suggest service as well in the Past column.

The Trigger card 10  brings success in the overall Reading. Since it is also coupled with a court card the Jack ♠ could be thinking about marriage or a committed relationship but from a negative state of mind. The gift could be an apology gift, lol.

There are a couple of topics revealed by these cards. Now, if I used another cartomancy system additional information would be revealed as well and most likely applicable as well.

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