Part 2a/2. Comparing Regina Russell & Jennifer Kast’s playing card meanings.

In continuation of the last post….the images feature Piatnik’s fabulous Baroque No 2118 playing cards probably from the late 70’s or early 80’s. There is a set over at eBay right now starting bid $49.99

This Reading was done for a 50-year-old creative female S who is currently unemployed, in tumultuous relationship and close to her family. The image below illustrates the Left wing/fan of the 15 card layout represents the past usually up to 2 months.  The center fan of 3 cards is the Now or current energy around the person. It is also important to remember the findings for the tips in the previous post which I am looking at on a split screen as I write this post. Also, I will include an update with the predictions which have already happened.   🙂

Past: 5 K K♠ Now: 7♣ J♠ Q

Baroque playing cards 2118. Piatnik

Baroque playing cards 2118. Piatnik

PAST: an offer or opportunity presented itself it the recent past which was a surprise (double courts). There may have been someone in uniform involved. Being in uniform covers a vast amount of fields of employment from medical all the way to the clerk at the local grocery store. The King of Hearts is also someone in female S’s family.

update: female S was discussing an opportunity with a friend who is an Esthetician (uniform). Although, the friend was female the 2 Kings would still apply even though 2 Queens are reserved to represent a female in uniform according to the handbook. The opportunity was for travel abroad. As you can see in the center trio of cards a further discussion turns into an argument with the J♠

NOW: this is where the energy of the 2 Kings is brought forward because the 7♣ suggests some sort of argument. The female may have gotten into a heated discussion because of this offer or opportunity 5. I do see this card as a negotiation as well. Since the K♠ ended the past wing of the layout there would have been some difficulties related to the situation of the 5.  I would read the J♠ as a personality aspect of the K♠ when he is being immature and ridiculous in attitude. 

The 2 courts in this spot does indicate the return of an old friend but the experience wasn’t all that great because of the 7♣’s restless energy. No doubt female S was excited about this opportunity. It took the fine touch of the Q to smooth things out which fits the personality of the aestheticism.  

We know from the previous post home and a major discussion about travel/business was highlighted in the other wings/fans of the layout.

The image below features Jennifer Kast’s cartomancy stickers placed on a standard playing card deck. I thought I would do this to compare the predictions for the Past and Center cards as well. The meanings on the stickers are also for reversals which I didn’t use when I did the layout since Regina Russell’s system only reads upright.

Jennifer Kast's Cartomancy stickers For the Seekers.

Jennifer Kast’s Cartomancy stickers For the Seekers.

Past: 5♥ grieving over some disappointment, loss or past wrongs. Leave your pain behind you. Move forward. K♥ fair-haired, kind-hearted, generous, and affectionate older man. K♠dark haired man of influence. Successful in career and honest lover.

Now: 7♣ fierce competition. Card of determination and perseverance for profits or gain. Enemies are present. J♠ young dark-haired man who is intelligent with sharp tongue. Qfair-haired female who is energetic and outgoing. She is intuitive and loyal.

In Jennifer Kast’s system of meanings the Past shows some disappointment involving 2 men. One is an older man described by the King of Hearts (husband of the Esthetician) and the other one appears to be career minded (probably female S’s partner).  In the Now spot there is evidence of some competition requiring determination to overcome. This meaning ties into the 7♣. Most likely involves the young Jack but the Queen saves the day with her fun personality (the Esthetician). Different Cartomancy systems produce different results. What you don’t find in one system generally shows up in another system.

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