Part 2b/2. Conclusion 15 card layout.

In conclusion: this post will feature the remainder of the 15 card layout from the Card Readers Handbook by Regina Russell. We will study the one and two month wings/fans for female S as well as factoring in the bottom fan which usually depicts delays and even sometimes unwanted predictions (postponement).

Regina Russell's Card Readers Handbook. 15 card layout.

Regina Russell’s Card Readers Handbook. 15 card layout.

ONE MONTH (right fan of cards)  2 8♣  6♠ 

2♦ is all about small amounts of money. It can also represent going out to a restaurant. There are several meanings for this card. Since it is the first card in the fan of three cards it is considered “lying underneath” which means female S will be helping someone out with money or some kind of assistance.  If you consider the Q as the last card from the center fan of cards (see last post) with the 2it is considered as “lying on top” which means the financial help comes from the Q ♦ as well. Therefore, it will be a mutual exchange between female S and whoever is represented by the Q ♦ probably the return of an old friend J♠  Q ♦ and/or a girlfriend Q  Q ♣ (top wing) sporting a uniform.  As well the 10 ♣ (bottom wing) is involved. More on this card in the 2 month write-up. 

8 ♣ is all about conversations and equally all about work. This card in combination with the 5 ♥ (left-wing last post) suggests an offer of work which is very, very positive. There will definitely be talk of this over the next 3-4 weeks. Even though these 2 cards combined are not side by side the combination meaning is still used, however, there are other cards involved which can help or hinder this prediction.  This conversation is obviously between 2 quite possibly 3 females. 

6 ♠ – oh, too bad a spade ends this wing especially this ♠. This card is all about endings of one kind or other. It can represent a vehicle as well among other areas of the home. Regina supplies quite a few possibilities for most of the cards.   It looks like this wonderful opportunity 5  to travel or work will not materialize within about one month. I tend to allow 6 weeks for this spot because I have found some things take a wee bit longer. Of course, other times it only took 2 weeks.  We already know there was an argument in the past involving travel.

There is one major trio combination to also study.  6♠ (right-wing)  10♣ (bottom wing)  8♣ (right-wing)

These cards suggest a move/relocation to a new city to be closer to a work situation.  Although, another 10 is also required for this prediction I think this is a topic of conversation for the next several months.

TOP WING (up to 2 months) A  9♣  Q♣

The A  is important because it represents the home. In lieu of the major combination prediction this makes sense because as I said in the earlier posts the home will be highlighted (see quote below)

Tip #3: Positive and Negative cards

As I said above Aces are significant. The Ace  is close enough to a court card Dame Clubs. The meaning of this trio will involved the person represented by the Queen ♣. Prior to shuffle the Significator cards are usually pre-selected.  This Queen would be connected to the home in some way but not necessarily a family member.

9 ♣ Q ♣ – when the 9 ♣ lies before a court card the suggestion is that the person is at a distance or away. Since the A♥ is involved in this fan of cards someone will be away from home. It could be female S or a girlfriend of hers. Taking into consideration what we have studied thus far I’m thinking it is female S because of the disagreement or argument about some travel talk in the recent past.  Double ♣’s suggests a busy time for female S as well.   The 9 ♣ does represent a journey or trip blessed with some good luck.  Most likely a road trip – weekend get away and it could be a long distance drive.

BOTTOM WING (up to 2 months  – the delays, unwanted, challenges)  9 9♠10♣

Double 9’s – element of surprise or unexpected but it is most likely not wanted especially since the 9 ♠ is there. The wing ends in a ♣ so things will speed up.  

9  – I like this card because it’s all about manifestation and visualization. It can also suggest a member of the opposite gender is thinking about you. There is a magnetic energy contained within this card.  I think the lesson here is not to think negative because female S may attract a negative outcome to something she really wants to happen … like a trip or a new job.

9 ♠- I am not fond of this card as I have seen it once too many times over the years and it was always connected to some sort of medical crisis (8♠). Here is an example of what I am talking about from Sept 2/2007 post —->click link.    Luckily we do not have the 8♠ in this layout. Phewww.   This card is never an easy energy because it will upset female S initially but all will end well. The question is whether or not the 9♠ shows up in the 21 card layout which you should do after the 15 card layout.  The fans are more identified and include: closest to you, the home/family, the wish, what you don’t expect, what you do expect, sure to come and surprise.  The cards that do show up in the 21 card layout again will reveal more about the predictions because they will fall in these designated fans.  Even though the 9♠ can put off a prediction or create some disappointment the 10♣ which ends the fan promises activity in this area namely a long distance trip or a business venture. These 2 themes are throughout this Reading and both can materialize at different times.

update: A 6♠ 10♣ – this combination suggests some water issues in the washroom.  This has already happened in female S’s home due to a leaky washing machine.  9 10♣ – visualizing travel near water is an opportunity which presented itself. It has already been discussed 8♣ and the 21 card layout will reveal if it can become a reality. Travel overseas is a wish of female S.  

These 15 cards are quite accurate on many different levels. One thing you need to remember is to really think about which meanings you are going to blend. Also, you can come up with various predictions using the same cards.

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