Clubs Wilhelm Tell fortune cards

Recap: The Hearts are in keeping with the traditional hearts/cups associations (first post).  The Acorns are related to the spades/swords.  The Bells are similar to clubs/wands in some systems. The Leaves resemble the diamonds/pentacles suit (previous post). Of course, as in many cartomancy systems different standard playing card symbols are assigned to acorns, leaves, hearts and bells. Depending on which part of Europe the meanings come from you will notice a a variety of differences.

The  7 and 8 of Leaves (Diamonds) are included in the previous post and the 7 and 8 of Hearts were not mentioned in the first post of Sept 30/13.  The main reason for that is because I was comparing with the 24 card Schnapskarten 1730 (begin with 9’s)  imagery with the 32 card Dvouhlave Hraci Karty.

♥- the home. Matters involving one’s residence. Should this card lie beside the lower Jack & Upper Jack or King the lower Jack brings the thoughts of home and family to the Queen & King.  If this card is beside the 7 of Bells, not only is it a double 7 indicating an element of surprise or the unexpected it will intensify the negative aspect of the bells suit.  The reason for this is because tears are an outcome or result of a situation. The home is a situation. The two together would bring tears into the home environment.

♥ – loyalty in feelings. Fidelity. When this card is coupled with a dubious card it would indicate the opposite. For example, let’s suppose you asked a question about the success of a project and selected Ace Hearts, 8 Hearts, Ace Leaves.  Here we have 2 season cards and one card of staying true to your goal.  Spring, loyalty, Autumn. Depending what time of year it is when you ask the question the project will succeed when 3 seasons pass or in the Autumn.  

Another example,  8 of Bells (clubs) plus 8 Hearts + 9 Hearts = element of surprise but a good one. It can be a miraculous recovery from an illness fulfilling ones’ wishes for return of health of person or situation.

In continuation of the Wilhelm Tell system today’s post is about the Bells (Clubs). As I said before over the years the Skat card meanings are in keeping with these styles of fortune-telling cards.

Bells – The Clubs ♣ Suit

7 ♣- a card of tears. This card speaks of mourning, sadness and grief. The energy of this card is very upsetting which can be caused by a person or situation.

8 ♣- a card of malady or illness. The illness can be medical or sometimes it is an “ill state of mind”. It is impossible to see a person or situation clearly when your thoughts are clouded with painful memories or you are actually experiencing some sort of sickness.

9 ♣- one word  – loss.  Loss comes in many ways. Loss is not always negative. Loss can bring closures. Loss removes situations or people from our lives that prevent us from moving on. This card does suggest loss from poor judgement.  Loss of money.  Loss of lover.  Loss of job.

10 – an unpredictable card.  Anything goes. This card is influenced by its entourage. The surprise element of this card can be a catastrophe, accident or misfortune. Other times it can bring rewards. Carefully study of adjoining cards is necessary before arriving at a conclusion. 

Ace ♣- Season Card – here you find the time frame of the prediction.  It represents the Summer weeks. Once again it all depends on the system you are studying. Some Tarot systems assign Wands the summer months (I do not use this method I use Wands for spring).

Lower Jack ♣- Jacks are thoughts of the Queen and King. Also, Jacks are the coming and going of situations and thoughts, etc. If you had a Queen or King from another suit this Jack suggests that there is troubling matter on his or her mind.  The thoughts are with problems or obstacles.

Upper Jack ♣- The Queen of Clubs.  She has a reputation of being a lonely woman. One who is divorced or a widow. She is a person you would want on your side. She doesn’t dole out trust easily but once you have it you can count on her.

King of ♣- He is a man with a good head on his shoulders with the ability to make decisions without emotions. He can also be a widower or man without partner. Often he holds a high office. A successful businessman. A judge of situations and people.

The Bells suit sounds more like some of the spade card meanings, however, because of so many different cartomancy systems one needs to choose 1 system and stick to it until it proves itself unreliable.

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