Reading Seaqueen’s Trigger Layout

I have had several requests to demonstrate on how to read the Trigger Layout. It is important to decide prior to shuffle which time frame you would like to use and it is important to really mean it. The reason I am saying this is because I have assigned short-term time frames only to discover the events were further into the future.  Often we think we want to know about situations over the next few months but deep inside we want to know about the big picture.

The Trigger Layout can be used with or without the Significator card placed into the YOU spot (yellow round magnet in center of card, see image below). Today I decided not to use the Lady card to represent me. I did select a 3 month time frame for the SOON column. Immediate column can be any time up to a month.  Sometimes this column is a few days. It depends on what is going on in your life and it also depends on what the Universe has planned for you and others.

Seaqueen's Trigger Layout featuring Piatnik's Lenormand cards.

Seaqueen’s Trigger Layout featuring Piatnik’s Lenormand cards.

The Trigger Row

After the cards are laid out I usually scan or review the Trigger Row first.  These card will tell me about a situation which is probably a main theme.   In the close up image above the Trigger Row consists of FISH (past column), SUN (you in the now column), SCYTHE (immediate column) and DOG (soon column)

This is how I would read the Trigger Row if I were doing a Reading for a client. My interpretation is brief without delving into the Court cards, pip suits, or too many alternate meanings to the cards. Also, when I read I do receive other information which is not in the cards.  Your Cartomancy personality is what’s important!

At the current time you are questioning your happiness (sun).  This is on your mind a lot (now column). In the past you have had a situation under scrutiny involving your finances (fish). I will expand on this point once we get into the Reading in more detail.  It looks like there is a situation in the very near future, perhaps within a few weeks (immediate column) that will startle you (scythe) and it is linked to money in some way.  There should be a pretty friendly solution (dog) within 3 months (soon column). It is quite possible a friendship (dog) will be directly involved in this situation.  

After you summarize the Trigger Layout you continue with the Reading starting with the Now column to see what’s going on.

The card representing you, the Lady, falls in the now spot suggesting that your happiness (sun) has been tested. When the Sun card is coupled with the Tower card this means there has been a break up in the continuity of your personal happiness.  Most likely a situation has happened in the past which put you in a fragmented state of mind.

Looking at the cards in the past column there is a strong indication you have been thinking about how to solve (key) some financial issues (fish).  There seems to be some underhanded (snake) energy around this problem.  You are a smart (snake) lady that cannot be fooled.  Don’t let this situation undermine (snake) your happiness (sun).

It’s always a good idea to dialogue with your client at this stage of the Reading.  Ask her if any of what you have told her makes sense to her.  You need some confirmation that you are picking up on the correct meanings and combinations for the cards.  If you are on the “mark” the client would have already agreed with what you said about the YOU card – the SUN.

In the next few weeks (immediate column) your Significant other (gentleman) will play a very important role. If you do not have someone special in your life the Gentleman card can represent a male close to you.  This man will be troubled over something wrong (fox) decision he will make on the fly (scythe).  I see this as an impulsive (scythe) reaction to a situation which occurred between the two of you.  This male is partly involved with your personal happiness (sun) as his card touches the card representing your happiness.

Try to establish open lines of communication with your client by discussing what you just said. You may need to say it in a different way if the person doesn’t totally understand what you trying to say.  This is common because client’s often are nervous getting a Reading.  Now you continue with the Soon Column.

Keep in mind that this situation is only temporary and it will pass (clouds) or end (coffin). The error in judgement (fox) will temporarily conceal (clouds) the friendship (dog) with this man.  I would suggest you engage in a deep discussion with this man in order to resolve this situation.  I see the current dilemma ending (coffin) within about three months.

Conclude the Reading on a high.  Most likely a problem will be solved … and pass. Don’t read meanings into cards if you are not sure like saying your friendship (dog) will end (coffin) because he is a jerk (fox).  That’s not what the cards are saying.  The female’s happiness (sun) is the theme of this Reading and it is tied into a financial situation (fish).  Maybe these two people have a business venture.  Ask questions.  The doctor asks you why you came for the appointment. The doctor doesn’t give you a diagnosis without you sharing your symptoms.  It’s ok to ask questions in Readings.  

You are not a mind Reader.  You are a card Reader.

10 thoughts on “Reading Seaqueen’s Trigger Layout

  1. Very clear and nice explanation of the Trigger Layout. I always have difficulties on reading this layout but I will give another try afer this explanation, madame Seaqueen!

  2. Hi Madame Seaqueen.
    I have made a try with the trigger spread and I would like to share my thoughts with you and get your comments if possible. I have selected the man as main card. In my deck the man looks left but I kept using your description so the column on his left are past.

    The cards:
    Heart – tree – ways – whips
    Ship – man – coffin – scythe
    Dog – garden – storks – clouds

    I had set up three months. The trigger row talks about changes that can occur during a trip or already occured. These changes will be fast and quite radical.
    The past talks about feelings and longing for someone known, a friendly love.
    I think he’s pretty much thinking on his life. I am doubting about the garden, maybe meetings, many people involved in this life change?
    The immediate column shows huge transformations: decisions that will lead to a transformation, an ending of a phase and changes because of this. Can we affirm these changes could be connected with the sentimental area as the heart is the only indication of a subject here?
    In the future there will be arguments, discussion and maybe dissipation of the doubts? (Scythe before clouds).
    In summary the man is about to suffer or to make changes in his life motivated by … Heart?

    I would appreciate any comments so I can follow how good (or bad) I have done 🙂
    Thanks a lot in advance,

    • Hello: Thank you for trying out the Trigger Layout and for you questions.

      The Trigger row SHIP+MAN+COFFIN+SCYTHE suggest some travel as you have stated. Yes, there are changes in this regard. You could also read the SHIP as a deep longing of the MAN which is of the recent past and might have to released within the 3 month time frame.

