Oracle of Radiant Sun – The Cardinal Cross Layout

The Oracle of the Radiant Sun (Caroline Smith & John Astrop) consists of 84 cards which are rooted in Astrology. In the accompanying book there are several layouts including the Cardinal Cross Layout which I will demonstrate today.

After you shuffle the 84 cards, lay them out in a zodiac wheel (12 positions of the Astrological wheel) keeping them face down until you are ready to commence the Reading. The Cardinal Cross is a great little layout to use if you want a general Reading.  The Cardinal Houses contain the initiating energy. They are the most active and powerful. These areas cover self, home/family, relationships/marriage, career/public standing.  For a general Reading this is a good layout which will touch on these areas. For more extensive and detailed Reading you can uncover all Houses after you read these even though this is not mentioned in the booklet. Experimentation is encouraged by the authors.

NEXT: You turn over the following cards which fall in the Cardinal Houses:  

Oracle of the Radiant Sun cards -  The Cardinal Cross Layout.

Oracle of the Radiant Sun cards – The Cardinal Cross Layout.

Seeker: the person getting the Reading is a 45-year-old Female who is in a committed relationship and at the same time experiencing a lot of uncertainty in life direction.

Card 1 – House 1: Cardinal Aries -ROMANCE.  #2 Venus in Taurus

This House reveals the person’s state of mind at the time of the Reading. It is also read as the outer personality.  

The Romance card suggests the female should be in a good frame of mind as her relationship is blessed by cupid (see card image).  She could be receiving some sort of invitation.  Also, it shows she is very creative and artistic.  As a prediction card: the female will receive a gift of value that is very personal.

Card 4 – House 4: Cardinal Cancer  -ORDER. #6 Moon in Virgo

The 4th House represents one’s home and family; property. In general Readings, most people want to know about this topic. It can represent one of the parents.

Interestingly, the Order card is suggesting there will be some sort of re-organization within the home environment. The female has given a lot of thought to her own health (exercise + food) lifestyle. There can be some sort of business associated within the home which will need an overhaul to be more efficient.  As a prediction card: the female will be experiencing some shifting in responsibility directly as a result of what is going on in the home/family at the current time.  Is it positive or negative?  

Card 7 – House 7: Cardinal Libra -DEVOTION. #7 Saturn in Libra

This house rules the partnership. Most relationships come under the rulership of house 7. Here we can find out what her partner is up to or how he fits into this general layout. 

Here we find a card suggesting her partner is “devoted” to her, however, he promises more than he can deliver.  His intentions are good but often he does not back up those intentions.  Within this card is the promise of a loyal partner to the point that many other responsibilities in everyday life are often ignored. If the female was wondering about her partner’s fidelity this card clearly states he is faithful.  As a prediction card: there is a good chance there will be some sort of legal agreement between these two people.  Having a #7 card in #7 house emphasizes the meaning of partnership….legal documents.

Card 10 – House 10: Cardinal Capricorn EXTREMISM. #8 Mercury in Scorpio

The 10th house rules life direction, career and public reputation.  It also represents the other more dominant parent.

The Extremism card has very challenging energy.  It depicts some sort of public outburst which affects one of the areas it rules. There is strong evidence that a decision will result after an argument or difference of opinion.  In its negative meaning there could be news of a passing which will alter the female’s life direction. As a prediction card: there is a good chance that this passing will affect the male in her life as some sort of legality is involved in house #7.   There will definitely be no uncertainty in life direction when this Reading comes to pass.

Brief Summary:  As a general Reading, the female will receive some sort of invitation as an emotional bribe. There will be much restructuring within her home to come. There may be some legal entanglements with her partner which will cause a major disagreement resulting in a very clear life direction which comes from a decision.

This Reading can be continued by flipping over the remainder of the cards to get more information.     🙂

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