Tips: Regina Russell’s 15 card layout Part 1/2

More from the Card Readers Handbook by Regina Russell. This time I will demonstrate the 15 card layout which can be located in the handbook.  The deck I am using is the Vintage French playing cards, Jeanne D’ Arc, made in France.  Roi- King. Valet- Jack. Dame – Queen. 1 – Ace.

The 15 card layout generally predicts to about 2 months.  In this layout you can find out a little about the past (3 card on the left), up to one month (3 cards to far right), up to 2 months (top 3 cards), up to 2 months which can be delayed or present challenges (bottom 3 cards) and the 3 center cards which reflects the current circumstances.

I’m going to do two post on this process of reading the 15 card layout. Part 1 post will feature some cartomancy tips prior to the actual reading of the cards. Part 2 post will feature the actual Reading.

Tips on how to read the cards:

  1. I look at the suits first to see if there is a duo or trio of a particular suit. The reason for this is because that tells me the energy within that time frame or wing of the layout.
  2. I observe the suit distribution. This tell me which suit energy is strong, lacking or if they are balanced. Lots of ♣ ‘s suggest a busy time indeed either with work or your personal schedule.  Many ‘s indicate that the next few months are more money driven.  An abundant amount of ♠’s suggest struggles and basically a down phase. Plenty of  ‘s point to easy time with not too much stress. Could even be an unproductive period.
  3. I study the layout for positive and negative cards. If there are cards to represent some major changes I make a note of what the topic or category is and to see if there are Court Cards close by.
  4. At this point, I locate combinations. Are they side by side? Does part of a combination fall in another wing. When this happens the prediction starts in one wing and could take up to the designated time of the other wing. Does the card fall in the bottom trio? You will know there could be postponement. You will find out more information when you proceed to the 21 card layout. Certain cards appear again. Now, you may have to look these up combinations in the Handbook or CD depending which item you own.  With so many cartomancy systems one usually doesn’t have each and every card memorized from every system. If you work with the cards often – it’ll come back to you.
  • Once I’ve gone through the above process which should take only minutes I continue with the layout beginning with the center 3 cards (Part 2 post).  Giving you step by step tips takes paragraphs to write but the cartomancy process should only be seconds or minutes if you know your cards.

Excuse the poor quality of the image and the busy background, lol. My grand babies are coming over soon and it’s much easier for me to take the kitchen place mat off the table keeping the cards in tact.

  • 15 card layout from Card Readers Handbook.

    15 card layout from Card Readers Handbook.

Tip #1: Duo, Trios of cards

2 Rois (Kings) side by side in the past left wing. Man in uniform. Note the King of Spades falls last suggesting a possible problem. When we speak of uniforms they can be from any field, doctors, police, etc.

2 Dames (Queens) one in the center (current time) and one in the top wing (up to two months). However, they do touch so they can be read together. Woman in uniform.

3 9’s – two of them falling together in the bottom wing (possible delays) and one in the top wing (up to 2 months)

One Ace- Aces are important in Readings. This one is a Heart in the top wing suggesting circumstances around the home will be highlighted.

Tip #2: suit distribution

3 Hearts- emotional situations are minimal mostly in past, some in the 2 month spot

5 Clubs- the next two months will be busy but not hectic. No clubs in the past.

4 Spades- some challenges appear in the past/ next two months

3 Diamonds- financial matters are all over the place, some in the current time, some delayed (bottom wing) and a few in the right wing (up to one month).

The suits are distributed fairly evenly. This means the person getting the Reading will be dealing with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Of course, a lot depends on the Spades whether they are serious problems or passing issues.

Tip #3: Positive and Negative cards

As I said above Aces are significant. The Ace is close enough to a court card Dame Clubs. The meaning of this trio will involved the person represented by the Queen ♣. Prior to shuffle the Significator cards are usually pre-selected.  This Queen would be connected to the home in some way but not necessarily a family member.

The next card that stands out is the 10♣ suggesting primarily a trip or business situation. Since it is preceded with a ♠ any delays or challenges associated with this trio will be overcome..despite the double 9’s.

Next the 8♣ stands out as it is a major conversation or work card. Everyone wants to know about their job. Many people are curious about the types of conversations which are upcoming. This card lies in the far right wing suggesting 3-4 weeks or so. The trio ends in a spade so we can see some difficulties coming up.

Tip #4: Combinations

Combinations can be arrived at by duo or trios of cards.  Some of these have already been covered in the Tip #1 section. A few of the other combos are listed below:

Top Wing – up to 2 months. 9♣D♣. This Queen is at a distance from the person getting the Reading. Since the cards fall in the 2 month spot it looks like a girlfriend might be away. The 1represents the home (Ace). This trio is fairly easy to summarize and will be in Part 2 post.

Center – V♠Q♦- return of a friend but not necessarily in a romantic way. 

2 D’s plus 10♣ situated as the last cards in the top, center and bottom fans of cards.  There is definitely some a long distance trip involved between two Females (Queen).

In Part 2 post I will summarize these findings I have just written about and post the Reading as if I was actually in a session with the person sitting in front of me.  Also, I will upload clear images of the trio of cards in each wing/fan of the 15 card layout. Stay tuned….   🙂

3 thoughts on “Tips: Regina Russell’s 15 card layout Part 1/2

    • Hi: The procedure in the accompanying handbook has you picking the cards one by one when they are fanned on the table. I select them from the shuffled deck I am holding in my hands. In the diagram below is the order the cards are laid out.
      2-7-12 1-6-11 3-8-13
      You could lay 3 in center, 3 in left wing, 3 in right wing, 3 in top wing and 3 in bottom wing although I tend to follow the handbook for the layout because I am concentrating on each card before I pick it.

      Hope that helps. Madame Seaqueen

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