Spades Wilhelm Tell fortune cards

And the last suit in this series. The SPADES – Acorns

Acorns – The Spade cards

The top row of cards is the Schnapskarten 1730 which consists of 24 cards.

The bottom row of cards is the Dvouhlave Hraci Karty consisting of 32 cards.

Ace Acorns ♠- Season card. The Winter months. This card can also represent something official or legal. Some skat cartomancers assign court or a large building to this card. Generally, it is used to time events.

7 Acorns ♠- the cheater or person who is not faithful.  This card coupled with any of the Queens or Kings will pretty much tell you the person is a liar.  If you have several negative cards within these cards of study stay clear of that person or advise your client to be a little more cautious by not revealing intimate information to just anyone.

8 Acorns ♠- card of change usually resulting from a message or information received. If this card is coupled with the 7 Hearts representing the home it could predict a change of residence especially if the 10 Acorns ♠ is part of the cards under study.

9 Acorns ♠- jealousy card. Warns consultant that he or she is surrounded by someone who has ill thoughts towards them and hopes they are not successful.  For example, combined with the 9 Bells ♣ it’s a double card suggesting a surprise or something you were not expecting.  The 9 Bells is about loss. Through someone’s jealous actions you could experience a loss. If money cards – loss of money. If love cards – loss of lover. And so on.

10 Acorns ♠- the travel card depicting long distant travels. Often connected to foreign people or lands.

Lower Jack ♠- thoughts of the Acorn Queen or King. Represents a young lad. If the Acorn Lower Jack is beside other Queens and Kings not of the Acorn suit then it brings those characteristics to the Queen and King temporarily.

Upper Jack ♠. The Queen. A vindictive female. If surrounded by good cards a relative.

King Acorns ♠- can be an ex-husband or partner.  When surrounded by positive cards he is a good friend. Let’s suppose you have the King of Leaves beside the Acorn King the combo can suggest business partners. 

There are many combinations as well which are limited only by one’s imagination.  🙂  Some people are better at combining cards than others. There is a knack to it which requires less thinking and more feeling.  

I think, no matter which system of meanings you use being consistent is the key. Different parts of Europe assign different meanings to the bells, leaves, hearts and acorn suit.  We find this in standard Cartomancy as well. In fact, this is pretty constant – the inconsistency of systems.  I suppose variety is the spice of life and many Cartomancers want to take credit for creating something new. But really, it isn’t new. Each Cartomancer has built on the work of the previous Cartomancer decades /centuries ago.

I have 7 other decks sporting bells, leaves, hearts and Acorns which will be shipped to me shortly.  These decks are from different decades consisting of 24 cards through 40 cards.  I may feature some of these in a future post if I find some interesting imagery which is different from the 2 decks I have written about over the last 4 posts.

In this day and age many Cartomancers are attempting to build bridges between systems of yesteryear by trying to find links that will explain those systems a bit better. Mlle Lenormand may have been famous in her days but what about the other fortune tellers of her era who never got credit for their predictions.  A true gypsy would never reveal everything he or she knew about the cards.  There were exceptions, though, the knowledge had to be passed down but not to just anyone.  Many people don’t believe in word of mouth card meanings. I do. Are you one of the lucky few who inherited meanings?

PS: I forgot to mention that before bells, leaves, hearts and acorns there were parrots (for hearts), monkeys (for acorns), peacocks (for leaves) and lions (for bells). 

——> FOR the 11 Page Document of ALL 4 SUITS  visit  Scribd website.  

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  1. Thank you! This has come at just the right time for me, as I’ve just started working on developing a system for reading Skatkarten, also 32 cards.

  2. Sorry Seaqueen, I started a blog on WordPress but couldn’t get on with the format, so I went back to Blogger (I’ve changed my details now) but of course I have to sign in when I post a comment. 🙂

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