      I see the SHIP card as important in this entire layout. The card has a multi role insofar as meanings. It can be travel, it can be a longing, it can be movement of energy/situation/person, it can be someone at a distance ….and so on.

      Past column: I agree with your interpretation.

      Now column: Note: heart+tree can suggest a person who is heart sick (loves but isn’t receiving the love back for some reason). The garden could be a function he will attend but it could also mean he will “come out into the open” about his intentions.

      Immediate column: This is where I would focus on the Ship card more so than the Heart (to represent sentimental areas). In the past column, Ship is the trigger card – this means the card is activated by the Heart card meaning. This empowers the Ship card. Yes, an end (coffin) brings changes (stork) due to a choice/decision (path/ways) and this ties into the SHIP card.

      Soon column (future) – the changes which are pending in the man’s life are indirectly as a result of the Heart card. These changes are directly because of the Ship card (trigger energy). Ship – movement, moving on, longing of …., travel, etc.

      It is safe to say that this Reading is influenced by the Heart card but at the same time a friend (Dog) is just as important. The 3 cards in the past are the foundation for this reading. Hope that helps a little and your interpretation is awesome!!!!

  3. Hi Madame Seaqueen
    Thanks a lot for your comments. Now I have a better understanding of the importance of the trigger row. I also saw that you connect some cards in rows as heart + tree and not only columns or the trigger row.

    I also understood that the future cards (in this case the changes, decisions, etc) are influenced (or caused) by the past column (what makes sense).

    As far as I could see we can not infer from these cards, that the changes will be in favor or against the longing (supressing his feelings more and more). Maybe there will be still stage for doubts and indecisions in the time frame because of the clouds at the end.

    Thanks again!

    • Hello:
      At times some cards stand out when studying the Reading which are in keeping with the theme or topic. I wouldn’t make a point of looking for these combinations they should be easily spotted.
      The Trigger layout should be read as an instruction manual – Each column is a chapter in the manual which should flow into the next column (chapter).
      The Trigger card in each column has more significance and when you string all trigger cards together you arrive at a topic or theme of the Reading. Often the Trigger Row will answer a question directly.
      The cards above the trigger card is what influence “lead up” to the trigger card.
      The cards below the trigger card is the resulting influence involved.

      Heart – tree – ways – whips
      Ship – man – coffin – scythe
      Dog – garden – storks – clouds

      -does the pointed part of scythe face coffin or to the right- The Scythe is a Trigger card. This card will either push the man into some sort of action or clear the way for another direction which may not be as easily understood.

      The Stork card brings the experience of the GARDEN card (now column) into the future (soon column- 3 months)..

      If you still have the layout in front of you look at the Clouds card..
      -does the dark side face the Storks or to the right. If the dark faces Stork the changes appear quite disturbing in the beginning but will clear up within 3 months if not sooner. If dark side faces to the right whatever is going on in 3 months most likely would continue. If you want to delve further into this reading you can do the following:

      *****after you have completed your analysis you can take the Clouds card and set it aside. Shuffle all the cards (35) and use the Clouds card in the YOU trigger spot of the Now column and ask the cards to give you more information on the influence of the clouds card***** OR take the Ship card and place it in the YOU spot for more insights into this Reading.

      Let me know how you make out. Madame Seaqueen

  4. Hi Madame Seaqueen,
    Thank you so much for taking time to add this extra explanation! The reading is very much informative when you can decipher the position and meaning of the cards.
    I have done as you suggested and focused on the CLOUDS and later SHIP cards to see what would come out.

    Fox – clover – sun – house
    Fish – clouds – scythe – ship
    Ways – whip – garden – birds

    Fish is a terrible card for me but I see that his confusion may be related to money. It seems that he’s been very cautious (fox) to make a decision (ways) because of money matters. It will come a clearance to the situation (clover above clouds + sun) and the discussions showed in the other spread are caused by this.
    I am not sure if the Scythe here is doing some benefit. Is it pushing the way forward (facing the ship?). He may expose the situation in public or talk about it. Or he may FEAR all this or do not know how to do this as we have asked what is behind the clouds card. All this situation can lead to discussion (birds) at home (house).

    The ship trigger

    Clover – ring – cross – heart
    Tower – Ship – Sun – Man
    Book – Garden – Fish – Key

    Ok, the whole situation appeared again here. Cards in common are fish, clover, heart, garden, sun … I can associate the ship with longing now, as the heart also appeared here.
    His closeness (the reason maybe of the longing as you have also mentioned not being able to open up to love) is because he kepts secrets.He’s longing for the sun, for the clear situation.
    His marriage (or commitment, or relationship) is a cross to carry, or causes pain. Could this be a relationship that he longs to open up to public? The cross is pressing the happiness and the financial matters.
    Will this all lead to him opening himself up to love?

    Very interesting exercise!

    • Hi Stanze: Clouds Trigger: The Scythe card would eliminate some of the Clouds confusion or lack of clarity in this situation resulting in more precise movement or quite possibly related to travel plans. Often the Ship card is read as yearnings, in this case more communication (birds) will open up discussions in the future.
      Ship Trigger: I see the Book card as the man perhaps being closed off and the Key card suggests solutions are coming. The Sun card promises happiness (overcoming the challenges of the Cross card). Often the Cross card is read with negative meaning but it could also be a Karmic emotional (heart) situation which needs to be worked out. And it will be …Key ends the layout.
      Hope that sheds some additional info. Seaqueen

  5. Hi Madame Seaqueen. I have some feedback here. The man, during his travel, decided to not see the woman while in her country and cut her out of his life. This just happened monday. I only hope this has not finished there and the sun still comes. Which card would you use to see if there’ s still a future for them?


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