Diamonds Wilhelm Tell fortune cards

Recap: The Hearts are in keeping with the traditional hearts/cups associations.  The Acorns are related to the spades/swords.  The Bells are similar to clubs/wands. The Leaves resemble the diamonds/pentacles suit. Of course, as in many cartomancy systems different standard playing card symbols are assigned to acorns, leaves and bells. 

LEAVES – The Diamond Suit.  The meanings of the Leaves suit is in keeping with the Diamonds theme. I do recall when the Hungarian lady read these cards she explained the Leaves suit is different levels of financial success or money matters.  I’m sure you can find information on the Internet which differs. As with any system find one you like and stick to it until the system proves to be completely wrong in meanings. In many Skat fortune telling systems the Clubs cards possess meanings which we usually assign to Spades.

7 Leaves ♦- minimal amount of money or something of value. This card can represent a purchase in a store but not a purchase with a hefty price tag.

8 Leaves ♦- normal intake of money which comes by earning it. If you have a question about work and this card comes up usually as the final card it promises income of some sort.

9 Leaves ♦- this card is all about money as well. It is more of a swinging door. What I mean by this is when studied in a layout it provides a delivery system for outlays and inlays of money. Should a court card sit to the left of this card that person may be giving you (inlay) money. Should a court card sit to the right of this card you may be giving that person (outlay) money.

10 Leaves ♦- this is the card representing a substantial amount of money or something of significant value. Lots is possible when this card  answers a question in a layout. Usually the 9 & 10 of Leaves is some unexpected money coming without working for it.  

Ace Leaves ♦- Season Card – here you find the time frame of the prediction.  It represents Autumn or the fall months which is similar to the Tarot Pentacles if you use pentacles as diamonds in your translation of the suits. Let’s say we don’t need a time frame the Ace of Leaves suggests opportunities to make money. Look to the cards surrounding this Ace.

To me, leaves tie in with Autumn & that is another reason I translate Leaves to Diamonds.

Lower Jack of Leaves ♦- Jacks are thoughts of the Queen and King. Also, Jacks are the coming and going of situations and thoughts, etc. If you had a Queen or King from another suit this Jack suggests that there is a money matter on his or her mind.  The thoughts are with a financial situation.

Upper Jack of Leaves – The Queen of Diamonds. She has a reputation of liking the finer things in life. Sometimes she will date or marry just for financial security. She can be a successful business woman as well.  If you are a male, someone like this is involved in your life. If she falls in a future spot and you are wondering about a relationship you will meet this lady.  If you are a female – she could represent you. Often if a female is getting the Reading done and asks about the success of a project this Upper Jack is promising good money outcomes.

King of Leaves ♦- He’s the man! Successful. Money in his back corner or wallet.  One of his weaknesses is gambling. He takes risks.  If you fall in love with such a man -business comes first. 

Let’s say (if you are a female) and you ask, “will I meet the man of my dreams?” and you draw 3 cards.

9 of Hearts, King of Leaves, Ace of Hearts.

These 3 cards suggest your wishes will come true and yes you will meet the man of your dreams. He will be financially successful or work in a money/assets type of career.  There’s a good chance you will meet him in the Spring time. If the Spring season just passed then it will be the following year during the spring months. Let’s not forget the question only referred to “meeting such a man”. The cards are answering the question, however, the female really meant, “will I meet someone and have a good solid relationship”.  As always, don’t read meanings into cards which are not there. If you get an intuitive flash that’s different.

4 thoughts on “Diamonds Wilhelm Tell fortune cards

  1. I just bought a German book from 1910 that gives fortune telling meanings for the Schafkopfkarten. Like the Spiel der Hoffnüng it equates Acorns with Clubs (the worst suit), Leaves with Spades (the best suit), Bells with Diamonds (money and chance), and Hearts with Hearts (love and relationships). A friend of mine is translating it for me now. The suits accord with some other, less detailed works, from the 18th and early 19th centuries. I realize there are some other systems for these cards so I am fascinated to hear about them. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Hello: Thank you for your comment. Yes, I have seen different associations for the bells/acorns/leaves/hearts in connection to the standard playing cards. The posts in which I write about the Wilhelm Telling (24) cards are basically hand me down Hungarian meanings. I like word of mouth meanings because I feel they came first before they were entered into written books. 🙂 Madame Seaqueen

  2. I agree about the oral meanings being much truer to the tradition. Often the books and decks with keywords were written by publisher’s hacks who copied an earlier work without understanding it or got a brief outline from an acquaintance. It reminds me of my Polish mother-in-law who insisted that her mushroom, pickel, kielbasa and blue cheese soup could not be written down as you had to make adjustments as it was cooking.

    • Must be a Eastern European thing, lol. The very last Easter family dinner of 2010 when we were all together mom told me to memorize what she was telling me for the apple studel from scratch which requires stretching the dough paper thin. She’s always say a spoon of this a spoon of that, if it doesn’t look right add more. Both my parents died within months of that Easter dinner. So sad. I remember when your mom passed, too. I haven’t quite got a handle on them being gone but am kept busy with my granddaughter (nearly 2 years old) and grandson (nearly 3 years old).

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