Foundations in Reading cards

So, you want to learn how to read cards.  Great. I suppose it’s the Lenormand cards. (she chuckled to herself)

*I may have written a post about this once upon a time but it came to me today to write about it again. My main reason is because I have seen on different forums, groups and questions which are emailed to me that newcomers need a little cartomancy guidance. Besides, that’s what this blog is all about.*

Ok, you have already decided on the deck you wish to learn but haven’t got a clue how to begin. You ask around for references to books, websites and videos. How will you know which is best for you?  Are you the type of person who is a visual learner?  If so, videos may be the way for you. Do you enjoy reading books? Then, acquiring a book or two might be an option.  

Any recommendations made to you are most likely a personal opinion of someone else’s experience with that book, website or video. There is a huge amount of free information on the Internet on how to read the cards.

What I would like to point out or offer as a tip is the following necessities in learning how to read cards.

  • after you have selected the deck of your choice, before you even get into learning them, handle the cards.  Look at them. Feel them. Close your eyes and try to recall the image on the card you are holding in your hand. Did you remember some of the scenery?  In the olden days, I used to put the cards under my pillow that I was studying, lol.
  • do this first. Buy a journal or create a diary on your computer. Depending how creative you want to be get a plain journal and decorate the cover. Really cool handmade journals can be purchased at Etsy. Here’s a link for some ones to get you started SaltonsCoveStudio. You can create a private blog – free blogs at WordPress. Start a folder on your computer and add documents to it which list all the cards in your deck. This is easy to do and is simple to pull up when you want to add some information.
  • locate an informative website, obtain 1 book which details the deck of your choice or watch some videos which feature the deck of your choice.

LEARN only a few keywords for each card. Learn through self study. Learn through experience. Learn through instructions you have found on a website, in a book, or by watching a video.

  • try not to compare author #1 with author #2, etc.  Everyone will tell you much of the same but with enough difference to confuse you, not intentionally of course, but authors do throw in their unique particular understanding of the cards you are trying to learn
  • LEARN how to recall the meanings ( once again, 1 or 2 keywords) when you go through the deck. Remember which cards you drew a blank on. Establish some sort of way to tie in the meaning to something on the image if the deck has an image. If it is just standard playing cards – memorize the suit meaning, courts and minors.
  • by now you should feel comfortable and it is should be 6-8 weeks after you have started your cartomancy journey.


READ the individual cards. Do a one card draw. Reading cards requires that you study them first and understand them. You cannot READ the cards until you know what they mean. Oh, I take that back for a second, some people can read the cards intuitively but we aren’t talking about this right now. 

INTERPRETATION – the only way you can interpret the cards in a layout (short) is if you have a solid understanding of each card through self-study, experience and instructions. Then you graduate to READING the cards. Know what each position of the layout means – this is part of learning. When you understand the positions of the layout you can proceed to READ the cards in the layout. This process is called Interpretation. 

Too much info does not make you a better Cartomancer. Knowing how to read that info does! Some people catch on fast and some people don’t but always remember you have your own Cartomancy Personality.

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