Gentleman in Mountain House. Heart in Gentleman House.

The image below features the Lenormand Revolution 21 Mountain House and 28 Gentleman House cards. (Roz Foster, Carrie Paris).  The Lenormand Gentleman card in the Mountain House and the Heart in the Gentleman House is from Rootweaver’s Vintage Lenormand deck.

These 2 Houses are part of the Full Board (Grand Tableau) Houses reading done for a 60-year-old male who has been separated from his wife for nearly 6 months. When you do a Houses reading you find the Significator card for the consultant. In this case it was a male and the Gentleman card represents him.  Once you locate which House the Significator is located in you study the House in which it passes through.  You may have noticed I use the word “passes” when writing about Lenormand Houses interpretations. This is because at the time of the reading the influence of the cards “passes” through it does not stay there permanently.  All cards possess energy and this energy varies depending on which House is involved. The House meaning does not change and neither does the actual Lenormand card meaning.

This is only one way to read Houses. I prefer this way because the shuffled cards contain the energy you are working with at the time of the Reading. The Houses will always be in numerical order in the layout. 

Vintage Lenormand Gentleman passing through the Lenormand Revolution Mountain House. Vintage Lenormand Heart passing through the Lenormand Revolution Gentleman House.

Gentleman situated in the Mountain House.

Right away we know the male is facing some challenges. There are obvious obstacles which could be external or self-imposed at the time of the shuffle.  Experiencing a marital separation is never an easy thing to go through. Yes, the Gentleman is passing through the Mountain House but that doesn’t mean he will be stuck in there. It just means he needs to work through some situations which appear unsurpassable but definitely can be overcome as we will see when we look at the next House of study – The Gentleman House.

Heart situated in the Gentleman House.

Here we can see the male hasn’t lost sight of love.  Love comes in many different forms. Whatever issues the male needed to address or deal with in the Mountain House obviously have left him feeling pretty good about himself. He has not let the setbacks and delays affect him deeply. The Heart card promises emotional satisfaction in a multitude of areas.  We won’t be able to see what those areas are until we locate the Heart House & view the Lenormand card situated in it.  Perhaps it’s a new person coming into his life (Child). Perhaps it is a new job (Anchor). It could be a trip (Ship). And so on …..

When I read the Houses, and most likely many of you do the same thing I start with the consultant’s card, Lady or Gentleman and follow the layout going House to House. What this means is the following:

Let’s say, the Anchor card did pass through the Heart House. Next you find the Anchor House – read the card situated (Fish) in it. That card you have just read is the next House (Fish) you look at.

You don’t have to be inflexible while reading the Houses. Even though I prefer to use one or two interpretative techniques I do scan the cards to see what else “could” be going on.     🙂

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