Two card Pages of Shustah daily draw with update

The sun was rising when I woke up this morning. It rained all night. Normally, rain is a very soothing sound when it is in moderation. This time it affected me differently because it was as if I was weeping softly throughout the night.

I had gotten away from daily card(s) draws lately and reached for the Pages of Shustah which happened to still be on the kitchen table from the day before.  Oh, before I go on I want to share that I had a lucky find yesterday. Often I visit second hand stores mainly to see if cartomancy items show up. Hoohoo, not a deck of cards but a wooden sewing box you know the kind from the 1950’s which sits on the floor and opens up in the middle, has 3 compartments on each side.  This vintage sewing box can hold 30 decks of cards if not more and folds back up. I’ll post a pic when I fill it up.  🙂

Before I proceeded to make a coffee I noticed I had enough milk for one cup. At that time of morning I would have had 2 cups so I had to savour every drop while it lasted, lol.

I shuffled the cards and pulled two cards instead of one or three. The 9 YELLOW Spinning Top and 1 YELLOW Chalice.  Hmmm, two yellows. The energy points to spiritual awareness, creativity and gain.  Looks like it might be a productive day. As I meditate on the cards I did start to see the images move. The way the images are sketched can provide a moving image if you meditate long enough. Don’t force it, though. It’ll happen naturally.




Surprise. Expect the unexpected today. There are various ways to look at this card. What is the surprise? It’s tied into the next card….perhaps. I suppose I could pull a third card to represent some sort of clarification or resulting energy. I have decided not to do this at this point but I am curious. We’ll see what happens if anything.  I kind of like the double yellow energy feeling.    Ann Manser uses the word “shock” as the quality of power (one of the 7 levels of interpretation) keyword. Shock can be a good thing (?) or it can  be unsettling.


Full or Empty?


Full or Empty? Good question, lol.  I’m looking at the spinning top right now and thinking the chalice might get knocked over.  If the cup does get knocked down will it spill the contents? What if the chalice wasn’t full to begin with there would be nothing to spill? This reminds me of one’s emotions……if you don’t care about something or someone then you still don’t care even if a situation arises. If you did care in some small way when a situation arises you might care more or you might care less.  The point I am trying to make is it’s all in the cup.  The Quality of Power of this card is “emotional pain, suffering of a new birth”.   

Gee, I wish I had another coffee right about now but that would require that I go to the store to get milk.  Control! Madame Seaqueen, control   🙂   🙂

Ok, so the advice of the two cards is that probably a situation will arise or information discovered which will test the contents of my emotions.  At the end of the day I should be experiencing awareness into a situation which may or may not leave my emotions standing upright.

update Monday Sept 23: Awareness into a situation was revealed late in the evening. There is an element of surprise. Pleasing news.  I would say my emotions were standing upright which means the contents of the yellow chalice were not empty or spilled.  The cup was full suggesting a good outcome to the day’s advice.  

One more thing – we cannot determine my reaction to the double yellow experience. The type of reaction is very important. The more it upsets the more spiritual growing is involved. Well, you won’t know because I did draw a third card.  Best be getting that milk now…….        🙂 

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Information on the BLACK suit – #1 Aries

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