Question for Halloween Playing Cards with Nov 1st update

NOVEMBER 1st:  update on Halloween Playing Cards Reading- at end of post.

I thought it would be fun to ask the Halloween playing cards (by Two’s Company) whether or not there would be a lot of trick or treaters tonight. It’s funny, when you stock up on goodies usually the traffic of kids is less and when you aren’t prepared there are a whole bunch that show up. Another reason I’m asking is because it is raining and the weather predictions are not favourable for tonight. Did that ever stop you when you were a kid?

Aren’t these cards cute?  I did a simple three card layout and since I had three court cards I selected a clarifying card which can be seen beneath the center card. The Joker is there is not part of the Reading.

Happy Hallow'en

Happy Hallow’en

Three court cards:  Jack  Queen  Queen  plus 4 ♣ as the clarifying card.

I am using Regina Russell’s meanings for the Card Readers Handbook since I have my personal 3 ring binder on hand with the book in it along with all my handwritten notes dating back to the mid 1970’s.  In this binder are many Readings which I have tested and self-critiqued to gain a better understanding of the card meanings.

Observations: keeping question in mind

  • 3 court cards does suggest a group of kids
  • all red court cards indicates a good experience
  • 2 Queens suggest uniforms (friendly policewoman) – makes sense there will be costumes
  • Queen and Jack found together suggests someone you haven’t seen in a while will return. We have 2 of these combinations. One combination indicates the return of kids from last year – makes sense, like the neighbours. Since one of face cards is a  it suggests someone with an emotional connection. Two Queens are also a surprise and maybe someone will drop by that I don’t expect. I’ve always seen 2 Queens as gossip between girlfriends when they are red suits.
  • Regina assigns mother, aunt, sister, daughter or a loved member belonging to family to the Queen ♥. This could also represent me. Maybe it’s my daughter with the grand babies?
  • 4 of CLUBS:  
  • this card means a telephone call, a car, service (giving out candy is providing a service, lol)
  • since the 4♣ falls over a face card (J) this means I will receive a phone call (or text)
  • could also mean transportation as in me getting into my car & taking off (just kidding)

Summary: the show will go on, kids will show up rain or shine, could be a surprise visit, a phone call comes in about this evening’s activities, seeing familiar faces (masks, costumes, neighbour children), possible connection with a family member…. now if I decide not to stay home then this Reading will not materialize in relation to Halloween evening but it could still apply wherever I am.    (food for thought)

Here is my review of my summary in the above paragraph.

Yes the show did go on. Yes the children did show up even though it was raining. No surprise visit. No phone call (this means the other meanings should have been considered for the 4♣). Yes familiar masked faces. No connection to family members, however, there is a connection with the neighbour ladies. Yes I stayed home dressed in costume. As it turned out the 4♣ turned out to be the vehicles that the parents were driving to let of the children at each house. Also, there was more conversations between myself and the kiddies, which btw were really nice and polite this year.  Three court cards confirm a group of people-  the children.  Insofar as the JOKER – the unexpected was that there were quite a few less kids than last year & I had ample goodies left over probably 80%.


This adorable Joker ghost was not part of the Reading.  If it was part of the layout, it is saying, “expect the unexpected”.  Happy Halloween!!

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