Marriage Layout using the Crooked Deck

I recently obtained the 1969 Crooked Deck (A. Freed Novelty Inc. NYC) which is a fun deck of cards. In today’s post I am demonstrating Regina Russell’s marriage spread which can be found in her, “Card Readers Handbook”.

I have found Regina’s system very good and have been testing it ever since she wrote her handbook. The meanings detailed below are written with permission from Regina.

The Marriage Spread can be used to ask other questions besides about matrimony.  It can be used to look into your emotional life.  The card in the lower right corner is the pivotal card. This means a lot depends on its meaning.  The layout required that you shuffle the entire deck of 52 cards thoroughly.  Select 6 cards, one by one, either from the shuffled deck in your hand (which is what I did) or fan the cards facedown on the table.  Place the 1st card in the top left corner, continue across until you have three cards. Begin the 2nd row by placing card four beneath card one and continue across (see image below).

Regina Russell's Marriage Spread

Regina Russell’s Marriage Spread

Before you begin the Reading study the suits and various combinations. There are ample combination meanings offered in the Card Readers Handbook, both with the individual write up of each card and in the combinations section. I have added many of my own combinations which I have discovered when studying the different layouts after the fact. After the fact means when a certain designated time has lapsed. There are actually 3 layouts which are done in the full Reading. Each layout has a specific time frame. I have written about this in other posts. See 15 card layout post —> here  and 21 card layout —-> here and the Marriage spread asking specific question —- here.  I do want to mention that the 3rd layout of the full Reading uses 12 cards. This is done after the 21 card layout. One thing you need to remember is if certain cards keep appearing in these 3 layouts. If so, the person or situation isn’t going away any time soon.

The Marriage Spread:  Will female S and male T get married?  They are currently engaged. 

Observations: There are no hearts in the layout – lack of emotional connection at the time of the Reading. One court card – represents male T. 2 clubs – clubs suggest being busy. 2 spades – spades indicate delays. 2 diamonds – diamonds point to financial matters. 2 – 5’s – emphasis on those meanings. Keep the summaries brief to get a gist of what the cards are trying to tell you. You can add more depth to the Reading by allowing your Intuition to speak to you. Also, find the combinations.

Reading the first 2 cards:  10 and King ♣

10 ♦- large sum of money

King ♣ – a businessman

Summary: The King of Clubs probably represent male T because he is financially comfortable. This duo tells you this business man most likely has financial security or success in the material world.

Reading the middle 2 cards: 2♠ and 5 ♣

2♠ – a removal, separation, forced or pressured, teeth

5 ♣ – changing jobs, interview, organization

Summary: I want to read these two card to mean that male T is feeling very pressured in relation to his work

Reading the final 2 cards in last column which includes the Pivotal Card: 8 ♠ and 5 

8 ♠ – professional appointment, investigation

♦- court, legal case, discussion about property

Summary: a legal situation involving property

So far marriage is not in cards. There will be some issues which need to be addressed involving 5 ♦. This card is all about legality which can involve property/money, etc.  Most likely a prenuptial agreement which no doubt will involve work or organization which male T is associated with at this time.

A few Possible combinations: 

2♠ 8 ♠- dental issues

2♠ 5♣- problems at work

10 2♠- large outlay of money

2 5’s – work & legality is emphasized

The Suits:  Since there are no hearts in the layout I don’t think marriage is a high priority right now.  What is stressed is money, challenges and a busy time. This revolves around male T as female S’s card did not appear.

Of course, there are secondary meanings for each of the cards. When a specific question is asked it is best to pick meanings which can fit into the question. This is not always possible but it will be quite evident if another question is being answered which the consultant did not ask.

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