Monthly calendar Lenormand cards by Malkiel

November 1st is around the corner. Grab your cards.  Print off a free calendar found —> HERE. and turn on the video for Malkiel’s instructions.  Video Time – 5:14 minutes.

This is a fantastic way to study the Lenormand cards. Every few days review what actually happened in your life and compare with the card that fell in that certain day.  In the video below by Malkiel Rouven Dietrich you will find some great tips how to do the Monthly Calendar.  He also offers some tips for each card as he goes through the process of selecting and recording the cards.

3 thoughts on “Monthly calendar Lenormand cards by Malkiel

  1. Thanks for posting this. It will be a good way for me to start out learning the Lenormand even though I am three days into November!! BB

    • Hi: Malkiel’s videos are always informative and fun to watch. Yes, it is an excellent way to learn as well. Just mark one or two keywords right on the calendar for the card you selected (if you downloaded the link for the freebie). A dollar store calendar works as well but you’ll need a marker as most are plastic coated. Leave some space to jot down one or two words about what experience you actually had on that day.Or just draw a short line underneath the card meaning keywords. Happy Cartomancy. Seaqueen

  2. November 8th and this is a great way to learn the cards. Firm believer in the predictive aspects of all cards and Lenormand is no different!! Each day so far has been right on. Been using your workbook that I ordered from you and putting my notes in the side. Also see aspects of the playing cards insert in each day as well. Thanks again. BB

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