Hearts suit of the Wilhelm Tell fortune cards

Comparison of Hearts suit

Comparison of Hearts suit

The top cards in the first row are Doppeldeutsche Schnapskarten to include just A, K, O, U, 10, 9. This deck has only 24 cards.
The bottom cards are Dvouhlave Hraci Karty to include A, K, O, U, 10, 9 and 8 & 7 (not shown in image). This deck has 32 cards.

As you can see they are identical in imagery with the exception of the German names/seasons on the actual cards in the first row of Doppeldeutsche Schnapskarten. Also, in the 9 and 10 cards the center image of castle/tower varies slightly. Obviously, the card stock from the 50/60’s is better with less plastic coating. The 70/80’s deck is brighter and has a nice slide to them when you shuffle. I love them both.

When I was a kid I remember we always had “schnaps” when guests came over. One shot of schnaps and you were warm all over. I don’t think there is “that” connection to these cards but it was a pastime throughout Europe. ūüôā Schnaps is also a card game my parents used to play with their German friends. Also, they used the high cards only and included to the 2 cards to equal 36 cards.

Doppeldeutsche Schnapskarten –¬†Doppel = double. Deutsche- German. Schnaps – game/shot . Karten- cards

Dvouhlave Hraci Karty РDvou Рtwo. Hlave- head. Hraci- play. Karty- cards  

Conclusion: both deck names translate to double-headed playing cards

Note: I do not have the cards in order in the above image.

9 Hearts: ¬†classical association with one’s wishes.¬†

10 Hearts: family affairs, situations connected to the home or property

LOWER Heart Jack:  (Unter) Generally, not representing a person but the thoughts of the Upper Jack (Ober) and King. The energy of the Unter is in constant movement. It comes and goes much like thoughts Рthey come and go. The heart ♥ is not at the top left hand corner.

UPPER Heart Jack: (Ober) The heart ♥ is at the top left hand corner. Often dubbed the Queen. Represents various females such as wife, mother, widow, divorcee, lover, maiden, child.  It is important to remember that this is the Hearts suit and you would need to consider what role in the family the female plays.  You can have a widow in the Hearts suit just like you can have a widow in the Bells suit (spades). The latter being more of a classical representation.

KING Heart: important male in your life. He represents the significant other and also the patriarch of a family.

SEASON Heart card: (Fruhling)  The spring. This is where I have to forget that I associate spring with Tarot Wands (acorns). There are 4 Hearts on this cards quite possibly suggesting the 4 seasons. Most cartomancers see the Season cards as the ACE. All season cards have a female in the imagery. 

Cartomancy by¬†Wilhelm Tell fortune cards to be continued…


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